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Oh god, Snape’s memories…I cried like a baby. Well done, Alan Rickman, well done.

Anyone else feel a gut-wrenching sadness for the poor abused Gringotts dragon too? I fully acknowledge I have more of a soft spot for animals than I do for people; I was totally dry-eyed for the part where Harry goes to meet his “death”, but when they showed a closeup of all the dragon’s wounds it was all I could do to keep from bursting into tears.

Obviously there was a lot that was left out of the movie, but for the most part I understood. I do agree with a lot of what was said in some of the posts above. But what I really missed was the whole Albus/James dynamic in the epilogue. They only focused on Albus, and James just sort of got lost in the mix. And would it have killed them to keep in the bit about giving Neville their love, or his being Professor of Herbology? That part always tickled me.

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 I kind of felt like it was very rushed for the first 30 min, but then it slowed down.

Things I dont get or like:
-Why didnt Hermione just show the goblin Bellatrix’s wand when asked? She had it after all. I know he is under the Imperio curse in the book, but still, wouldnt that have been easier?

-The kiss..kind of? I dunno, it seemed so rushed. I felt underwhelmed..although Im glad they finally did it ๐Ÿ™‚

-HARRY DIDNT FIX HIS WAND BEFORE SNAPPING THE ELDER WAND…this is up there in annoyances! He fixed in the book so he should have done so in the movie!

-When Voldy and Harry jump off the cliff and fly around for hot minute..wtf were they doing!?!?!?

-The annoying middle schoolers in my theater ugh

-What happened to Bellatrix? She like dried up like a raisin then exploded, guess Molly had a LOT of force behind that curse!
-Poor Lavender…

-Bummed that no one say the final battle, Voldy’s death is the climax and it kind of just… died off (no pun intended lol). And to address the Voldy dust thing, he probably didnt have much holding his crappy old body together, I feel like the damaged state of his soul, body and age, caused him to die like that.

-No Teddy Lupin? And honestly, people that didnt read the books wouldnt even have known about him. In part 1 Tonks tries to tell everyone she is preggo, but she gets cut off, then you never see her preggo, then all of a sudden Harry is asking Lupin about Teddy in the forest..non-reader fans were prob like, wtf? Who dat?


Things I did like:
-All the throw back references, like the Cornish pixie in the Room of Requirement, the paper bird flying around 9 3/4 in the epilogue and the line about Seamus’ knack for pyrotechnics ๐Ÿ™‚

-Voldemort’s awkward laughs and hugs..which I was confused on why he hugged Draco..he has love for NO ONE! haahahaha

-All of Snape’s memories…I have to admit, my opinions on him have changed,the book didnt make it too clear for me, now I see the light! So sad ๐Ÿ™

-The kiss…kind of? (See above)…also Hermione and Ron holding hands and Harry smiling at Hermione

-McGonagall…she was amazing!

-Neville…equally as amazing! F*ck Nagini haha!

I’m still in shock honestly,cant believe there wont be anymore films or books….that we know of (hint hint Jo!). I dont know how the younger HP fans are coping, this series was their childhood! For me, I had never even heard of HP til the first movie came out,when I was 17 lol. I’m an old fan, but a HP kid at heart ๐Ÿ™‚

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@linguo42: OMG, YES. I was all outraged for that poor dragon. That scene really bothered me. I hope he had a long and happy life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

@fuschiasparkles: McGonagall was AWESOME.

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I think the way that the Battle of Hogwarts was written was perfect – there was no need for the movie to change it so drastically. It explained everything and tied up all the loose ends. Having Harry and Voldemort jump off a tower, fly around and then fight it out over alone just didn’t make sense.

@fuschiasparkles: Agreed, Voldemort doesn’t hug people! That was really strange!

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The ending was not as cringe-worthy as it was in the book, but Darling Husband and I still groaned at the “Albus Severus Potter!” bit. Bleh.

Snape’s memories made me want to cry (I had that reaction to the book, though). I didn’t mind the changes in the Hogwarts battle because I found that part of the book a bit confusing (though I only read it once, and it’s meant to be chaotic). I read the book so long ago that the changes didn’t bother me. The sixth and seventh books were my least favorites and I only read them once each, so I didn’t have the same attachment to the plot as I did with the other books and films.

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@fuschiasparkles: re: Bellatrix’ wand, I thought she didn’t show it because they were saying they knew they were imposters, and having the wand (that Bellatrix WOULDN’T have had) would have given them away.

But seriously, I LOVED the movie.  The first book came out when I was 12, and the last after I’d graduated university, and the great thing about the books/movies was that they kind of grew up with you because the releases were spaced out.  I’m kind of sad that it’s all over!

I was wondering why the wrong person set the fiendfyre in the room of requirement, but googled it when I got home, and apparently the actor his is jail, so I see why they had to write him out.

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I’m shocked noone has mentioned how terribly cheesy Neville’s speech was when he thought Harry was dead.  I had to choke down laughter I thought it was so bad.  And why couldnt they have had Neville kill Nagini then like he did in the book?  I thought that was a strange and unnecessary thing to change. 

One thing i really loved- the actress who plays Bellatrix I thought did a FANTASTIC job  being Hermione!  that was pretty hilarious. 

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@agerard23: Hahaha I know! Helena Bonham Carter does a FANTASTIC Emma Watson impression, it cracked me up!

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