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I am not voting. While I believe that Obama is a better option than Romney, I know my vote would not make a difference. Over 90% of the time, incumbents win reelection, so I don’t think that his presidency is going to end, just based on what has happened most of the time in past elections.

I also know that I do not directly vote for president, and that the electoral college is highly flawed. There would still be a president chosen even of everyone decided not to vote.

It is also futile to vote for a different party, because our country seems to love this bipartisan government, and can’t wrap their heads around completely different platforms that they are horribly uneducated about. 

Most people will also vote for the party that identifies closest to their moral beliefs rather than vote for the party that would actually benefit them. Sure Romney may be a Christian, but how does cutting taxes for the rich, and raising taxes for the middle class going to benefit the majority of these people? It won’t.

Elections are corrupt. The bipartisan government bugs me. It’s just not worth my time.

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@mrssoontobeh:  I heart you.

I guess the question is .. why vote for someone that hasn’t turned the country around in the last four years, as promised?

The other day he reduced women to their “lady parts”? JUST  our lady parts.

He’s lied  to Americans for two weeks about a terrorist attack on our embassy so he can go to Vegas, chill with Jay-Z & Beyonce and then hang with Letterman with out looking bad( cause you know it was all about the youtube movie) and sit down to a $40k a plate dinner while talking about the rich not paying their way….

 To quote someone I love ” I never understood why it is “greed” to want to keep the money you’ve earned, but not greed to want to take somebody elses money” -thomas sowell.

The Prez isn’t uniting the country he’s baiting the “poor” against the “rich” that opens the door to socialism……. and I hear our Prez got a backing from Hugo Chavez.

Maybe it’s because I’m only second generation American and I know what it is to be truely poor and have seen that a Nanny state doesn’t work. I hope that people read this and maybe can see why I love this country ….. and think about some guy with only a 1st grade education and $13.00 bucks in his pocket, got two sons thru college(with out financial aid or government programs).. how that same guy, thru hard work, made life easier/better for his children and grand children are the American dream and it just seems like that is slipping away in favor of entitlements. Oh i’m one of those grandchildren.




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First off, EVERYONE should vote. People die every day for your right to vote. Saying that your vote does not count is a lie. Your vote does count.

Anyways, I am voting for Mitt for so many reasons. First reason being health care. I do not want health care like other countries have health care. I do not want to wait in line if I have a broken leg or need emergency surgery. If obamacare is not removed the price that we pay now for health care will keep going up until we eventually can’t afford health care no longer. Since the law requires you to have health care pretty soon everyone will have to be on goverment health care. No thanks.

Second, our national debt is now over $16 trillion. Obama has caused more debt than all of the Presidents combined and he wants to lower the debt? What?

The last reason is freedom. We live in the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Less government= more freedom.

I could talk about so much more but I won’t lol I’m done for now! 🙂

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I Please the fifth.. My parents said never discuss… Politics, Religion..

So instead I will talk weddings…LOL

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@banstett0414:  I agree everyone should vote.  I can’t believe Wisconsin didn’t send out the Military absentee ballots in time.

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I think Romney is absolutely clueless as to what life is like for the average American, especially those of us in the lower-middle class. I think he wants to protect business, not people (though I get if business is good, then hiring happens, etc.).

And well, he can’t say as he did last night in the debate that he thinks Americans should be able to pursue happiness, and then continue to be against gay marriage. I am so sick of my gay and lesbian friends and fellow citizens being treated as second class. I will never vote for anyone who thinks this is okay.

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@banstett0414:  Please be careful of lumping all “other countries” together as awful. The US healthcare is currently ranked 37th in the world, meaning 37 countries are doing better in some way. I never wait for emergency surgery, and our waiting rooms here have good turnover times. It bugs me when I hear blatant propaganda on a subject where people’s lives are at stake.

I do agree with you that everyone who can should vote.

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Voting Obama. I know there’s still a lot of work to be done, but the economic hole we are in is WAY too big to climb out of in 4 years. Especially with a congress that refuses to compromise or negotiate. It will be another decade before we turn the corner, and we’re not going to get there by laying off more government workers and dumping a lot of debt onto the states. Plus the whole Republican mantra of “trickle-down economics” is such a load of hooey that I just can’t, in good faith, ever vote for anyone who believes in that. Romney is really out-of-touch with how the economy works for those who don’t have a C-level job, and I don’t believe he can develop economic policies that enrich anyone other that those who are already doing fine.

I think we will also evolve as a society when it comes to civil rights under Obama, who has already demonstrated that he can leave his personaal religious views out of his presidency. I do not trust Romney to do the same, and I think governing based on your own religious views is a very dangerous thing.

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As with the past few elections I vote for the person that I think can best assure that I keep my job.  I really study up on local elections a bit more because those choice actually affect us.  If someone is representing me I want to make sure I put the time into choosing someone who I think can actually represent me.

I’ll keep my opinions to myself about the “holier-than-thou-I-don’t-vote” people.  🙁

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Because Romney/the GOP has utterly failed to explain how his economic platform differs from Bush’s. And we all know how well that went.

I’m not thrilled with Obama’s first term, but given the level of Republican obstructionism he’s faced, I’m not sure who, if anyone, could have done significantly better.

And for everyone complaining about Obama’s spending: The two wars Bush started, the financial meltdown he helped bequeath us (including the costs of the bailouts, the massive strain on the safety net, and the steep decline in tax revenues), and his tax cuts account for the vast majority of projected deficits for the next ten years. Here’s your nonpartisan source, complete with a handy graph:



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Obama. I am voting for a man that kept our country from falling into a depression, a man that has given me hope that our government will finally force a freaking’ insurance company to insure me (I have a preexisting condition that no one wants to willingly insure), a man that has kept my student loan rates from becoming crazy, a man that cares about my gay friends, and a man that supports womens rights. I graduated from college in 2008 so I’m part of the generation that George Bush (actually, Dick Cheney) destroyed. I would never vote for the party that supported that imbecile. 

The GOP doesn’t care about women or anyone else but CEOs for that matter. I’d rather have my president be at a fundraiser hosted by Beyonce then by a handful of rich white guys that don’t care about the country. Romney is like the freaking’ Monopoly man – I seriously feel like he crawled out of some mansion and is just now discovering that not everyone drives a Bentley and vacations in Europe every other month. And it infuriates me that he has no opinions of his own, he’s like Ron Burgundy, he’ll say whatever you put in front of him. And then he’ll swear up and down that he never said that.

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@banstett0414:  What about freedom for gay people?


I will never vote for a person whose party actively strives to deny people their civil rights.  While Democrats certainly aren’t angels when it comes to this, it is repulsive to me that the Republican Party’s platform specifically denies gay people their rights.  


Another reason I am voting for Obama: he seems to respect women.  

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