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  • poll: How well do you know your significant other's financial situation?

    It's none of my business. He/She can do whatever they want with their money.

    We have a joint account or two, so I know what he/she contributes.

    I have his bank statement, so I know what he pays/doesn't pay. That's all I need to know.

    FBI, NSA, DoD got nothin' on me. I know everything about his/her finances.

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    When we were dating, I had a general idea that DH earned a respectable living and managed his finances well, but I didn’t know the nitty gritty details. Now that we’re married and have merged finances, things are more transparent. The only surprise was that he actually earns more than I thought he did, which was a pleasant surprise. 

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    I know his finances and credit situation and he knows mine but we do not have joint accounts. Regardless we treat our separate paychecks as “our money” & split the living expense bills in a way that works for us. We do not help each other with “individual” bills like cars and cell phones. It works just fine for us. 

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    None of the poll options really apply to us. We haven’t gotten a joint account simply because we didn’t want to pick one of our banks and do paperwork yet. We’ve lived together for 2 years and discuss our savings frequently. We each have student loans, although I have more since I went to grad school. He has a small car loan and mine is about $350 a month with 0.9% financing. However, I own our house and pay the mortgage each month. We will hopefully sell either before our first child or before we have a crawler due to the layout. We each have two jobs just to sock away money for retirement and to get a bigger house, so we don’t really question each other on what we spend since we have more than enough to pay bills. Our goal is to save $100k for a down payment on our next house. NJ is so expensive!

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    My fiance is great at earning money but also great at spending it on Amazon. We share an Amazon Prime account, and a few months ago I was ordering something and saw that he had spent $1500 in one month there, while our joint savings account and checking account dwindled. Since then, I asked to have our finances completely open, and it’s so much better. We’ve saved a chunk of money in just a few months, whereas before it never added up–we make this much money, yet we don’t know how we’re going to pay the rent? I wish he was more responsible with money, but oh well. Joint accounts/transparency seems to be working for us for now!

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    I’d say I know 3/4 of my FI’s finances. I know what he makes, that he puts the max amount he can into his retirement plan (that his company matches), his car loan, his usual bills & what he puts in our joint savings account. The 1/4 I don’t know is approximate numbers on his own savings account & student loans. I have a general idea- he isn’t hiding the info from me.

    My Fiance was never taught how to handle money at all. His parents were always poor/in debt since they didn’t handle money smartly. I’ve had to teach him a lot. I can’t wait until we’re married because then everything becomes joint & I take over his finances. I’m much better with numbers & planning. I actually enjoy budgeting haha 

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    My fiance used to be HORRIBLE with finances, bill paying, etc. When we were still dating a few years ago, I helped him overhaul everything – get back on track with student loan payment  plans, retirement, etc. When we bought our house last year we combined to completely joint accounts, credit cards, savings, etc. I am generally more organized so I handle all of the bill paying, so yes I know exactly how much he makes, where the bills are going, retirement, spending, etc. He doesn’t mind me taking charge of this because he knows he would struggle trying to manage all of our household finances… I think he could if he tried / wanted to, but lucky me he leaves that as my job 🙂 

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    We both started working at Mc Donald’s at age 15 since then we have always had joint accounts. We don’t keep anything from each other

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    He has given me access to all his account as I take of all the finances 

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    We are married and everything is completely 100% joint. We’ve both bought multiple cars since we started dating and together we have bought a home, there is literally nothing I don’t know about his finances because I’ve had to look at them all multiple times and vice versa. When we first got together he told me straight up his credit was shit and he was working on building it. He let me see it and what was wrong with it and we worked on it together. I don’t see why you must keep them “secret”.

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    We aren’t married yet but we’ve been together for 10 years and living together for 8. We don’t have joint accounts but I’m pretty aware of what his finances are since we have to work through paying bills together. Since we’ve been students for so much the time we have to quite a bit of strategizing on where our money has gone. So I didn’t answer in the poll since we’re sort of in between. I have a good idea but I don’t follow specifics down to bank statement or anything like that. 

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    I know but I don’t have access to his accounts. We will join accounts soon. But, yeah, he’s amazing with money and made me so much better with money, saving, and etc. once we started dating.

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