SPINOFF: What's your morning routine?

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Busy bee

7:23 The first of several alarms go off

7:35 Force myself up and into the shower

7:45 Towel dry hair and do makeup, probably while watching Netflix on my phone.

7:55 Get dressed, hopefully without needing to iron

8:00 Dry hair as fast as possible

Anywhere from 8:05 to 8:20 Begin waiting endlessly for the elevator, only to stop on a million floors on the way down. 

8:20/8:30 Speed walk to subway station, providing plenty of time to stand impatiently on the platform waiting for a B or D train. If in a pinch, I’ll take a 1 instead and then spend the rest of the day whining about how many Big Bus drivers tried to sell me tickets in Times Square.

8:30/8:40 Get to work. Bitch about the subway to coworkers who wake up at the crack of dawn to take commuter trains or buses into the city. 

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Busy bee
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My general morning routine consists of: 

Get up when I feel good and ready (anywhere between 7 and 10 AM) 

Shuffle to the bathroom

Shuffle to the kitchen for coffee and breakfast 

Chat on the phone/ chat with whomever is at home 

Make hubby breakfast (he’s generally home at this point, he works nights) 

Eventually do the proper thing shower/dress, let hubby sleep

Usually organize my day after that, appointments, chores, etc

Currenrly extra pregnant at the moment, so I’m not working, and not one speck missing it!!

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Sugar bee

I don’t have much of a routine, and I would really like to change that in the future. 

Wake up naturally (time really varies since I am up really late some nights as I tend to get more uni work done at stupid o’clock)

Coffee & meds, maybe muesli/toast

Brush hair & teeth

Start studying

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Buzzing bee
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6:30 nurse the baby once last time

6:40 Darling Husband takes baby to bring her to grandmas and he goes to work (I keep the baby bag already packed in the fridge with a change of clothes, toys, and pumped milk from the night before to take the guess work out for hubby)

7:00 alarm goes off, I hit snooze

7:09 alarm goes off, eh I can still manage. I’m so freaking tired who cares if I’m put together.

7:18 well shit, got to get moving. Shut alarm off

7:20 shower

7:30 blow dry hair halfway

7:40 makeup and flat iron bangs/flyaways/put in messy bun

7:50 put on scrubs

7:55 search frantically for name badge, socks, matching shoes, to go cup of coffee, and keys then drive across town to work

8:05 made it to work only 5 minutes late – 😅

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Blushing bee

7am – Get annoyed at alarm for going off at exactly the time I set it for, and promptly turn it off in protest  

7.30am – second alarm goes off. Get out of bed and slink my way to the kitchen, hoping Fiance has finished making the coffee

7.40am – sit on the couch with coffee feeling sorry for myself and contemplate why mornings have to happen 

8am – finish coffee. Wonder why I didn’t just set my alarm for 7.40am. 

8.10am – check work email. Get far too engrossed. Get unreasonably annoyed at work things that don’t really matter because I’m still sleepy. 

8.35am – realize what time it is and panic. Shower. 

8.40am – stare at my closet full of clothes sad that I ‘don’t have anything to wear’. Wonder how I was so good at organizing the night before as a teenager but seem to have gotten much worse over time. 

8.50am – makeup/hair. Panic that I’m going to be late, again  

9am – run around like a headless chicken trying to get my lunch together 

9.10am – rush out the door. Try bargaining with myself that being late is okay because I also stay at work far too late (we’re supposed to be there at 9am but most people are there at 9.30am)

9.25am – arrive at work and make unrealistic plans about being better in the morning tomorrow

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Bumble bee
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This is been fairly amusing.

wake up, lounge about, have my breakfast, go for a shower,  dry hair, walk dogs, look out dinner stuff. Relax some more (I’m off for the summer)

student life is

get up, breakfast, shower, dry hair, get music, earphones,uni stuff ready, wonder where my purse is, get annoyed cause I can’t find my purse, trudge to the train station to get train, find trains late (again) get on packed train – what’s app my friend to complain about the train being late. Get off train, run across the train station for the next train: making it with 20-45 seconds to spare, swear I’ll do more exercise more often cause I’m dying from the 3 minute sprint across Edinburgh Waverley, ponder if I can drop out of uni cause it’s super far away, bitch to my uni friends about my terrible commute, then do it again going home.


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Buzzing Beekeeper
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On days I start at 8.30am I get up around 5.30am, sometimes a bit later. I take my morning medication (including one for at least 30 minutes before food, excluding the one for after food) and then go and turn on some catch up tv while I get ready.

I do any chores that need to be done, have breakfast and take the after food medication as well as Ritalin if I need it.

I leave the house at about 10 to 7 and catch public transport to work, arriving between 8 and quarter past 8. I like to get in early to prepare for the day.

