Spray tans and wedding dresses? – help a pale bee out!

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I don’t love spray tans, but if you are set on a little colour, get a practice one a month or so ahead of time! My mom got one before her wedding, luckily like 2 weeks prior, and it turned out soo awfully. It went completely orange. She was devastated to have paid so much to look like crap. She spent literally the next 2 weeks exfoliating to get it off in time LOL. 

I say embrace your skin colour! I’m sure its beautiful! 

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I’m not into tanning (spray or otherwise) so I don’t know how much risk there is to the spray color rubbing off on your dress.  I’d also be worried about risk of an allergic reaction or even a poorly done spray tan (ie, splotchy looking).

Also, how will it photograph? I’ve seen photos where the camera really picked up the orange tones, and the bride looked much more orange in the photos than she did in real life.

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I did! I would recommend doing airbrush with a technician versus a booth that sprays you. I would also buy a membership and go a few times before your wedding spray. This will help you try out colors and solutions, and also get to know the person who is spraying you. My usual pre-vacay or event spray takes about 12 minutes, for my pre-wedding spray she took about 25 minutes to make sure everything was perfect, make sure the solution was blending with my hands and feet, etc. I would also recommend going a few days before the wedding. I got mine on Wednesday because I stayed at our venue starting Thursday night. I went a touch darker to make sure it lasts, and by Saturday the color was perfect.

I’m sure you will see some really botched jobs on here and some negative comments, but if you do your homework it will turn out beautifully! 

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Rock your pale-ness. That’s what I did, I’m pale and proud to be (I stay out of the sun for the most part even). I don’t think you need a tan to look gorgeous on your wedding day.

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I got a spray tan for my wedding. I did it two days before the big day, because I like to give it a couple days for the color to fade slightly and settle into the skin so that it’s more natural looking. Since high school, I’ve always spray tanned for big/formal events, and have never had an issue with it rubbing off onto any dress. Usually any “excess” color will wash off in your first shower after the spray tan. (If you don’t shower between getting the tan and your wedding, then yes, the excess will absolutely get on your dress, but I’m assuming you will have at least one shower in between tanning and your wedding.)

The rubbing off might be more of an issue for sweatier people? Idk, I’m not particularly sweaty on a regular basis, but even with working up a sweat on the dance floor, I’ve never had the color transfer onto any dress, wedding dress included.   

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I did! I went to one of the studios that do the airbrush because I felt like it did a better job. Go for at least one trial first! It’ll help you figure out what color you want to be and if you have any reactions to the solutions. I ended up with hives all over my face, neck and chest for my wedding! But you couldnt see them and I felt 100x more confident because I had a tan. The color only transferred to the inside of my dress near the armpits. 

ETA – I went thursday afternoon for a saturday wedding so the color was fully developed and wouldnt transfer (it only transferred a tiny bit because I was sweating like crazy)

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sullivanbay94 :  Another vote here for embracing the pale! I know that’s not what you asked, but just wanted to say that I am ridiculously white and wanted to tan, but was too nervous about it going wrong so didn’t. Looking back on my photos now, I’m so glad I didn’t. My paleness looked lovely against my dress, and I just wouldn’t have looked like myself if I did it just for this event.

Zero shade to anyone who did/does – I completely understand why people like to. 

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sullivanbay94 :  Get a spray tan by a professional, not a booth at a tanning salon. Go to someone with good reviews, get one a month or more before your wedding so you have time to get it off if you hate it. The color shouldn’t transfer once you’ve showered, I spray tan regularly and the only time I notice any color transfering is when I work out and get SUPER sweaty and even then it’s not bad.

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 My husband loves my pale skin the way it is ( he has a thing for redheads). He would have been sad if I had a tan on our wedding day. I mentioned the possibility to a few friends too but they all told me not to do it. I have curly dark red hair and pale skin and decided I was happy just to be myself.  Our photos looked great. 

Do what makes you feel beautiful. If you are going for a tan though, try it out well in advance  to see if you like it.

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I also vote to rock your natural skin tone! I come from a culture with an opposite perspective where brides get full body bleach and use whitening creams to lighten up cause tan is considered “not as pretty”. While ultimately, do what makes you happy, I think everyone’s natural skin tone suits them best. Embrace your pale! I guarantee you’ll look stunning either way. 

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Hi bee,

I have no experience with spray tan but I’m also quite pale. Though I’m not going to suggest to stay pale jısy because you are afraid to colour your dress. 

I suggest to get a tan prior to the wedding and try with a white dress how you actually like it, and eventually decide what to pursue on your big day. YOLO! 

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Super pasty here. So try out a spray tan first 100%. I used those lotions and turned orange. So the key here is try it out before the big day and wear a white shirt to see if it comes off on it. 

So I didn’t tan but I did have professional makeup done and that made a huge difference in how I felt.  I was pasty and pretty. So either way test it out. My first MUA did ok but was heavy handed with the makeup and after an hour it looked orange. 

The key is test it out. 

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I didn’t get a spray tan and I wish I did, because the white if my dress accentuated every natural tan line I had. Just the normal line from wearing a shirt looked like a beacon in my photos. And I’m pale and generally avoid the sun.

a good makeup artist should be able to give you a natural-looking airbrush tan that doesn’t rub off on your clothes.

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