(Closed) sprained foot… what do I do?

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I’ve never had that exact injury, but I find with all injuries that the best time to ice is right before bed. If you like to read for a few minutes before sleeping, that time is perfect! If you haven’t already, buy a couple of gel packs. You can ice your foot while you read, and then toss it on the floor when you turn out the light and deal with it in the morning. Things tend to swell over night, and in my experience you really accelerate healing by icing before bed. Also, if it’s not too uncomfortable, sleep with a pillow or two under your foot.

Good luck!

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The only thing you can really do is keep it elevated and put ice on it. I have never heard of using epson salt for a sprained ankle. Ibuprofen should also help the swelling, but in order for it to heal, you will have to stay off of it for awhile. I do feel your pain though. I severly broke my ankle a couple of years ago and the hardest part was waiting for the pain to go away and for it to heal. I hope your sprain heals soon.

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Epsom salts can help, particularly with the soreness, but ice is best for swelling.  Good luck and feel better soon!

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Elevate and ice, yes.

BUT be sure after a couple of days to wrap it and start – carefully – walking on it. In college, I had a terrible sprain – it was so bad the student health doctor insisted I use crutches for two weeks. Well, come to find out from my physical therapist that I was on crutches too long and should have walking on my foot after just a couple of days. If you don’t end up using the muscle a little bit soon after, you can “freeze” your muscles in the injured position and end up damaging them worse. After a day or two, wrap the foot tight, put most of your weight on your other foot, and tentatively try leaning gently on the injured foot just a little bit to ease it back into the healing process. 

I still have horrible problems with my ankle and my doctor says it all goes back to this one injury and not allowing it to heal properly!

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@sweetpea1031:never sprained my foot but have sprained my ankels before (3 times). Couldnt do a whole lot of working out but could do some things carefully. for example- weight training burns a lot of calories and so you can carefully choose some upper body weight training that doesnt require standing or using your foot. Also doing crunches and a few different ab exercises is fine b/c you arent using your foot at all and are laying down. other than that ide be careful not to do a lot of activity on your feet. Depending on the severity of the sprain it could heal fairly quickly – your doctor should tell you how long it will take and what the severity of it is. Even when i sprained my ankle super bad i wasnt out for long though : )

Ive never ever heard anything about epsoms salts before for spraines. I was a college athlete when i sprained my ankles and so i used to put ice on it and elevate it just like the other bees said. I also had the athletic trainers show me how to wrap it up so that the swelling wouldnt get too bad. We also did exercises to loosen up the area and regain full movement. Good luck!!!

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RICE – Rest Ice Compress Elevate

Rest as in resting the injury, ice for 20 mins every hour, compress (in conjunction with icing) elevate so that it’s raised higher than your heart to promote blood flow back to your heart. As far as exercising, it’s good to stay off of it for at least a few days. Depending on the severity. There are 3 grades of a sprain so depending on severity determines the amount of rest. If you can still bear weight than I would say it’s not very severe. If you still want to workout, you can try swimming which will eliminate putting any weight on your ankle. Once you can bear some weight make sure you are moving you ankle in full Range of motion and doing some exercise such as walking on toes, on the outside of foot walking on heels, etc. Not sure about the epsom salts though, that’s new to me!

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If you’re worried about working out, you could try swimming.  No weight on the foot, which is nice, but it’s a total body workout, and you’re doing both resistance training and cardio.  It’s how I was told to work out after my knee surgery.

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