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@chancehere: omg, it was just AWESOME!!!  The tears started from snape’s death to the scene with Harry and Dumbledore!  Then, sorry, but when Voldermort/Tom Riddle did that “he he he he” thing after Harry was SUPPOSED to be dead, you couldn’t help but laugh again!!!!  

And I loooooved it when Malfoy’s mom proclaimed Harry “dead” after asking if her son was alive.  Too funny!!!  soooo many people were going “you lied!!!” and vairations of that! LOL!

Sooooo many sweet scenes, too!  and funny ones!!!!!

love love loooove it!!!!

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I agree; I thought it was REALLY well done!! It did justice to the book and wrapped things up really nicely.

Few tiny detail things that I didn’t like that they changed from the book:

  • Harry shouldn’t have passed Ron and Hermione on his way to the forest… It should have been Neville.
  • I don’t like the way Voldemort died. The Killing Curse was supposed to have rebounded on him. Instead he kind of blew up?
  • Harry should have used the Elder Wand to repair his own wand before he disposed of it.

I did ABSOLUTELY LOVE Snape’s memory scenes. They were amazing, and Alan Rickman was so incredibly convincing. Just fantastically acted.

I love that it started with Dobby’s tombstone: “Here lies Dobby: A Free Elf” because that was one of my favorite little details in the book.

Overall, I decided that I’m pretty much going to the theaters everyday for the next week to watch it over and over 🙂

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I posted a long ass summary that doesn’t give a whole lot away on another thread… but I’ll talk about it in detail here J


-I thought the scene where he steps out of the Hitler Youth formation in a random Hogwarts uniform was completely random, but added a nice touch.

-The scene where Harry and Voldemort jump off the tower was interesting… I don’t really have a strong reaction either way.


-I thought that the whole Remus/Tonks thing was entirely too underplayed, and if I wasn’t aware that they had a kid from reading the books, I would have been SOOOO lost. At the end it’s just like, “Oh hey, Dead Lupin, you had a kid that we didn’t mention until just now!” Lame.

-Why the heck was no one watching the battle between Harry and Voldemort? And why did losing his wand kill him? Everything else in the movie explodes, I felt like that should have been a little more epic.


-McGonagall is a badass. “I’ve always wanted to use that spell!!” Classic.

-Neville is amazing.

-Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar for his performance in the death and memory scenes. I cried SO HARD. Much harder than I did in the book, actually.

-Harry walking down to the forest… oh my god. I cried so hard. Even though I knew he was going to live, it was terribly emotional for me.

-Ron and Hermione in the Chamber of Secrets was awesome, haha. I especially like the part where Ron goes, “Harry talks in his sleep.”


I’m sure I have more, I’ll post them later!

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I think the part that got the most reaction in my theatre is when Mrs. Weasley called Bellatrix a bitch and then killed her. It got a standing ovation.

I thought the movie was reazlly amazing. Arguably, the 2 parts of the 7th movie are the best of the whole series. I thought they were beautifully acted, beautifully directed, the cinematography was SO well done. I loved the whole feel. Plus, as dark and serious as the movie was, they still found ways to inject humor. Like the “bitch” part, or the part when Neville was standing at the edge of the bridge taunting the Death Eaters.

Snape’s memory scenes were incredibly well done. Alan Rickman is such a pimp.

I was BAWLING when Harry walked in and saw the Weasley’s crying over Fred.

My least favorite part? The damn epilogue. I hated it in the book, I still hated it in the movie. I just thought it took away from the feeling of the whole end of the movie. And WTF was up with Draco’s pube hair beard that they glued on him? Ugh. Please fire the makeup lady that did that one.

Overall, I loved the movie. It turned my least favorite of the books into my favorite of the movies.

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@ruby26: Agree with everything you said. It was amazing, but the fight scenes with Harry and Voldie were a bit off I felt. Harry is the master of the wand so there was never any danger of it hurting him and yet they spent 10 minutes chasing each other around. I love how it happens in the book with thequick fight and the big Draco reveal, I was a bit underwhelmed by Voldie’s actual death.

@Miss Fish:lol, totally agree about Remus/Tonks! I thought the exact same thing. We never saw Tonks pregnant and yet “surprise!” babies will remember daddy!

McGonagall – Amen!

Neville – hotness! I loved when Luna sat down next to him, lol. I know they don’t end up together but still

I was balling from about halfway through, I gotta see it again so I can see it clearly

Ron in the COS – funny and clever, well done.

