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this sounds exactly like what happened to me. the midwives i called said the exact same thing when i told them i had brown spotting (only once, two days after my bfp and only when i wiped). it scared the living crap out of me. 


the midwives had me come in for betas, which were rising normally, then they kept saying it was ectopic even after the 2 betas came back as normal. they had me go for a 3rd beta, which also came back normal and they STILL told me it was ectopic. i hadn’t had any spotting since that one day, but i did have some very mild cramping (lots of things are going on down there now, so things are moving around, growing). they made me schedule an ultrasound at 5 weeks, which i ended up cancelling, because i was scared that if they didn’t see anything they would make me abort. i also cancelled my appointment with them (they really pissed me off saying it was ectopic, especially since i have a history of anxiety disorder and they didn’t ask me to come in to see them before jumping to conclusions), which was scheduled at the end of the month, and found a new Dr who told me the spotting was completely normal, especially that soon after getting my bfp (he said it was implantation bleeding, especially since it was brown, it was old blood). at our appointment (a week and a half after i was going to get the first ultrasound), we ended up getting an ultrasound, mostly because he wasn’t sure of my conception date. we saw our little bean on the screen in the right spot.


i think sometimes Dr’s forget how scary it is to be on the other side of the line, especially when it’s a first pregnancy.


hope it all works out for you!


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Sugar bee
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I had a day and a half of light spotting (red and brown) at 12 and 13dpo… I’m now almost nine weeks pregnant. I’ve heard a lot of other people report the same thing – I wouldn’t worry about it. πŸ™‚

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My knowledge is that brown blood is old blood. You can spot from having sex a week ago! If it’s red, and continues, then you MAY have something to worry about but even then maybe not. It’s common to have spotting during a perfectly health ypregnancy. That doesnt mean that things don’t go the other way, but typically I’d say its normal.

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@pickledplum:  It could be implantation bleeding. I have had 4 instances with spotting during pregnancy. Not all of them turned out okay but i will share anyway. 


Pregnancy 1: 5 weeks pregnant, started spotting bright red blood, this then turned to a gush and then i passed a large clot. Then it stopped. This pregnancy resulted in a healthy baby boy (hes almost 5 now).

Pregnancy 2: 9 weeks pregnant, pink spotting, went to a&e and they said all looks fine, went for u/s but sadly baby had not developed, they call it a blighted ovum. 

Pregnancy 3: 4 weeks (2 days after bfp) started spotting brown blood, this lasted 5 days then stopped for a day. Then it turned bright red with clots and a hcg test confirmed i lost the pregnancy at 5 weeks. 

Pregnancy 4: Spotting started at 8 weeks, started pink for 2 days then stopped for 2 days, then came back and it was brown with stringy bits. Then it turned red on the day of the u/s but the baby was fine.

That u/s was today so i dont know what this bleeding means but i can tell you that not all blood means miscarriage. 

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I was 7 weeks pregnant and started to experience some light brown (think khaki colored) spotting. I called my doctor and they asked me to come in for a blood draw. The spotting was sporadic and ranged from light brown to dark brown. Once my results from the blood draw came back my HcG was fine (64,000) but my progesterone was really really low (10). I was immediately put on some progesterone vaginal suppositories till I was done with my first trimester.


…despite that I am now on bed rest in the hospital…I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with two very healthy boys.


Sometimes spotting is normal, but I’m glad your doctor took your concerns seriously and got your blood drawn. Hope it all turns out well!


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Busy bee
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@pickledplum:  I had on and off brown/pink (sometimes red) spotting until 13 weeks pregnant.  In weeks 4-7 it was more frequent.  I also had cramping with it. I’m now almost 27 weeks and everything is ok!

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I have had spotting and two different results.

First pregnancy, started spotting, started brownish, but quickly turned to pink then red. It got heavier and was pretty constant. I was on bed rest for a week and had a blighted ovum. (but even heavy spotting does not mean miscarriage)

Second pregnancy, started spotting, only brownish, very sporadic for two days-ish like you described. It was implantation bleeding, and I am at 20 weeks with a little girl.

It most likely is implantation bleeding. Easier said than done, but try not to stress, that just makes things worse. Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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@pickledplum:  I had spotting from the time I expected my period (didn’t know I was pregnant at first) off and on for the first half of my pregnancy. It was generally brownish blood, in small amounts, with some cramping, and I had multiple ultrasounds and exams to try to figure out where it was coming from. The end conclusion was that my cervix was very sensitive. Anyway, the spotting stopped around 4.5 months into the pregnancy and everything was pretty much normal after that. My son is now in his teens.

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I had brown spotting (mixed with a wipe or two of red/pink spotting on 2-3 days) from about the time I found out I was pregnant until about 6 or so weeks.  I’m 9w4d today and baby is great, so hopefully it’s the same type of thing for you as well.  πŸ™‚

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I had brown/very light pink spotting one time when I wiped when I was about 8 weeks pregnant. Im pretty sure it’s because my Darling Husband and I had sex the night before. We now have a 7 week old baby. Brown blood is usually old blood.

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Bumble bee
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I had spotting at 6 weeks, 9 weeks and 13 weeks all lasting a few days at a time. For the most part it was the color that you described in your post. I am now 20 weeks along with a very active baby πŸ™‚ Getting little nudges already πŸ™‚

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Like previous answers, spotting doesn’t always mean miscarriage.

Pregnancy 1- BFP 21st Feb. Noticed a lack of symptoms & started spotting first brown then a little red. FRER never got darker. Confirmed miscarriage 28th Feb.

Pregnancy 2- BFP 4th May. Spotting at 8 weeks but brownish. Went for an ultrasound & saw babies heartbeat but was told I was 6 weeks pregnant instead. Spotting again at around 12 weeks, but again brown. Spotting at 18 weeks, bright red- turns out I broke skin down there from wiping so much as I was peeing constantly lol. Spotting again at 22 weeks, brown again. FRER got consistantly darker over the 9 days I kept testing.

Anyhoo… I’m sitting here with some period like pain & due in 8 days!! Hoping I’m actually headed into labour πŸ™‚

I wish you all the best πŸ™‚

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