(Closed) Stalker Ruined My Wedding

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Oh my goodness, that’s terrible! I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’ve never been stalked by anyone myself but it sounds like it was a traumatic experience for you.

I think seeing a counselor about this might be a good idea. 

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I haven’thadd a stalker, but definitely have suffered from depression before. You would be amazed at how much talk therapy can help. I definitely suggest trying it if you haven’t. The feelings came up because you didn’t deal with them the first time, they just subsided, but until you deal with them, they will always have the ability to come back to the surface. 

So sorry you had to deal with such a witch like that. Congrats on your wedding and marriage! 

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@FutureMrsSmith79:  I’m sorry you had to go through that. Have you considered counselling?

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@FutureMrsSmith79:  I’m so sorry that happened to you. You can take comfort in knowing your ex is marrying a psycho! And honestly, with people like that, it’s almost enough payback just to know that that person has to live life as themselves. People like that will never be truly happy or content because of their extreme insecurities.

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@FutureMrsSmith79:  You could stalk her back and ruin her wedding!  🙂  Just kidding, but it would be totally deserved.  

I’m sorry you went through that.  Just remember, that someone who stalks like that must be a deeply unhappy and disturbed person.  Move on and be happy that you found someone wonderful.  

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@FutureMrsSmith79:  First, I’m sorry that you had to go through all that. Do I understand correctly that she stalked just because you had once dated her boyfriend? 

This is a very disturbed woman anyone who can stalk someone and cause them harm is certainly not a happy person themselves. You should pity your ex.

try to forget about her. She’s taken enough.

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Ugh that is so creepy and annoying. I haven’t had one but some weirdo was obsessed with me from a job in high school. I’m so sorry. This is exactly why I don’t want to post anything on fb and have a password protected wedding website. Ugh!! I hope you got a restraining order.

I would do what PP said and seek a therapist. I used to go to one just like a counselor and it was helpful to get my emotions processed.


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@FutureMrsT1221:  omg, yes.  that is exactly what i was thinking.


@FutureMrsSmith79:  it does sound like you need some closure from all of this before you can clearly move on.

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Does he know about her behavior?

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@FutureMrsSmith79:  I havn’t had a stalker ruin my wedding, but I did have a stalker mess up my life, momentarly. My mom says it should be a lifetime movie–more like a NIGHTMARE.


To make a very long story short: I had a serious injury a couple summers ago, and was brought to the ER. I was in 2 hospitals–the first  hospital for 9 days, and had surgery and the second for about 6 weeks for PT, because I was in a wheel chair. While I was in the first hospital, a guy started stalking me. (He was there visiting someone else, and saw me.) At first it was ok–but annoying. He would come to my room to say hi, hang out in the hall, talk with the nursing staff etc. He said he was visiting the woman in the room next to mine, so it made sense. Then it started to get strange–by the 3rd day I noticed that he was in the same clothes, but mind you, I’d just had surgery, was in serious pain and not totally with it at the moment. My family and now fiance would come to visit me, and he would be chit-chatting with them, and they told him that they didn’t want him to bother or talk to me anymore, and I had told him the same thing. I thought he had left me alone, but then he would show up again. At this point I was transfering hospitals, so I was glad. The hospital I transfered to is also the one where I worked at the time.


Now, I’ve been transfered, I’m at the new hospital (my job) and starting to settle in, things are going ok with my PT, but I’m still in a wheel chair and struggling with my injury. One night one of the nurses says that she met my boyfriend and that he’s such a nice guy. My boyfriend had visited me but didn’t mention that he spoke to any of the staff. Then the next day, a co-worker of mine comes in to speak to me, and congratulates me on being engaged. WHAT?! I wasn’t engaged at that point, so I’m like what are you talking about? She tell’s me that the nursing staff on her floor all met my fiance earlier on, and that their so happy for me. I was really confused by this, and called my boyfriend to ask why he’s been talking to the nursing staff. He said he didn’t, he came to see me, and left–he said he didn’t talk to anyone. The next day, I’m in PT and I see someone walk past the door–who seem’s familular–when PT was over, I wheeled back to my room to call my mom. Then I get a visitor and its the guy who was annoying me at the first hospital!! I ended up calling security, and he was forced to leave, but come to find out, he followed me to the second hospital and was there for 4 days, sleeping outside in the woods, stalking me, telling all of the nursing staff stories that we’re engaged and getting married after I recover etc…  It was so frightening, embarrising, and scary that I couldn’t believe what was happening. Some of the nursing staff had believed him–so they thought I was actually engaged to this psycho! Everything was handled eventually, and come to find out, he wasn’t visiting anyone at the first hospital–he was just saying that to keep hanging out on my floor! We don’t know how he saw me, or if he was just searching for someone by chance, but he followed me to the second hospital because he overheard us talking about it! WOW. 


Once I recovered and went back to work, I realized that I didn’t want to stay there and got a job someplace else because the memories and embarrisment were too much.


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@vintagebride143:  oh my gosh!! you poor thing, that’s so traumatic. what did they do with the guy? did you get a restraining order?

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I can’t say i was necessarily “stalked” by my fiance’s ex but she DEFINITELY made it a point to make me VERY uncomfortable for a long time. we didn’t have direct communication but she made it a point to comment on facebook statuses/pictures I commented on, made it a point to invite my fiance to her “lingerie halloween party” LMAO!!! so after a while i finally told my fiance, “i would really feel more comfortable if you would block her from your facebook/phone” and he agreed and complied with no problem. since then i don’t really give her much thought but i TOTALLY sympathize regarding a psycho ex. i feel like i would hurt her if i saw her IRL lol i have nightmares about it!

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