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I had a roomate who thought it was cool to hide a microwave (banned from the dorms) under her bed, microwave popcorn in the middle of the night, and make the whole dorm evacuate into the snow when it set off the fire alarms. 

Nice, right? I was asleep until the alarms went off – I swear. 

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Seriously? haha that is so weird! And rude.


I had not one, not two, but THREE different roommates who felt the need to have sex with their boyfriends while I was in the room.



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I have had SEVERAL bad college roommates–

-the first drank Mikes Hard Lemonades by herself and had sex in the bed next to me while she thought I was sleeping,

-the second stole my IPod, graphing calculator, wallet, etc from me, and never admitted to it (but then coincidentally moved out one morning in the middle of second semester with no warning) (and she happened to be a friend before we roomed together). 

-I had a good thing going 3rd year, but then one of my roommates moved out and some random girl moved in and constantly got drunk and forgot her keys and buzzed to get into the apartment at 3am (seriously, this happened at least once a week). She also never cleaned up, and had people over ALL the time, which was especially annoying on Friday nights when I had to be up to run in a race the next morning so that I could keep my Div 1 running scholarship.

Finally 4th year I moved in with an amazing girl I had class with, who is now one of my best friends and bridesmaids!

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I had a roommate that had this huge football player boyfriend and apparently liked to be spanked.  Hard.  And was extremely vocal about it. Bad enough that of I was talking to someone on the phone thEy could clearly hear both through the walls. 

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Hahaha I can participate in all of these threads about guests/hosts/roomies. Sucks to be me 😛

I had 3 terrible roomie experiences in college

1) Randomly assigned roomie would frequently have male visitors in our room and participate in late night activities that were awkward with me less than 5 feet away in my bed. She was also rarely dressed, felt more free to be in her underwear, so I could never have guests over. By far the worst was when her screensaver turned on to the slideshow option and pulled up photos of her in her underwear/naked sitting on ALL of my furniture. I was totally grossed out and she never caught on – it stayed her screensaver option for the next 7 months.

2) Lived with 5 other people. 2 girls I got along with, 3 guys. 2 were okay, 1 was awful. He ended up being extremely racist (awkward in a house of mixed races), violent and a heavy drinker. Threatened the females multiple times, sometimes with a knife, constantly blared music. Had a maggot outbreak in the basement (where his room was) because he was too lazy to empty the garbage, egged our own house with rotten eggs, had the cops called on us a million times. I have never been so miserable as I was living with him.

3) The 2 girls from story #2 and I lived together and everything was fine for a year and a half and then one girl just flipped a switch and turned in to a psycho. She would bang down our doors if we forgot a single dish in the sink, she painted her name on random walls, she started hoarding food that we constantly had to go through. She hosted a dinner party for some random new friends, and then put all of the dirty dishes in the bathtub (1 bathroom apartment) and left them there for an entire weekend. She also watched my fish one summer while I worked out of town, decided it was too tedious to care for, unplugged the aquarium and left it – fish and water and all – on the floor outside my bedroom door until my return 2 months later.


Sorry, lengthy – but it was 3 rotten experiences in a row. So glad my only roommates now are Fiance and the dog.

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My roommate sophmore year used to take caffine pills to stay up at night. She would go for midnight runs, do laundry, watch tv ect and update her fb status to reflect her activities. Each morning I would check fb to find out why I had woken up so many times before. She also liked to blow dry her (guy’s length) hair at 6am while completely naked. Great sight to wake up to :). I moved out as soon as I could lol.

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1.the bitch roommate(s) who left the our dorm apt when the fire alarm went off at 2am and didn’t knock on my door.

she got knocked up by the end of the summer and had 3 DUI’s so she was a winner anyway. 

2. The roommate who moved in at 3am, unpacked the loudest shit in the world – pots and pans?!, turned on her webcam, video-chatted with her Boyfriend or Best Friend back in Taiwan or somewhere, turned on the light, then called Boyfriend or Best Friend on the phone and proceeded to leave light on and door open (while she went into the living room) unil 5:30am….on a Monday morning.


3. and the grand prize winner, the bitch who had loud sloppy sex with her Boyfriend or Best Friend at 6am….well, at least until he went to jail. Then I got to listen to her crying and screaming on the phone about him. She also let him bring his DRUG DEALER friend to stay over at our apartment. She was the messiest bitch I’ve ever seen and one roommate moved out at Xmas because of her (she actually dared to say the girl moved out because of ME..lol I’m still friends with that girl on FB – she TOLD me she left because of whoreface), and the girl who replaced her moved out after only 2 weeks into the 2nd semester. The other girl stayed because they had been friends but privately told me she was scared that bitch would flip if she left and had actually seen her hit one of their mutual friends. 