Snape – what can I say? I was praying they would do him justice and they did.


I was slightly disappointed that they played down the moral ambiguity of some of the decisions Harry made. Using Imperius. Not really doing his take back turn around on Griphook.


19 years later scene—yea, they didn’t look 40, but whatever, I thought it was cute and I’m glad they included it. Ron and Draco looked awesome. I wanted to see Teddy with his teal hair though!

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@Miss Fish: I agree about the Harry-Voldemort dueling scenes. It was suppose to be in the Great Hall with everyone around. Why didn’t they do that?

Little things that that and the details I posted before always make me curious as to why they wouldn’t write the screenplay to reflect those parts. Would it really have been that much more difficult to (for example,) have Harry take his broken wand out of his pocket and fix it before he broke the Elder Wand? Now I’ve left the movie thinking, “What will Harry use to do magic now??”

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@ruby26: ummm… actually… yes.

You’d be AMAZED at how much time just a couple pages in a book can take up, movie-wise.  I really didn’t understand it until I started watching “behind the scenes” stuff, interviews, and even more when I started being around scriptwriters.  

There were soooo many places where you laughed and cried (or wanted to cry).  I thought they did a GREAT job paraphrasing things and wrapping it up so there are NO loose ends.

Also, if Harry had fixed his wand, he would have been “remaking” a sort of bond he had with Voldemort (his wand was the twin to the one Voldemort used, remember?).  Also, the scene with the “Gray Lady” aka Helena Ravenclaw was way longer in the book so they HAD to shorten it.  

For everything they packed into the movie from that long-ass book, the scriptwriters did an astounding job.  Yes, they left out parts of the book that many fans would see as important, but they HAD to leave stuff out for time.  Otherwise, you would’ve been watching a 3+ hour movie.  OR they would’ve had to make it into three movies for ONE BOOK.  And considering Harry Potter isn’t NEARLY as popular as it was, they HAD to tie it up before it faded into obscurity.  

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@Zinzerena: I agree that it takes ridiculous amounts of time to do something EXACTLY the way it was done in the book sometimes, so I didn’t let that bother me as much. I sort of just accept the fact that the movies won’t always be the same as the books, but they usually stay loyal when they need to- if Molly Weasley had said anything other than “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!” people would have felt cheated. So I think they strike a pretty good balance.

Although I have to disagree about Harry Potter not being as popular as it once was- 43.5 million dollars in midnight showing revenue sounds pretty popular to me 🙂

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@Miss Fish: very true!  and I totally agree with what you said!

Although… I do have to admite the novels are not as popular as they were.  I think part of the draw was BECAUSE it was the last in the series and this is one of the FEW epic stories that drew kids AND adults into reading.  (Though many doctors have complained about the books being too long… but that’s beside the point…)

You used to see Harry Potter EVERYWHERE, not it’s at Halloween and kinda tucked in with everything else.  The clothing line isn’t as popular as it was…

I guess I should say the TREND isn’t as popular now as it was.

Also, there’s the contracts for the actors.  I’ve read several interviews that have said, though they were sad to see it end, they were GLAD to continue on with different paths.

Either way, Harry Potter ROCKS!!!!

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Personally my least favorite part was the way the start of the battle was played out. I like how in the book Minerva fights Snape in the hallway after sending her patronus’ off to the teachers. I did not like Harry announcing himself and saying Snape needs to tighten up security.

I couldn’t believe how graphic the snape death was but I really enjoyed how real it felt.

I thought the Gringotts scene was so epic and done amazingly. I loved the look of everything.

I actually really like the epilogue. I also loved that part of the book though as well. I wish they could have mentioned that that other little boy was Teddy Tonks. That was lame.

I most definitely thought it was very emotional and a great way to end the series. I at least feel complete now.

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The more I think about it, the more I liked it.

I was a little let down by Voldemort’s death (and the battle), but I think it was a play back to the first move where when Harry touched Quirrell he sort of turned to ash and blew away.

I also didn’t like that he snapped a wand in half. I wanted him to repair his wand, but I get it.

Anyone else think the representation of Voldy’s soul was super gross? 😀

Everyone in the theater cheered when Neville chopped off the snake’s head and when Mrs. Weasley gave the best line ever!

I did love how much humor was in this movie. I was so afraid it was going to be dark and depressing, but Ron saved the day.

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