(Closed) Spinoff: Would rather have a bigger home or a shorter commute?

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  • poll: Which is more important to you?

    Bigger house

    Short/easy commute

    I used to prefer a short commute, but now I prefer a bigger house

    I used to prefer a bigger house, but now I prefer a short commute

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    Sugar bee
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    Shorter commute is way more important to me!

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    Honey bee
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    bigger house and longer commute.. but that seems like the norm for me coming from NOVA/DC area. It is way too expensive to live closer in.. so growing up and still to this day my parents commute a pretty brutal commute. But it is SO worth it. Plus I like being able to wander around the woods… 

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    I live in a small apartment and had a really long commute I’d much rather have a smaller commute and take a hit in pay than do that again.  As for where I lived I don’t care as long as its in a good neighborhood with acess to the light rail.

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    @AnnieAAA:  “I’d rather commute and be in a house that I love vs. have a short commute and a house that I don’t really like.”

    Agreed.  DH and I just bought a house and we had the decision between the following:

    • Small house inside the perimeter with a shorter commute
    • Larger house outside the perimeter with a longer commute.

    The larger home outside the perimeter won by a landslide, despite the longer commute.

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    @peanuthead:  “Jobs are, unfortunately, not permanent.  I’d hate to buy a house based primarily on distance to work.  IMO commute should be considered but wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me.”

    So true!

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    Well since we both work in different cities, one of us will always have a sucktastic commute. With that in mind, we chose an area where we could have a nice house and several acres of land. Driving out into the country after work is like therapy. The windy roads, the animals, the rolling hills, open skies, cleaner air…. it’s heaven.

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    Bumble bee
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    Definitely a shorter commute.  I used to have a HUGE house but a long commute.  REAL LONG (sometims up to 1.5 hours)  but now, we live in a smaller house, and I only work 20 minutes away.  Its pretty nice. 

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    I voted bigger house… but in reality We chose Cheaper house and longer commute. I say cheaper because the size house was gonna be the same size either way. Just the price was significantly higher and we decided it would just make us house poor. We’d be nice and close to restaurants and shopping but we’d never be able to afford to do anything cus of our hefty mortgage payment.

    Now looking back we went a tad too far. We’re about 45 minutes from work (we carpool together) and like 20 minutes minimum from most shopping/ restaurants and now we don’t go out because we’re too lazy to drive and spend the extra money on gas and all that…. So even tho we’re stuck here for another 5 years – the next house we’re gonna go just a little closer to town. that extra 10 minutes feels a lot longer then it sounds. lol

    I still wouldn’t go too close to the city tho… i want a happy medium.

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    @lovekiss:  Driving out into the country after work is like therapy. The windy roads, the animals, the rolling hills, open skies, cleaner air…. it’s heaven.

    I want to like this times a million!!!! SOOO true. With my last job I had to commute about 40 minutes… vs just about everyone else that decided to live right next to the base… and boy did I LOVE driving out to my place on the island… crossing the bridge seeing the sunset, driving by the beach… it was SOOO worth it. While this wasn’t country.. I definitely dealt with that growing up. It was always so wonderful to leave the congestion of the city and see the open back roads in front of you!

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    Definaltely cut on the commute part. I love the house right now and wouldn’t change that for anything. I really need to get my drivers license to cute my bus commute down to 20 min.

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    @lovekiss:  That’s such a lovely attitude! Why can’t I think of my commute that way?  I also drive out of and into the countryside.  I have a lovely drive (visually speaking) for at least part of it. 

    But here’s my thought stream:  “Get outta my way Grandpa, before I run you over because I can’t pass on this two-lane-no-passing-zone road for at least five more miles!”  And, “Oh, crap, a tractor!  Why are tractors allowed on roads at rush hour, there should be a law against that.”  And, “Is that a cow in the road?!”  And, “Why does everyone who lives in the country have to drive five miles below the freakin’ speed limit!!!!  Don’t you people have jobs??!!”  “School bus!  NOOOOO!!!!!”

    * sigh *  I need to take some traffic-Zen classes. 

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    This is actually something that we’re dealing with right now. We’re starting to look at houses to buy and have found that buying in the town that I’m from, which is about 15 miles north or an extra 25-30 minutes on the commute, is considerably cheaper than buying around where we currently live. We could get more bang for our buck (think 2500 sq. ft, in ground pool, completely updated) for the same price as we could get a fixer upper around here. Our commute is already brutal (45 mins to an hour on a good day) but the bulk of the really shitty commute is south and we’d be looking at moving north so that’s unavoidable. The additional commute is pretty easy with minimal traffic but it would still probably get old quick. 

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    We’re looking to move out of the city. Originally moved in to an apartment to cut our commute times, but our living expenses have sky rocketed and since living here (about 4 years), and we’ve both changed jobs multiple times so our commute times have always been in flux.

    Now that we’re thinking on the future, we’ve reverted to the ways we were both raised (suburbs & country), and I’m really missing the freedom/privacy/green space that comes with a house and land. Not sure how country I can convince Fiance to go, but we’ll definitely be relocating regardless of commute times.

    Also, I think it entirely depends on lifestyle. I was chatting with a friend about looking at homes about an hour out of the city and his jaw just about hit the floor. He said to him, deciding to move “that far”, I might as well move out of state.

    So I guess it’s all relative 🙂

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    @mightywombat:  this really depends on the difference. Like, i would reather live closer to work if the difference is a few hundred square feet. but, if we are talking the difference between a one bedroom and a three bedroom with a family, its worth the extra commute. DH and I live far north side of chicago and have a 2000 square foot condo  and my commute is an hour each way, so is DHs. If we lived near my office a condo for the same price would only get us a studio apartment. to me, its worth the extra commute…

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    Kind of hard ot say because obviously it is a matter of degrees. No one wants to live in 500 sq feet OR drive 2 hours to work! But I think I give a weighted preference to house size for sure. I really love our house, and we did decide to live outside the city in the ‘burbs. But it is still only about 20 min in no traffic or 45 in the worst traffic to get home so it is totally worth it (although obviously less convenient than some of DHs coworkers who live within walking distance in apartment buildings downtown). 

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