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Welcome to the TTC journey!

some women swear by temping and charting. I for one knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it, and it didn’t “resonate” with me. So I opted to check my cervical fluids during my fertile window, and use OPKs that I bought cheaply online (that’s ovulation preditor kits, and you pee on them once a day like a home pregnancy test, except they test for a surge in hormone that tells you you are about to ovulate)

I also read a really great book about conceiving, which TCOYF will be great for you.

I haven’t been on the pill in forever, so I knew my body was functioning normally already (it may take you a couple cycles). Within two cycles I knew exactly when I was fertile. On the third month we timed it, O-3, O-2, and day-of O, and well, now I’m pregnant. yes, I know I’m one of the lucky ones since it worked the first time, but it wasn’t luck, it was preparation!

we also used pre-seed, but I’m not convinced that helped. Didn’t hurt, though!

just remember that you are most fertile the two days and the day before you ovulate, since the sperm need time to ‘condition” themselves to be fully ready to inseminate the egg.

google the sperm meets egg plan too. good luck!

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I’d suggest letting your GP know you’re going to start TTC and getting your levels checked for all of those vitamins and minerals. Start taking folic acid, and if you’re lacking in anything when your bloods come back then maybe try prenatals. (I suggest bloods before prenatals because if you overload on things like iron it can make you pretty sick).

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Ok, so this is how it went for me:

I decided I wanted to get off the pill, so I mentioned it to my doc while I was there for something else. I didn’t bother with an official pre-conception appointment. In my case, she had to switch a medication I was on to something safer during pregnancy and then she basically said I could stop the pill and to start prenatals “whenever” – real helpful, lol.

I never read TCOYF despite it being so highly recommended on the boards. I just signed up for Fertility Friend, downloaded their app on my phone and read through some of the charting “lessons” they e-mailed to me. That was really all I needed to help understand how my body works. I bought a Basal Body Temp thermometer at CVS – it was like $10 or $15, you really need to use the special thermometer because it will give you a more precise reading than your standard kind. Then I just set an alarm each morning, temped and put my numbers into my phone app, and the app did the rest. It was really simple. You can get a lot more into it by checking cervical mucus and all that but I honestly never bothered.

I charted for a few months while we used a backup method of protection so by the time we were ready to officially TTC, I knew my cycle well and we conceived on our second cycle trying. ๐Ÿ™‚

Best of luck!!

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I had an official ‘preconception physical’ and they looked me over for all the normal stuff, did a pap, did STI tests, and I also got some blood tests to check my immunity for diseases that can cause severe complications if you get them during pregnancy: measles, rubella, chicken pox. I’m 27 so apparently in an age cohort where a lot of people are losing their immunity to rubella, and that one can be really serious if you contract it while pregnant, but luckily I am still immune. Chicken pox I was somehow immune to even though I have never had it, lucky me! Some vaccines – I think just live virus ones – they suggest you wait to TTC for a few months after getting them because there is a ‘theoretical risk’ to the baby if you were to conceive right away (as in, almost certainly no risk but they have to warn you to play it safe). So it’s a good idea to get this stuff checked out a little bit before TTC. We waited too long and wanted to TTC right away so I was really happy that everything came back normal.

Also, if you don’t know your blood type, now is an important time to find out because if you are Rh negative, and you get pregnant and experience bleeding or a miscarriage, you actually have only a very limited time window in which you can go to the doctor and get the shot in order to protect your future pregnancies from having your own immune system attack the baby’s blood. 

Another thing that my husband and I did, a little late in the game as I was already pregnant, was to get some genetic testing done on ourselves. For white people, cystic fibrosis carrier genes are actually very common – something like 3% are carriers – and if both partners are carriers there is a 25% chance of having an affected child. Tay Sachs is another relatively common genetic disease that people often get tested for, and if either of you is Jewish (or French Canadian, or Cajun) there are a whole bunch of ethnic group-specific genetic tests that you can have done. It’s as simple as a blood test (or in some cases just a saliva test), if you want that information. 

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oh, and I also got a blood test for toxoplasmosis – turns out I have never been exposed, meaning I have to be extra careful about cat litter and undercooked meat. Testing positive doesn’t mean anything bad for your future pregnancy, it’s only bad if you contract it while you are pregnant or just before you get pregnant. They do an extra test if it comes back positive, to estimate how long ago you contracted it. I’m kind of jealous of women who test positive for it, haha, I could really go for a rare steak right about now!

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the bump website kinda sucks and sometimes youll find rude people but they have a GREAT template for charting! 

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@MissLunchbox:  No prob! It was all stuff that we learned as we went / mostly slightly too late or just barely on time for it to matter, so, happy to pass the info along at a more useful time for someone ๐Ÿ™‚

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