Starting TTC wonky cycle help

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Same boat here, So no advice, waiting for my cycle to get regular 😞

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Bumble bee

kris10nr :  yes your first few cycles post BC are going to be wonky.  My cycles were all over the place for awhile, but some women go back to normal cycle wise pretty quickly.  An app is really not going to be accurate as far as when you are ovulating.  If you don’t want to temp or use OPKs (neither of which are hard to use, we used both), try checking your cerival mucus to see if it resembles egg whites.  This helps predict when you are fertile and might help you get your timing down better.  I will warn you those, many women can have several patches of fertile cerival mucus if they gear up to ovulate and then it doesn’t happen.  They will simply gear up again until they do ovulate, so that can be confusing. 

Honestly I’d suggest at least using OPKs to get a better idea.  Usually after using them for a few months you get a pretty good idea of when ovulation is happening for you and it’s less of a guessing game (unless you are me of course who ovulated different days almost every month). 


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I have had wonky cycles too. I had the most luck using OPKs and tracking CM. I think apps assume everyone ovulates about 14 days after your period but that’s not true for most women.

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Those apps are only as good as the info you enter into them. So if you’re not temping, tracking cm or doing opk they’re pretty much worthless. And it can take a long time for cycles to regulate post-BC

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kris10nr :  I’ll echo what others have said, your apps are just using an average cycle length and using the midpoint as your “ovulation date.” This is far from always accurate (for example, I typically ovulate on cycle day 16, not 14).

I’d do what others suggested and at the least, pay attention to cervical mucus if not use opks or temping. Most of all though, I highly suggest reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility,” it’s so incredibly helpful in understanding your body and learning to read its signs–especially after years on BC! Good luck!

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Im 8 cycles off birth control and have still not regulated. My cycles still range anywhere from 23-60 days. 

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I was on the pill for over 10 years (maybe 15) I got off in feb 2014. I didn’t have my first real cycle for over 100 days. The next one was over 50 days. At that point I started temping so I could see if I was even ovulating. I was so that was good news. We started TTC in November of that year and got pregnant our first cycle. So my cycles were about 35-40 days when I got pregnant. Only after my pregnancy and full year of breastfeeding did my cycle become “regular”. I think if I would have been off the pill longer and not gotten pregnant, my cycles would have eventually gotten shorter. 

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Busy bee

kris10nr :  I got off BC in April of 2015 and my cycle was 40 days long for 8 months. I thought that was my normal cycle because I’d been on BC so long (14 years!) but then my cycle was really wonky for awhile (38, 26, 42, etc). I went to the doctor and she said it can take a year for cycles to normalize after you get off BC. Finally after about 12 months my cycles normalized to 29 days although it still fluctuates slightly between 26 and 29 days. I wasn’t TTC during that time so I have no idea if I was ovulating or not during that time however I would DEFINITELY recommend temping. We just started TTC this month and I haven’t gotten a positive OPK even though I’m CD19. Temping is the best way to confirm whether you’re actually ovulating or not. Good luck bee!

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I’ve been off of my Mirena for 3 months and I’m not even through cycle 2 yet. Cycle 1 was 50 days and I’m on day 43 of cycle 2. I haven’t ovulated either time (temping, checking CM, OPKs, and apps). Because I have PCOS, endometriosis, and a neuroendocrine disorder, I’ll be meeting with my OB/GYN soon to see if we can get them regulated more quickly.

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Sugar bee
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That is really normal.  When I went off birth control I actually didn’t experience that- but my doctor told me to expect to take a few months for periods to be regular- so I was actually surprised not to experience this.  You experience is more normal I believe.  You can see TTC and you could get pregnant.  It is just harder to predict ovulation, but you never know you might have lucky timing!   Also- there would be no harm to the baby- doctors might have a bit harder of a time coming up with a due date, but babies come when they want to come anyways

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It is normal for it to take time. I don’t have much to work off of, but my first cycle off of it in 10 years was 47 days, then the next one was 33 days, then the next one after that was trending the same (since I ovulated the exact same day as the month before (day 21), but then I got pregnant so that period obviously never came! I’m pretty confident that my “normal” was 33 days. 

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kris10nr :  my cycle was pretty weird too, and that without birth control. Here’s the nice thing though – when you want to make a baby, you get to have lots of sex.  So if one is saying you’re ovulating now, go have sex.  If another says next week have sex then.  Hell, do it in between if you want.  Some people can even feel their ovulation (which happens to me on occasion), so if you get a stomach cramp, have sex around then as well.  Yay for the old fashioned way!

In our case, we did the deed the weekend I thought I ovulated and the weekend after because I got a cramp then too, so wasn’t sure.  Then the weekend after b/c why the hell not?  And supposedly, as per my sonogram, that third weekend is the one that worked.  We were successful on our first try (luckily).  So if you can’t be sure, just relax and have fun with your husband.

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