We got into a fight one day about dishes and she came at me like she was going to hit me and I said quote: “You lay one finger on me and I’ll throw your fat ass in jail.” I think she knew I was serious cause she laid off until the end of the semester two weeks later.

That was all while living on CAMPUS. Senior year living with my BFF and her Fiance was the best choice I ever made. 

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The one year I lived with a roomate, she was engaged, planning a wedding back home so with her Fiance everyday and home every weekend, I pretty much lived alone! So no horror stories. Darling Husband had some fun ones though. His first one was a HEAVY partier, come back drunk a lot, on several occations tried to seduce him into having sex with him (DH is straight, and his roomate, who was gay, knew this) he also brought back some “friends” on several occations. Then that guy moved out and a new one moved in. He hid pot in their room, ALWAYS had girls over (and the dorm rooms at our college are MAYBE 12*12) in the BUNKED beds, so Darling Husband had quite a ride a couple times. 

Oh and my best friend had some great stories from her first roomie. Girl had zero boundires, Boyfriend or Best Friend is super conservative, and has a HUGE personal bubble, her poor boyfriend can hardly hold her hand in public without her freaking out. But this roomate would walk around naked all the time, throw up in the trash after a night of drinking and leave it, and come back drunk and try to crawl in bed with her. The best story has to be though, we do this date auction with an organization we are in and we ended up with a couple of guys we only sort of knew, going swing dancing in a city 3 hours away. Well, one of the guys bails so the other gets one of his buddies to come at the last minute. This guy is super touchy feely with me (who he had JUST met, and knew I was dating someone else), and generally kind of inappropriate all through the night. Driving home with Boyfriend or Best Friend and the nice guy in the front of the car and me with awkward boy in the back, I get a text from my friend (in the front seat) of “OMG, I couldn’t figure out where I knew [awkward guy] from, but it just clicked. I saw his mostly naked self in [roomates]’s bed a couple days ago!!” hello more awkward!! And more awkward now that this ex roomate still always calls her for advice and accesory help.

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Sugar bee

I lived with this one girl who my other roomie vaguely knew from work. We had been living with another roomate but he moved out unexpectedly and we needed someone to help us with rent.

This girl would smoke in her room even though we lived in a basement apartment and the family above us had a newborn baby and requested there be no smoking. She would also leave cigarette butts and beer bottles and stuff all around her room.

She had random guys over all the time. I once came home from work to a shirtless guy cooking eggs in the kitchen in only a towel. So incredibly awkard. He seemed surprised she had not told me who he was. I didn’t have the heart to tell him she probably didn’t bother because she had a different guy there every week. 


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I lived with my best friend from high school for a year. First and last roommate. 

Her ex-bf moved into our place a month into our lease. According to her they were just hanging out but I didn’t think that involved bringing a toothbrush and a change of clothes for the week. I was pissed since he was freeloading, using all of our stuff and I couldn’t walk around in my bra anymore. 

I would come home to hear them having crazy loud sex but they denied getting back together. Then I had to do her dirty work when she started sleeping with some other guy and stay at the apartment while her ex came to get his things. 

She would invite friends over, tell me as if she wanted me there, and then exclude me in my own apartment. Set the table less one or have them show up to go out I would get ready to go with them and she would say “I didn’t think you were coming” making it seem like I didn’t want to go out, when she just didn’t want me there. Good thing I haven’t talked to that bitch in 4 years this month!

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I shared the basement of a house a bunch of us rented for about a year (it was all I could take!)  Anyhow, the girl in the other basement room decided that a door wasn’t a necessity and removed the door from the door frame to make a table (which subsequently ended up in the garbage, whatever).  I didn’t think it was possible for someone to hotbox an entire house… until I met her.  But that wasn’t the worst part.  She had various guys over at least 5 nights a week and without a door, well lets just say you had to avert your eyes when you walked down the stairs and invest in a good set of earplugs.  I hesitate to say that I got used to it, but I became very adept at tuning it out.  

I thought it couldn’t get any worse….

…. and then she brought my highschool math teacher home.


The best earplugs in the world couldn’t save me.  I slept at a friends house for almost a month until they broke up.

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Bumble bee

My college roommate was awesome. No bad stories other than the nights she and her Boyfriend or Best Friend would “sleep” in our room, we had bunkbeds for a while and I was on the bottom…

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