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Spooky for sure!

I posted in one of these kinds of threads before but here’s something that just happened a few nights ago:

To start off, I went to bed a early the other night and left my husband up watching tv. I think about 1 am I woke up and my husband was not in bed so I went in the living room to get him off the couch to come to bed. I let the dog outside and after that I just went back to bed. I was laying there trying to stay awake long enough to see if my sleepy husband would wander to bed, but I eneded up dozing back off. Then I heard a sound that kind of startled me back awake. I was like is that water? Sure enough I got out of bed and went into our bathroom and the sink was running! That was super weird and while there may be a perfectly logicial explaination for it, I don’t know what that is right now. All I know is no one had been in there since before I went to bed the first time and now the water’s running!? If it helps me not look crazy the dog heard it too because she came running up the stairs when it happened (I keep a water dish in there for her). And since the water was on I just filled her dish back up and went to sleep. Haha!

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Ah, so creepy! 

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@mvest:  I too believe in the supernatural as a result of things experienced by myself and others in my childhood home. Quite a number of things occurred but I will highlight only 3 instances:


1) My two elder sisters were home alone with two friends of their’s. I think I was out to a family function with my parents. They were setting up a place to sleep in the lounge area when suddenly my second eldest sister got a sudden urge to look at a couch that stood in the corner of the room. She looked up to see a figure of a man sitting with his elbow on one of the arms of the couch, half smiling at her. In a shock, she thought maybe she was imagining herself and looked around for things that could be causing a shadow on the couch. But she didn’t see anything and wanted to run away. However, as she tried to run, she felt something pulling her back and turned to see her friend, H, holding her tightly, looking in the direction of he couch and then yelling frantically ‘N, can see that! N, can you see that!” She then pulled H and they ran to a bedroom, followed by their other friend, who at the time was trying to find some money she dropped on the floor. 

Both my sister and N describe a man in oldish attire and a half smile on his face, but none of them recognized him.


2) One night, my sister N was home alone. She was in her bedroom, writing on a calender on the wall, when suddenly she heard what sounded like pots banging. She went to the kitchen and found nothing. A bit frightened, she went to the entertainment room and started putting in a music cassette, when suddenly she felt a chill up her spine. totally freaked out, she ran to the phone and called our cousin who lived down thr street to ask him to come over. He said he had company and she therefore had to make her way to him. She put the phone down and heard another bang coming from the entertainment room. She slowly walked towards the area as it was right where the telephone was and she had to pass it to get to the frontdoor or any other place for that matter. She found that one of the lightbulbs had burst and a strange smoke was undeneath it, She then ran out of the house to my cousin barefoot.


3) Our cat just had kittens. One evening, I was sitting in my room with the mom and her kittens. At this time the kittens could already walk and play. I had a large teddybear on the floor against the wall and one of the kittens was playing on it. The mother left the room and upon her return, she looked at the kitten and started hissing. I asked her what’s the matter and she turned to my side and started hissing. I found this very strange and then realized she wasn’t looking at me, but more to my left. I jumped up and ran out the room to my sister’s room next door. My other sister then came walking in and asked what’s with thr cat next door, she’s behaving strange. We then went to look again and stood at the doorway. She was still hissing and growling while looking up. There was nothing in front of her. She would intermittently look back at the kitten, then back up. It was clear that she was trying to protect the kitten from something. I then ran in and grabbed the kitten and went back out. A short while later she came out and was fine again.


We have moved from the house but I seem to dream about being back there often. And everytime I dream about it, it’s always in scary circumstances. Like I’m in the dark and none of the lights want to work and I feel strange things, sometimes even pulling me and me pulling away, trying to get out of the house.

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