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  • poll: What do you think about white ink tattoos?

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    I love white in tattoos. I’d definitely get one.

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    I honestly was so close to getting my first tattoo done in white ink but now I’m so glad I did it in black ink. My thoughts on white ink are 1)they look alot like scars to me and I have some really bad scars on my body and don’t want it to be confused. 2) My tattoo is something that I’m very proud of so I want it to stand out. Honestly I freaked when the artist showed me how big it would have to be because of the detailing but everyone that sees it says, “awww it’s so tiny.” I was just blinded by my own mind.

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    I have one!

    They’re cherry blossoms, 7 altogether, on my foot (ignore the line from my slippers and I cropped out my un-pedicured toes to spare you all the gore fest).

    You can tell I had one done at a different time from the others- the one all the way to the right of the pic, on the bottom, is a little blown out.  The others are much crisper and cleaner lines.  If you’re considering a white ink tattoo, you HAVE to get someone who knows what they’re doing- white ink is very difficult to put into the skin to get it to hold, and the guy who did my first one pressed way too hard, which caused the lines to blur.  I don’t mind it, personally, but I know it would bother a lot of people. 

    I got the first one completely on a whim- I read something about them online, I wanted a foot tattoo, so I got it.  The others I added about a year later once I saw how the white looked.  The first one is about five years old, the others about four years.  I don’t do anything special to them (like, I don’t put sunblock on my foot every day or anything), so this is four to five years of standard life.

    Like others have said, not all skin types will show the white, and it won’t look white white on most people for longer than the first week or two.  Even mine sort of look yellow, that’s not the camera making the color look funny. They look pink if I have a sunburn on my foot, and they look yellower when I’m tan (which is contrary to what people think- that they’ll really stand out on tan skin).  You see a tattoo *through* the top couple layers of skin, so the white will take on the hue of your skin. 

    Personally, I love mine and am thinking of getting more white on my other foot. I have other tattoos that I got way before this one, so it wasn’t like I was testing the waters on this one- I knew what I was getting into with tattoos, I just really liked this look and wanted to try something different. You definitely need to find someone experienced with all white tattoos if you’re going to do it, and lines look better than big blocks of white because of how hard it is to get the white to hold. 

    White is not something I recommend as a first tattoo. White ink tattoos have a lot of potential to get wonky just by virtue of the difficulty of the ink.  You really should have some idea of how your body reacts to tattooing, tattoo ink, and how your body heals them before you get an all white tattoo. I also recommend, if you’re hoping to get something larger, to start with a small piece of it that can stand as an independent tattto.  That way, if you don’t like it or your body doesn’t like it, you can get it covered up more easily.  White ink will not break down under a laser- once it’s in, it’s in unless your body rejects it.

    Like any tattoo, white ink is not something to go into without doing your research. I absolutely adore mine, and would get more in a heartbeat, but do a lot of digging around online before you commit if you’re thinking about it.

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    Just looks like a weird scar in an oddly particular form.

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    I wanted a small white ink tattoo, but only because I know that my skin takes and shows off white ink well.  That isn’t the case for most people.  White ink isn’t actually harder to get into the skin, it’s just that it’s hard to see what you’re doing when you’re putting it in the skin. White ink just kind of disappears into the skin.  For some people when they’re healed, the white ink will look more pinkish rather than white, making it appear like a scar.  For a lot of people, you might not even see it at all once it’s healed.  Most tattoo artists will try to talk you out of doing just white for those reasons. 

    (My fiance was a tattoo artist.)

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    Here’s mine! It’s an “L” for my last name 🙂 It’s a lot more pinkish/red in this picture than it is healed.

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