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Fingers crossed that bed rest goes okay and the little one decides to give you a bit of a break and arrive a few days early!

27 weeks today, and it’s a little unnerving to be able to say that my due date is in less than 90 days! I needed a bit of a pick-me-up this weekend so I went shopping for some more maternity clothes to brighten my wardrobe a bit. And wow, clothes fit a lot different now that my bump is getting bigger! Didn’t find anything I liked (bummer) so I worked on refinishing the glider rocker for the nursery instead.

The dresser is done, and all that’s left to do on the glider rocker is paint (got it primed yesterday) and attach 2 more buttons to the back cushion, then reassemble everything. After that, I’m thinking of starting some tissue paper poufs to hang from the ceiling.

Most of all, I’m wishing that pregnancy was only 6 months long, instead of 9. The achy back and hips are something I’d gladly do without!

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wow part 10 already! I’m 32 weeks and 1 day and super sore in my rib area. Its really the final stretch! we have pretty much most things. The main things left to be bought are

  • cloth diaper stash
  • disposable diapers for first weeks
  • wipes
  • diaper sprayer
  • baby carrier. we already have a sling but we wanted an ergo baby as well
  • crib mobile
  • thermometer, nail clippers &  nasal aspirator

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@missspunkin did you call your dr after you had your bloody show?? My mom told me that you pretty much need to start going to hospital if that shows. I have been having contractions all day and just frustrated as to whats real and whats not. I really dont want to go in for false labor


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@Goldilocks1107:  i know what you mean. i’ve just got over 60 days and it’s really starting to feel like we need to start getting things done. but my shower isn’t for another 3 weeks so i don’t want to buy anything and we don’t have everything we need to finish up the nursery. 

i feel like we are at the same point we were in about this time last year where we didn’t really have anything to do for the wedding, but i felt like it was right around the corner!

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I copied this from my last post in the 9 thread.

Well, I think I mentioned that I got a yoga ball to help with pelvic and back pain on the recommendation of my yoga instructor on Friday. I spent a while sitting on it a few times this weekend and holy crap… now I feel like baby girl is going to just fall out when I walk. : So not comfortable. Anyone else feel like this yet? I’m only 35 weeks!

Plus, I’m having a lot of low crampy contractions when I walk a lot. I went to the grocery store today and was having cramps by the time I got back to my car. God, please please let this mean she is coming early. I am SO ready.

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@zippylef:  I’m only 30 weeks and I feel like that sometimes when I walk! Which is crazy to me. The ultrasound tech at my last US said she couldn’t believe how low she was sitting in my pelvis and that normally she sees that in 2nd and 3rd pregnancies (not the first) My back and hips and SI joints kill me … It’s getting very very difficult for me at work since my job is pretty physical (moving and lifting patients etc) =( I just hope I’m able to continue working because I feel like money is already tight for us at this point with all the added baby expenses… It’s slightly stressful.

In other news my first shower is this Saturday! I’m pretty excited about that =) This will be my family/church one. Then I’ll be having a couple more. I washed the three boxes of clothing that has been given to us and got them organized in the closet organizer I bought. So now I feel like I won’t be overwhelmed when I have to find a home for all the shower gifts!


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@miss-spunkin: Hopefully you won’t have much longer! Try not to feel bad I’m sure you hubby doesn’t mind deep down that you aren’t able to help out right now. My poor hubby has picked up my slack this entire pregnancy bless his heart lol… I swear I didn’t clean anything the first 3 months because I felt so bad and just going to work was a chore for me! I’m able to do more now, but I’ve kind of learned to chill out as far as housework goes… (I used to be psycho when the house was a mess …haha)   

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Woah! Part 10 already!

@bells: You may be good with just your sling carrier–FWIW, we were going to get a Babybjorn until we went to our newborn care seminar at Swedish hospital and the lady said that she only recommends sling carriers. She said Ergo and BabyBjorns put too much pressure on the tiny developing pelvis until they’re older. Apparently the Ergo carrier is slightly better than the bjorn, but is often used incorrectly–no idea how to use it “correctly” vs. “incorrectly” though! 

Anyone have, or plan on getting, the Arms Reach co-sleeper bassinet? I just ordered it and am super excited to try it out once baby girl is here.

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Hi, I am about to begin a thread for our birth stories.

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@miss-spunkin:  Everything I’ve been told/read says that the bloody show is basically just mucus with a tinge of blood… right?? And that it IS an indicator that labor is close (like 24-48 hours close). The mucus plug is the one that isn’t the greatest indicator. Also, your flu-like symptoms also seem to be a good sign!! And the cramping!! All good signs! I feel like you are going to go into labor soon!! SO EXCITING! 

I have had cramping here and there for the past few days, apparently those are contractions, just that they aren’t regular or strong.. is that what others have heard?? That period like cramps at this point in pregnancy is actually pre-labor stuff?? I haven’t had any flu-like symptoms, but then again I’m also still sick!! Getting better, but quite slowly. I am SO ready for this baby to come.. and soo excited! I have such a hard time falling asleep at night because I am just too excited to sleep. Every night feels like Christmas Eve, except I don’t know if tomorrow is Christmas or not!! Haha. 

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@WiLLowTreE:  Yeah, I started dropping really early as well and this is my first. My doctor commented on it at my 32 week appointment. The women in my family have a history of going before their due dates so we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’ll be a little earlier than my due date. I’m hoping all this pressure and cramping I am feeling mean she’s making some progress down there! I’ll find out on March 1st when they do my first internal.

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@bells:  We’re just doing the Moby for right now. We’ll probably get an Ergo for DH to wear once she gets a little older.

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I can’t believe we are getting so close! I am due the 10th, but if she comes a little early I wouldn’t be disappointed! Only 3 more weeks. I can’t wait!


@miss-spunkin:  That’s so exciting! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I hope that you’re really going into active labor!


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@Goldilocks1107:  Sounds like your nursery is coming along! That’s so exciting! I’m sorry you didn’t find anything bright and pretty to wear, though. = (


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@AvantLaLettre:  Yeah. Whenever I ask about my period like cramps, I am told to multiply those times 100 and it’s like labor. I have had sickness on and off but I am not sure if it is the MS back or being able to look fwd to labor. haha.

I really hadn’t thought about a carrier. :/ we just got a stroller and Boppy today. I guess I have one more thing to try and check off my list!

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