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I was in the same position as you a couple of years ago.  I went with a macbook and love it!  I use it mainly for internet, a game or two, and for my itunes.  It suits my needs perfectly.  What do you plan on using your computer for?  Do you plan on storing alot of media (music and pictures)?  Or do you plan on using it just for internet?  It depends on the answers to these questions as to which Mac option you should go with.

In terms of word processing programs, I don’t use either on my macbook.  I either use Open Office for Mac or Google documents, both of which are free.  I have very little use for word processing these days, so the options I mentioned work fine for me.

I need a new printer as well, but haven’t had the time to research good ones yet.  Again it depends on your uses of your printer.  I was just reading that laser is better for wedding invitations and such because the laser ink doesn’t smear.  I guess I would start looking for printers on sale and see if they any of them meet your expectations. 

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I have a macbook and I love it.  My advice to you is to make an appointment at an Apple store and give them an idea of what you’re looking for.  They will definitely set you up with the best macbook possible for your needs/wants.

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Yay Mac!!

So, which model you buy really depends on how you use your computer. The base model MacBook has enough power for most people who just surf the internet, use Microsoft Office, etc. A MacBook Pro is really for people who need a lot more power with their portability (like, you play games, want to use graphic editing programs on the road, etc). The iMac (ugh they are so beautiful, aren’t they???!) are great if you need lots of power and memory – graphic designer, photographer, someone who does looots of gaming, etc.

I have a MacBook – it’s lasted 5 years with no problems. It got me through grad school, and is our “hang out on the couch and surf” computer. I desperately want to get the 27in iMac loaded up with RAM so that I can expand my photography editing capabilities. Running Lightroom with a large photoshoot makes me computer majorly slow (like click, wait 30 seconds, then what you clicked pops up). My programs are memory hogs – so I need a newer, better computer.

I also travel a lot and use my MacBook as my flight entertainment. If you do that as well, a laptop is definitely for you.

I don’t really know anything about printers because I basically print everything at work or through a pro photography printer. We have a few years old Canon all-in-one at home that is my husband’s for when we really need to print something or scan. It does the job.

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I switched to a mac about 18 months ago (doesn’t even seem that long!) and LOVE it.

I would recommend getting Office for Mac. Pages (the Mac version of Word) is okay, but not the best word processor. Numbers (aka Mac Excel) I was also mildly disappointed in, and Keynote (Powerpoint) I haven’t used much. They’re okay, but not on par, IMO, especially if you use them a lot and are used to the functionality of Office.

I highly recommend Apple Care (their warranty/maintanence program), which you have to buy within the first year of owning your mac.

Finally, I bought my Mac refurbished, saved a few hundred dollars, got the current model and have had zero problems with it. I recommend that route too. ๐Ÿ™‚

It probably took me 2 weeks to totally transition over (not including file transfer time, haha), since I had only used a mac very sporadically in the past, but now I’m “fluent” on both systems and use them seamlessly every day (PC at work, Mac at home). I definitely prefer Mac. It’s just ……… happier. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Finally, if you’ve ever dealt with backing up a PC, and know how frustrating that is, Time Capsule (comes standard with any OSX) alone would have been enough to win me over had I known how wonderful it is. You can buy any USB hard drive (get one on sale) and you literally just plug it in and it automatically backs everything up. Then every couple days connect it again and it figures out what has been updated and backs it up. It is amazing. You don’t have to think about it at all – just plug it in and it does the rest. And if your computer ever crashes, it’s not just copies of your documents and photos, it’s literally your entire computer, and they can load it onto a new machine for you! I haven’t had to use it (hopefully never will), but I’ve never felt such peace of mind about electronic document keeping before.

Love, love, love Mac.

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I can’t help much as far as the printer goes. We have some standard 4-in-1 thats mediocre at best. As for the computer, welcome to the world of Mac! My Fiance is a mac and iPhone developer so naturally we’re Mac people. Currently in our home we have a macbook, macbook pro, macbook air, mac mini and iMac (told you we were mac people, lol). I don’t know much as far as the specs are concerned but they are all great computers. My macbook is like 5 years old and runs like a gem! We’ve been talking about upgrading me to a macbook pro in the near future but I love my laptop. No matter what Apple product you choose, you’re going to get a great computer.

I use Pages (Macs version of word) religiously and I really like it. I HATE Numbers though (Macs version of Excel). If you’re going to be using a lot of spreadsheets, I would spring for the office suite. It’s worth it. 

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@MsBrooklynA: I just prefer having a laptop than a desktop.  ๐Ÿ™‚ no particular reason, but I know a lot of people satisfied with their iMacs. 

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I agree with PP. It really depends what you’re using it for, but a standard MacBook is fine for most people. I have a 13″ basic MacBook Pro, and I really need something bigger/more robust (I’m a graphic designer), but it just barely meets my needs right now. I also have a desktop PC, and I will agree with you that there are less security/crashing issues with a Mac.

One thing I will mention about a MacBook over a desktop Mac is that they tend to get thrown around more, so they can die a faster death. My first MacBook lasted 5 years, which I realize is light years in technology terms, but I was hoping it would have lasted longer. You also can’t upgrade a laptop easily (or at all in some cases).

As far as printers, if you’re going for something inexpensive with good quality, I would decide what your price point is, what you want in it (all-in-one, or just a standard printer), then get a Canon and look at reviews online (Amazon) based on your needs. I’ve had HPs, Epsons, and Canon over the years, and Canon by far has the best print quality. The four ink heads are also nice for replacing one color at a time when you run out (versus replacing a whole “color” ink cartridge when only yellow runs out).

If you do a lot of word processing, I would recommend MS Office for the Mac. There really is no substitute, and while Open Office, Google Docs, etc. are nice, it was constantly irritating for me not to be cross-compatible with documents people sent me, or be able to make a basic Excel sheet. If you don’t do much word processing, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Most photo editing programs require a lot of “beef” to run.   With that being said, I would probably go for the macbook pro or the iMac.  The main choice for you would then be whether or not you could live without a laptop.

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once you go mac you don’t go back! HAHA

i love my mac (graphic designer) and wouldn’t ever go to PC. i have all things apple haha. for design, i have a macbook pro that’s connected to a cinema display. i get the best of both worlds this way. if i have to bring work when i travel, i can do it. if you really want a laptop, but want to work on a bigger screen when you do photos, then i suggest this route. and i have just a regular macbook for surfing the net.

i suggest getting the 27″ imac or a macbook pro. It makes life so much better without getting those pinwheels!

as far as microsoft office goes, i do have that on my macs, but hardly use it. I’m just not a word person. I have been using excel lately for wedding stuff, but that’s it. If someone sends me a word file, i just open it in text edit cuz that progam loads a lot quicker than microsoft… of course cuz microsoft is a faii. lol

as far as printers go, get a canon or epson. don’t get hp cuz their ink cartridges aren’t separated. so if you run out of yellow, u gotta get rid of it even if u have cyan and magenta still, but hp prints really well. canon ink is more expensive than epson. i do have an epson r1800 that produces really high quality, but it’s given me tons of problems with the paper feeder, so it’s in storage. i love my every day canon printer. prints amazing quality. and i have another canon printer/fax/all in one in storage cuz i really don’t have room to be hookoing up all these printers. if i were to get a high format printer, i would get another canon.

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