(Closed) SPINOFF-Would you expect a vegetarian option at a meat eaters wedding?

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We don’t have a vegetarian option for the main course, but we are having a salad before the meal. I are only having one dinner option, and I suppose it could be made to be vegetarian given that it is sandwiches (one could take off the meat & fill with just veggies). We are having soups as well, but now that I think of it, none are vegetable only.

I don’t think any of our guests are vegetarian though, so I don’t feel quite as bad.

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You should absolutely have a vegetarian option.  I’ve never been to a wedding without one.

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out of 52 people at my wedding i had no vegetarians or special dietary requirements.

but here in mexico vegetarianism isnt common. and at weddings the guests get served one meal for everyone (i was different and did actually offer a veg option no one took it). if you dont eat meat/fish/chicken or whatever the entree is or you hate cream sauces/mushrooms whatever…you dont eat at the wedding. full stop. 

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I would expect both meat and vegetarian options at both meat-eaters and vegetarians weddings. It’s just good hosting practice, IMO. In the other thread she’s offering pizza… well, I’m a meat eater and I don’t like any veggies they typically put on pizzas. That’s not to say I’m a picky person who hates vegetables – I eat peas, brocolli, carrots, corn, green beans, lima beans, and probably a whole bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting, but those just aren’t pizza toppings. I’d be stuck with cheese pizza, which is kind of a blah meal. I like all meats, and almost all grain/vegetable sides that exist.

I think a hearty pasta is a nice compromise, but still misses something IMO. I *know* it’d bother the heck out of my husband. It’s a struggle cooking for him on a daily basis, because we can never have a quick meal of noodles – it has to be a whole production with chicken, steak, ground beef, pork, or whatever LOL

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You should definitely have a veggie options if you know vegetarians are attending. I am a vegetarian and could do the pasta bar (I’m used to fending for myself at places) but if you are aware that there will be some vegetarians present you should not neglect them!

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@Steampunkbride:  I’m aware that vegetarians don’t eat fish. I was talking about my 100% meat-eating guest list who for some reason expects that a vegetarian option will be provided for them in the event that they just…want to try something different. My answer to them would be: eat some fish. You’ll live.

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@MissFemmeFatale:  Well I am a vegetarian if you wanted me to eat at your wedding you need to have the option …


that being said most places will make a plate for 1 or 2 if you don’t want a whole option just say to the  chef a few guests have special dietary needs (like allergies normally if u know someone cant eat say shellfish or nuts you tell the chef to make them a salad with no walnuts and if the dinner had shellfish they have something else)


i dont think you need it on the menu for couple people but you do need to speak to the person cooking so that your guest can eat…

i know i wouldnt say a word to the bride but if i couldn’t eat at your wedding i be hungry and annoyed prob want to leave early to get some food speically if your event goes form early afternoon to late night

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We are both meat eaters and had about 5 vegetarians (a whole family) at the wedding.  We did have a special vegetarian dish especially for them. Luckily, it did not cut into our 2 meal options for the rest of our guests since it was only for 5 people. Our vegetarian guests did not expect us to accommodate them at all, but I’ve been friends with that family for 17 years, so of course I would give them food they can eat!


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@SoupyCat:  This. I always serve vegetarian/vegan, because these dishes are suitable for people of all religious/ethical backgrounds, and generally do not cause allergies to flare up.

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We both love meat, me especially. 

I don’t think anyone we’re inviting is vegetarian, but their +1s could be, and I’m not going to pretend to be fully informed about everyone’s diets. We’re offering the vegetarian option because I would feel terrible if I found out after the wedding that someone had to get by on starter salad for the night. I value my guests equally, regardless of their dietary choices, so vegetarians will be acommodated with an entee choice like everyone else. 


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I find it interesting that the answers on this thread seem to be overwhelmingly skewed toward the side of “yes, you need to offer something for everyone” while on the other thread, people seem to be more accepting of vegetarians offering only vegetarian options. Just what I observed. 

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If you are 100% sure that there will be no vegetarian guests, then you don’t have to offer a vegetarian dish.  If there’s even a tiny chance that even one of your guests may be vegetarian then you need to offer a vegetarian option.

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@s2bmrscook:  “I find it interesting that the answers on this thread seem to be overwhelmingly skewed toward the side of “yes, you need to offer something for everyone” while on the other thread, people seem to be more accepting of vegetarians offering only vegetarian options. Just what I observed.”

You’re comparing apples with oranges here.  People who eat meat are not carnivores, they are omnivores.  They eat foods other than meat, so they can be served foods other than meat.  Vegetarians do not eat meat, so they should not be served meat. As I said in the other thread, if a couple of obligate carnivores (e.g. lions) were getting married, you wouldn’t expect them to serve a vegetarian dish, but omnivores (e.g. meat-eating humans) – yes, absolutely.  They’re not serving things that they themselves cannot eat.


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I think being a vegetarian is common enough that it’s pretty inconsiderate to not offer that option at your wedding. SOMETHING main-coursey should be veggie unless you have a ton of veggie sides. 

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