(Closed) Stay and build or leave and buy/build? I’m so confused! (long)

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That is so frustrating. I have a pretty good idea of where you live so I know why the conservation authority is being so difficult. That’s essentially their job. lol unfortunately!! They are a total PITA to work with. I know the house you want is more modern in style so I’m wondering if someone in your neighbourhood would have an issue with that. There was a huge issue with this in the beaches. They actually had all the permits but some old neighbour from 30 years back started whining and complaining to their MP and got the construction put on hold. 

What about staying here but finding something similar to work with where you won’t have to worry about the conservation authority? Like what if you just start looking for the fun of it and see if you can find something you like? 

I think your other plan sounds awesome too, just figure out now if you’ll like being not so close to everything you’re used to if you move somewhere more rural. 

(I’m going right now to look at some wreck on a huge lot just because that’s what we’re looking for.)

Good luck!!

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That’s tough.

I guess you have to really weight out the pro and the cons! 

Think about : locations, schools, finances, employment. 

On one side, moving out of the city will give you more property for your money. And if you are planning on having a barn to rent out for weddings, I doubt you’d feel isolated. You would probably be so busy running the business you wouldn’t even realize you were out of town!

On the other side, you had a dream home imagined in your current location. 

Either way, you will have the stress of either renovating or moving.

I guess you have to decide which stress you’d rather have.

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Your dream house looks amazing! I would start to think of lwhat you want/would miss the most. For example, do you use the river? fishing, kayaking, that sort of thing? If so, is that something you would miss. If not, what is it that you like about the river specifically? Also, do you want to own/operate a rental venue? This is clearly something you have thoght about as a careeer option and can not do in your current location.

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@bakerella: I think your idea of waiting it out is a good idea. That way you are leaving it up to life. If by dec/jan, the plans are approved, then you know staying is meant to be. If not approved, then you will have “life’s” permission to move.

Thats usually how I justify things lol. 

And I am glad you’re feeling good enough to come! I am uber excited! I am going to be hitting up honest eds before seeing you guys too! 

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Your dream house looks gorgeous!

I think you have a good plan of giving it until the end of the year for the permits/approvals/etc to work out and if they don’t start persuing other options.  You can’t sit around waiting for forever but you do have to give it a fair shake to allow things to maybe work.

I don’t know the area you live but is there anywhere where you could get a larger plot of land but not be too remote?  I know that for me, living far out wouldn’t be a happy situation and you and your Darling Husband really seem to enjoy having good neighbors (I’ve seen this in other posts of yours as well) so I do question if you would really miss that by moving far out of the city to get lots of land.

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@bakerella: Ohh I love that house!! You’re right, it totally fits into that neighbourhood. 

I think what others are saying about just waiting it out may be a good idea. In the meantime you can keep thinking about the wedding venue idea and if it would be something that you would be happy with. (Maybe keep me in mind for your first wedding?? haha) I think just because the area that you’re in then for the time being it’s better to see if you can make this work and then if not you should consider something else. 

I know that for me personally I could never live outside of the city, I would go crazy not being around people. 

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Wow big decisions there hun!

I think  theres a few sides I would consider.

Realistically… can your house sell?

I would wait till see how your neighbours go with selling theirs first. And see how much they actually get for it. If they make profit or break even I would consider putting the house on the market.

Also just if you put your house on the market.. doesnt mean you will have a buyer. It could be a year or so before you sell so the change there could be a drastic change in the houses that you would be looking at to buy.

I really like your house and I can see the potential. You have some absolutely awse ideas for it and if the conservation authority go ahead I would just stay.

Also.. give them a call and say we have a deadline. If we dont get it through by december we are walking and teh house can sit in ruins and be a pain in the ass to look at.

Also… Hubs and i decide alot of things by rock paper scissors. 😛 Should give it a shot!

But def put a timeline on it. Why sit somewhere when you are not achieving your goals? Life will pass you by!!!


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The obvious answer would be to move in with me, DUH.

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Please just check into zoning and other restrictions, particularly when it comes to building BEFORE you buy a new place.  I grew up in a small, coastal town that was very beautiful and desireable, and had a ton of building restrictions.  It was shocking to me how common knowledge of these restrictions was, yet we constantly had out of town developers who were pissed and angry when they couldn’t build something that any idiot on the street could have told them would not be allowed.

Having weddings on a property, even if it is rural, often requires a permit due to noise for neighbors, bathrooms, and road congestion/impact.  I went to a beautiful wedding at a venue that was actually its last event because of these issues. 

When you make your decision, get info from the local jurisdiction planning office, as well as a realtor to get a better sense of what it is like.  Talk to someone who has built there.  I often find realtors aren’t such great info sources cuz they just want you to buy the place, or they may not actually know much about the process.  And often, lots are priced competitively because people know what a pain it will be to build there. 

Is there any reason you wouldn’t be interested in your neighbor’s place?  It sounds like you have a great neighborhood and I always go for location.

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