Starting ttc in 6 months

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It varies from person to person as to how long it may take for a cycle to regulate after coming off of birth control.  Some people regulate immediately, others it can take several months.  It took me a good 2-3 months to regulate.  If you want to start TTC in exactly 6 months I personally would have the implant removed now and use a temporary birth control like condoms in the meantime.  A few months prior to TTC I would also start to reduce alcohol consumption and caffeine if they are a regular part of your diet.  Also start taking a good prenatal a few months out.  These are things I would do and have done prior to TTC through the guidance of my doctor. You may want to make an appointment with your doctor to discussion options.

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Keep in mind while you prep that your hubby should prep too. If you want the best chance at quick, healthy conception, he should take steps to be more healthy too. Sperm quality takes months to adjust, so he needs to be making the changes too!

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Take it out NOW and start using condoms. I only took birth control for less than 7 months and it still took my periods a good 4-5 months to return to normal. Every body is different. 

Additionally for me, when I started TTC (this was a few years after I decided to stop birth control and start charting), I also started drinking apple cider vinegar once a day to keep my ‘flora’ down there optimal and I also later found out that ACV makes the body very baby friendly.

I already did not drink or smoke. I had caffiene on rare occassions only. And I also had a good set of multivitamins going since almost 2 decades.

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Talk to your doctor as soon as possible and go by what they suggest you do. We are also planning to TTC in about 5 months which is one year after we were married. We spoke to our family doctor and he suggested not to go on birth control for one year he suggested condoms or the pulling out method. We opted for the pulling out method and I just started on prenatal vitamins and folic acid.

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I agree with the PPs to get off your hormonal birth control now.  Starting to chart would be helpful too so you can see when you ovulate and get used to your cycle.  As the PP said – anything to get healthy now is great.  Your husband should avoid saunas, hot baths, hot tubs, etc, as those can negatively affect sperm production.  He could start taking some supplements as well.  You should start a prenatal about 3 months out – I would look for ones containing folate (not folic acid) and methylcobalamin for the B12 instead of cyanocobalamin as some people can’t process those properly.  The folate and methylcobalamin are the biologically active forms.  Good luck.

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If you or your partner smoke, I’d advise trying to stop before TTC. Smoking (even second or third hand) can be harmul both in pregnancy and after birth. Not just the mother’s smoking habits – the father’s too! But I bet you already knew that 🙂

Start folic acid supplements at leat 1 month prior to TTC. If you eat healthy, you shouldn’t need any other supplement. Now it could be a good time to start a healthy diet and lose some weight if you need to.

Expect irregular cycles for at least 3 months after taking the implant out.

If you and your partner never had fertility issues in the past, I wouldn’t worry about egg/sperm quality. Just eat healthy, get some regular exercise and enjoy TTC 🙂

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hatoritory :  I don’t think there is such a thing as starting them too soon. Most doctors will recommend starting them 2-3 months before TTC. My multivitamin is currently for hair, skin, and nails, but has pretty much all of the same ingredients as a prenatal. I plan to switch soon though, TTC in July. 

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I would get off birth control immediately because it can take a long time for cycles to regulate for some people!

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Not TTC quite yet but I second getting the arm implant now and charting to avoid or using condoms. My period took 6 months to return after coming off of the BCP. I’m already taking prenatals and I’m not TTC until next year most likely. I plan on getting my IUD out in the spring and then TTC late summer/early fall hopefully! 🙂

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check if you’re still immune to rubella (aka german measles).  I chose not to because I had been vaccinated 2x against it (MMR vaccine) but turns out it’s not that uncommon it wears off.  It did for me.  They checked my blood for immunity when I saw an RE (after TTC for a year), realized I wasn’t immune.. and then of course I got pregnant that very cycle so I couldn’t vaccinate.  Unfortunately because of the nature of the vaccine and the danger Rubella poses to the fetus you need to wait a month between vaccination and getting pregnant, and similarly you cannot vaccinate once already pregnant.

Rubella is rare, true.. but every time I go to an airport or a crowded space with tourists I’m gonna be super paranoid for the next 7 months.  Bleh.

Aside from that.. prenatal 3+ months before TTC helps build up a good store of folic acid, which the fetus needs in very early (up to week 6) pregnancy to avoid NT disorders like spina bifida.  It’s not so much for fertility as it is making sure those crucial first few weeks go well.

I personally would get of BC and switch to condoms as early as I could, just having several friends who had issues with their period for quite some time post-BC.. but other women get pregnant the moment they pull the goalie so.. if you think there’s a risk you guys won’t be very good about using condoms make sure you’re ok with the chance you get pregnant earlier than expected.

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hatoritory :  I never took pre-natals. I have been taking proper multi-vitamins for many years. I continued those throughout the pregnancy also. Just one small change I made during pregnancy is that I upped my intake of folate. I don’t know if this had a direct affect on my child’s eyes but he was born with perfect vision. (Both me and his dad have sh*tty eye sight until we got laser-ed.)

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hatoritory :  The birth control varies from person to person. I stopped my birth control and was waiting for a normal cycle to come, it never did: I’m pregnant! I would stop it at least a month before you want to start TTC if the time frame is important to you. Some women can take as much as 3 months to have a normal cycle.

The good news is the amount of time you’ve been on birth control is pretty much a non factor.

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The first thing I did was go to the ob/gyn and get a check up, pap smear and had my implant taken out. It was due to come out May 27th but we want to start trying May/June so got it out earlier. When I asked the Dr when would my body be back to normal for us to start trying and he said “tonight”! I started a multivitamin but my Dr said he’s “old school” and doesn’t think I *need* it because I’m healthy. I’ve been drinking lots of water & charting my temperature so I know exactly when my period is due and when I’m ovulating. I’m so excited to start trying next month! 

Any reading I’ve done also says to get your teeth checked because periodontal disease during pregnancy can cause miscarriages.

Best of luck to you & your hubby!

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