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Busy bee
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I am already married but I am changing my lifestyle due to a pcos diagnosis.  I would love to join in so it keeps me accountable!  I am going to try to make it to the gym 4 days a week for 90 min.  As well as completely changing how I eat.  I could stand to lose 100+ lbs so I have a long way to go.

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Blushing bee
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I’m in!  This is perfect, I was hoping there would be other people starting around the same time as me for support πŸ™‚  I need to recommit-between January and June I lost about 15 pounds, and have been fighting gaining that back since June.  I have at least 15-20 more to go (hard to say exactly because I want to be stronger and I am fine weighing more to be stronger, so maybe I need to think in terms of clothing size or something?)

I am using LoseIt! on my phone to track calories (I have it set to 1 pound per week and I do not plan to enter exercise calories-I would have to burn more than 500 calories in exercise to have what I consider an unreasonable deficit, and honestly I often go over my calories anyway).  I am also trying to work out at least 4 days a week and walk more.

About 5 years ago I lost 25 pounds through better eating habits and walking, no other exercise due to injury.  I ate a lot of oatmeal for breakfast, salad with grilled chicken for lunch, and reasonable dinners 5 days per week, plus snacks, and tried not to go crazy the other 2 days.  I tried to get 10,000 steps per day.  I find the hardest part is getting into a routine and then getting back to it after an interruption-when I am in the swing of things it is fine!

Good luck everyone πŸ™‚


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Bumble bee
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I can’t seem to stop snacking after dinner. That is my downfall! I want to lose 25 pounds!

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Helper bee
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I’m in!!! I am 5’5, and am about  148 pounds. The wedding isn’t for a year and a half, but I would love to lose about 15 pounds, and start toning up. I am in school so I really don’t have time or money for the gym, but I want to watch what I eat. I honestly just want to maintain my weight through the holidays because I tend to eat a lot. 

I have lost about 16 pounds since July from being very strict with counting calories (1200-1400) but I don’t really exercise.

Today is my first day!! Good luck to all!! We can do this!!

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Busy bee
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I’m In! I am actually on my second week of exercising and eating (mostly) healthy. I am using Myfitnesspal to track everything I eat and using a food scale so i know exactly how much of something I am putting into my body. If I don’t know the nutritional value of something I am not eating it anymore. I would really like to lose ten to fifteen more pounds and get toned up.  




Best of luck to all the ladies on here working towards a healthier lifestyle πŸ™‚


ETA: I forgot to mention my exercise plan!  I am planning on working out 3 times a week using the Biggest Loser Boot Camp video. So far it defintely works up a sweat and seems to be getting the job done.


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Buzzing bee

I just started exercising again yesterday! I plan to visit the gym 4-6 days per week if possible, and work out for about an hour each day on the stationary bike. The stationary bike I use has a weight loss setting with interval training which I heard works great for weight loss. I also use my fitness pal to track calories, and it has me at about 1,320 calories per day for weight loss. I often go over that, hence working out almost every day of the week. I plan to have one day per week where my SO and I go out since we usually do go out for dinner once a week. I want to lose 10 pounds minimum, but probably more likely 15-20 just to get down to the weight I was in high school. 

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Bee Keeper
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Count me in!

I’m still breastfeeding (exclusive pumper here) so I lose ounces when I cut calories, but Dear Daughter is over 7 months now and I feel ready to start my weaning journey.  I’m dropping down to 3 pumps per day, and eventually 2 which I feel I can maintain until she’s a year.

Anyway, I did a half marathon this weekend so I’m in decent cardiovascular shape, but I’m still about 20-25lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight :/

I’m pretty good about packing my meals for work, but I have a sweet tooth and I need to do better about that.

I’m back on MyFitnessPal (yay it’s free!) to log in my food and exercise.  It helps me have a better awareness of what/how much I actually eat.

I’m going to focus on getting in 3-4 work out sessions a week.  I want to do a spin, a weightlifting or two, and some other activity (like yoga, intervals, jogging, or swimming) to balance out my work outs.

I don’t even mind if I don’t lose any pounds on the scale, but I’d really, really like to tone up more.  I think weight lifting and eating less processed food and more protein will help nudge me towards that goal πŸ™‚


Good luck!  I’m excited to have an accountability group to keep me motivated!

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Bumble bee

I’m in!  I lost 55lbs. last year by eating healthy and exercising regularly, but I gained about 20lbs. back due to a tragedy in the family, and then happiness from meeting SO. I need to get back on track and finally reach my goal!  I just bought healthy groceries yesterday and I brought my gym clothes – not over eating, eating out too much, and eating my feelings is my biggest challenge.  Getting the motivation to work out as it gets colder will also be harder but I’m determined!

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Busy bee
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I am also in. I started working out about five weeks ago but due to a cold have been off the last week at the gym. Starting back today. I am 5’4 and weighed 144 when I started. I weight 141 now.

I am using Noom weight on my phone to track caleries and for one pound a week I am suppose to eat just under 1300 calories. I hope to work out four times a week.

My biggest downfall is carbs and wine/beer so I will have to try to keep that in check.

I want to be around 130 as my ultimate goal but would be happy if I was down to 134.

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Blushing bee
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@wildflowersong:  I’ll join πŸ™‚ I have been struggling to stay on my weight loss regimen. The worst is when i have one bad meal and it tastes soooo good that i just feel like throwing in the towel. I also have a sweet tooth, one thing that is helping me with that is making fruit smoothies with veggies (usually spinach). Also by the time i get home from work i am so tired and lazy that i just want to relax. I am 5’6″ and i gained so much weight in school. I was up to 166 and now i’m at 150 (recently gained 2 lbs -_- ) I would be happy just losing 10lbs, i remember looking good when i weighed 140, but my ideal weight is 135 lbs. At least 138 so i can go to my honeymoon and not stress over gaining a couple of pounds (Yes i will be eating and drinking whatever my little heart desires πŸ˜€ )

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Blushing bee
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It is frustrating that my goal is just to lose 10-15 lbs and i’m being so lazy about it ! I should be grateful that i do not need to lose 50+ and work my butt off (well not literally b/c i like my butt πŸ™‚

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Helper bee
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I really need to join in. I am very much over my goal weight… Would like to lose around 30+ lbs by this time next year. Last year I lost about 20 lbs working out/tracking calories. Gained it all back and then some… so disappointed in myself. Fiance recently noticed, which NEVER happens… That’s my final straw.

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Bee Keeper
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@wildflowersong:  i am posting to follow a long.

God knows I need the motivation.

I have workout DVDs that I want to stick to.

I have a mission to lose at least 15-20lbs. I want to wake up earlier in the morning so I can workout and I want to eat healthier!

I don’t eat bad, but its the snacking in between meals that kills my diet, oh and carbs!!!!! I love bagels. I could have a bagel everyday for breakfast, I need an alternative!

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