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I am commenting so I can look back at these answers too Ms(Pale)Panda needs to know these answers too lol!

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I regularly get spray tans and my first piece of advice is not all spray tans are the same, Some will have a colour better suited to you than others.

I would also advice against having your spray tan done in one of those booths as they do not tailor for your specific shape. Ask for recommendations and go to a salon where a qualified spray tanner will do it for you.

In answer to your questions one tanning session should be enough. I find personally my tan looks best and most natural on day 2 so you might want to have a trial run 2 or 3 times to determine when the colour looks best for you.

It is really important to prep your skin well prior to your tan ( exfoliate and moisturise for a few days before) as this, along with daily moisturising, will help keep your tan for up to 7 days – sometimes longer! Don’t wear any deodorant, perfume or cosmetics on the day of your tan as this can effect the tanning solution and I advise painting your finger and toe nails as the tan can leave them a little discoloured.

It is really important after having your tan that you don’t shower or do anything that may make you sweat for the recommended time after (usually 8 hours) and wear loose fitting, dark clothing. I normally have mine done on an evening and then sleep in it before showering it off the next day.

I will be honest, it does sometimes leave light marks on my white clothing so I would say there is a risk this could happen on your dress, usually where clothes are tight fitting and rub the skin. However I find this is usually only on the day after getting my tan, by the second day this is not the case.

Hope this helps, I’ve been having spray tans for years so feel free to ask if you’ve any other questions! 🙂

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@lady-daisy:  That is so helpful! Thank you! I’m thinking about doing spray tan, too. One question I have is how bad are the chemicals in the spray tan? I have really sensitive skin and I’m worried that it will make me break out…

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Glad my post helped 🙂

If you have any concerns at all then I would suggest having a patch test done at the salon a few days prior to your first tan.

If this causes no reaction to your skin then you should be fine.


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@lady-daisy:  couldn’t have said it any better! I just want to emphasize how important it is to go to someone who actually puts on the spray tan instead of a booth that does it. They will be able to get into places that the booth will not. 

I’ve gotten a spray tan done and it looked terrible and orangy but went somewhere else and it was amazing and looked so natural, so it really is important on where you go. Just look around and try different places until you find the one you like 🙂 

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As a Mystic Tan booth owner, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to tell you guys some HINTS


Exfoliate: Spray tans penetrate 6 skin layers deep and most skin is on a 7 day cycle so you definitely want to go in your salon with a new skin layer!

Apply nail polish:
 Barrier cream really doesn’t work very well on our nails so just slapping a clear coat of nail polish on your nails will definitely prevent spray color from getting on your nails!


Wear Loose clothing to your session: Tight clothing WILL rub against your new tan and leave rub spots (IE places where you wont end up with a tan) and try to park close to the salon so you don’t have to put your shoes on right away.



Apply Lotion: Lotion acts as a barrier cream, because barrier cream IS lotion.

Wear Makeup: Unless its a Mineral based makeup. Oily makeup makes it hard to evenly spray your face and acts as a barrier to the solution.


When you finish your spray, PAT your skin, don’t rub. The booth evenly distributes the solution so rubbing only causes you to cause streaks.

If you do end up with streaks, WINDEX or BLEACH WATER will completely take the tan off and you can either go back to the salon for touch ups or use an at home self tanning MOUSSE or SPRAY. Self tanning LOTIONS are the devil and will NEVER work right.


Most salons will tell you that you can shower within 4-6 hours. This is true, but if you want to get the most out of your tan, wait until the next morning to shower. It gives the spray a lot more time to set into your skin and will last longer.

When you shower, try to only wash those IMPORTANT places! Scrubbing, using abraisive products, etc will shorten the lifespan of your tan. If you only use soap in the places that get funky and rinse the rest of you with water you wont be scrubbing skin layers off.

Keep “face touching” to a minimum.

We all do it, thousands of times a day. You lose the spray tan on your face faster than any part of your body because we constantly rub, touch, scratch and wash our faces. Definitely use mineral makeup since you don’t have to wash it off and invest in the Norvell face bronzer (Which is Mystic Spray tan’s creme de le creme of spray tan solution and the face bronzer is just their booths spray tan solution in a personal bottle) So you’ll want to use the face bronzer the same way you spray in the booth. Also, if you get the Norvell trial package, you can extend your tan indefinitely. Retail the package costs between $25 and $35 (about the cost OF the tan) and will keep your tan going a while. Which pretty much means it saves you a few trips to the booth, which in turn saves you MOOLAH!


Also, when you spray, make sure you stand EXACTLY as the tech tells you to. I always tell my girls to follow the HIP pose. Legs HIP width apart and thumbs at level with your HIPS. When facing forward keep your hands at your hips, thumbs pointed towards you. When you are facing backwards, either keep your palms in front of your hips facing you or facing the back of the booth.

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Also, when you go to your local salon make sure you find out what solutions they use. I strongly recommend NORVELL, it’s chemical free (so you wont get that orangey color) and its completely natural. Their DHA’s react with your PH balance and give you your own personal and natural color! 

Other solutions basically spray you one color and thats it. 

Play around with the levels too. Booths have levels 1,2,3 and sometimes 4. Level 1 is dark, level 2 is darker, and level 3 is darkest. Start out at 1 and work your way up. The level one sprays out much less solution than level 3. You don’t want to be a beginner starting out on level 3 because you’ll end up in a spray tan mess! 

Booths are basically fool proof – the only problems we’ve had with our customers has been purely HUMAN ERROR, but we offer free touch ups. I’ll personally take their streaks off and touch them up. So make sure your salon offers that before you spray otherwise you’re on your own with fixing mistakes, which can lead into full blown disasters. Trust me, I’ve seen it a few too many times!

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I find that a spray tan lasts me about a week.  After a day or so, it doesn’t rub off onto my clothes.  I’ve only ever been in a spray tan booth and I’ve not had streaky results.  The tanning salon I go to has you turn 4 times so you get sprayed more evenly than just the front and back.  Definitely do a trial run to see what color works for you.  I’m super pale so I always get the lightest color.  My skin is pretty sensitive but I’ve never had a problem.  Do a patch test though just to make sure.

If you can find a place that doesn’t put the bronzer in the solution, it is much, much less messy.  You don’t walk out of the salon looking any more tan but it develops later on.  I find it doesn’t get all over my sheets.  I definitely second the other bee that suggested going in the evening and just showering the next morning.  

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I am very pale with dark hair and very worried about wearing a white dress. I’ve had a spray tan once and it rubbed off like crazy for the whole week. I certainly don’t want to go to a tanning bed, but I also don’t want an orange, streaky dress! Maybe I just didn’t go to the right place.

I’ve been blonde in the past and that certainly helped make me look a little more tanned…Not sure if I want such a drastic change on my wedding day though. 

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