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Helper bee

Hehe it’s interesting to read about others morning routines!!

4.30 Alarm goes off. I lie in bed thinking how fast time went and feeling like I only just went to sleep 

4.35 Get up, go downstairs and make myself a hot drink and catch up on news/ apps/ etc

5.20 Get changed into workout gear.

5.30 Work out

7.00 Finished. Make a protein shake for self and make a cuppa tea for Fiance in bed. Get carried away chatting to him while he wakes up

7.30 Shower, change, muck around 

8.00 Eat breakfast, make lunch, clean teeth 

8.30 Head to work

8.45 At work


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Bumble bee

mrscb2bee :  your routine sounds great, what kind of field do you work in to get that flexibility?

my routine: alarm goes off at 7am, hit snooze 3 times, scramble to get ready in ten mins, while Fiance makes me coffee. In the car by 7:50am, drink coffee in the car, get to work by 8:00am. 

I wish I was more of a morning person! 

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Busy bee
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I dont set an alarm but typically wake up around 6:30. I hop out of bed (I’m definitely not one to lay around!) and go shower, brush teeth, do face routine etc. By the time I’m done Fiance is just stirring (or I’m telling him to get up lol) and he takes his turn in the bathroom getting ready. Meanwhile I’m in the kitchen doing our breakfasts and making my coffee. I pack FI’s breakfast to go, and also if he’s taking a lunch that day I’ll send that off too. I work from home so I can be pretty leisuely about my routine, but I like to get all the breakfast stuff done by 7:30 which is when I like to start work. Fiance leaves around 7:45 or so and I work until around 8 which is when I stop for my coffee and food! 

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Sugar bee
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Hit snooze for about 20-25 minutes after my alarm starts to go off, roll out of bed, wake up my son, wrestle him into clothes, try to fix my hair and maybe throw on some mascara, get dressed, pack my breakfast and lunch and get my son breakfast for the car, get everyone into the car and head to daycare and then work.

I have been trying to modify my routine forever to make myself get up earlier and gym/shower in the morning. But-my body just doesn’t work like that. LOL. I am a night owl…it’s so hard for me to get up in the AM!

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Sugar bee
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slomotion :  I work for a canadian company, and trust me, it’s always tempting to ask to be transfered to Toronto LOL

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Helper bee
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6:40 Fiance alarm starts going off

6:41 moan loudly and complain about his alarm, he hits snooze

6:50 his alarm goes off again, he hits snooze

7:00 alarm goes off again, he hits snooze. I complain.

7:10 he finally rolls out of bed, I fall back asleep.

7:25 he comes back in and wakes me up, kisses me goodbye

7:26 wonder if it’ll be seriously detrimental if I stop working

7:29 realize I actually need to work, as much as it hurts

7:30 roll out of bed, make coffee, figure out clothes

7:40 15 of one of my yoga dvds (my back kills me all day without it)

7:55 get dressed, throw on some makeup if I’m willing to give up my relaxation time

8:00 drink my coffee and check email/Facebook/instagram/weddingbee if I don’t do my makeup (throw coffee in a to go cup if I don’t have time)

8:15 grab my lunch I made the night before, locate shoes, keys, purse

8:20 leave for work

8:25-8:30 arrive at work somewhere in there, sit in my car and think about going back home to bed

8:32 drag myself into work

I’m not a morning person at all and I’m sure sleeping in until around 11 on the weekend doesn’t help with that.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

6: First alarm goes off, I don’t know why I even set this alarm because I never wake up that early

6:30: Second alarm goes off. Darling Husband gets up and lets the dogs out & feeds them.

6:45: Get out of bed & shower, get dressed

7: Darling Husband makes breakfast while I’m in the shower, so I usually eat right when I get out

7:20: Go outside and feed our chickens & check for eggs

7:30: Makeup & hair, sometimes make a green smoothie for Darling Husband and I if he asked for one

7:45: Realize I should’ve left 10 minutes ago, and that I still haven’t packed my workout bag or my lunch for the day. Mad dash to pack clothes straight from the dryer into workout bag, and hobble together some sort of lunch that usually involves packing enough snacks for 6 weeks in the desert. Continually wonder why I didn’t do any of this the night before, and also why I didn’t just get up when my alarm went off at 6.

8:05: Darling Husband hands me my coffee, and I struggle out of the house looking like a sherpa with all my stuff for the day.

8:25: Arrive at work, and slip in the side door hoping no one talks to me until after I finish my coffee.

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Bee Keeper

mrscb2bee :  lol yes as much as I hit the snooze button on repeat on weekdays, I’m wide awake by 6- 6:30 on weekends, which kinda sucks because if there’s an event/ party etc I’d rather sleep in a bit so I’m not sleepy by 10:30

slomotion :  Aww man, I was so stoked you were coming to Canada cry

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