(Closed) Stay at home moms that have it down, need help and some tips

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Okay I dont have children yet so I wish I could be more useful there but I have a few tips for the other things that might save some time overall. 

Firstly, household budget, if you haven’t already make a spreadsheet completely up to date, easy to use with your household income against average spendings for bills etc , weekly spendings, monthly spendings (christmas/birthday presents etc). Every time you spend money write it down at the end of that day on the spreadsheet. Its alot of work in one go at first but easy to maintain after that. 

Second, grocery shopping – check out shopping online if you dont already. Its not as great as walking through the store and picking things but it saves SO much time (and money) and you can do it whilst the baby is napping. Once you do a shop it saves all your items so if you eat similar meals regularly you can re order the same shop every 2 weeks or so, adding a few items here or there. It takes me 10 minutes to do an online grocery shop and its all delivered on a day and time you choose! 

Clean little and often. When you shower just do a quick clean of the bathroom e.g wipe down of the sink right after. After cooking a meal, spray the surface and wipe clean immediately after. It only adds 1 minute onto the activity you are already doing and means you dont need to do a big clean for a while. 

Cooking is awful, honestly my Fiance does half the cooking because he enjoys it and I dont. But we usually plan out meals in advance and if you are making something that will freeze like chilli or spagetti bolognaise (or any sauce really) then make double the amount and freeze half. Then reheat that on a day you feel you are too busy to cook. If you can afford one and dont have one already then buy a slow cooker. You can throw all the ingredients inside in the morning and set a time for the food to cook by and it will do the work for you.

Exercising is tough! If you want to exercise in general (as opposed to a specific sport) then I would start just by incorporating walks with your baby. It can be bonding time for you both as well as exercise for you. Swimming is also something you could do with your baby! Granted at first you wont be able to do laps of the pool but it will get easier as the baby gets older and itll keep you active.

The only other thing I can say is that it will get easier as the baby gets older (I work in daycare) and they join clubs/ make friends and get more independant. Good luck! Sorry for such a long comment but I hope some of it might be helpful 🙂

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Dont sweat the small stuff mamma. It will get easier. 

Batch cooking is a great time and money saver. stock up your freezer. We do food shopping twice a month, cook up large portions of whatever we fancy and stick it in the freezer. 

Online shopping was a lifesaver for me in the first 12 months. I arranged for it to be delivered after Dirty Delete was in bed so i could sort it all out uninteruppted. 

I used to put Dirty Delete in her bouncer in what ever room i was cleaning. She was happy sitting in their on in her playpen which i used to move about the house with me whilst i cleaned. 

I dont budget. Im really bad. Hubby sorts all the important bits out so i am no help there whatsoever .

Look into buggy fit or some exercise regine where your child can be involved. Walks or runs with the pushchair get you both out in the fresh air. I had an exercise bike for a while which i used in the house whilst Dirty Delete was napping. Also swimming. This is great for the whole family. you and your partner can take turns splashing with baby whilst the other gets some laps in. 

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I think the best thing you can do is adjust your expectations! it’s ok if your house isn’t clean all the time or that you preparr awesome meals ever night. Prioritize and simplify where you can. Just because you stay home doesn’t mean you have tI have it all together all the time. You’re staying home presumably to take care of baby – that should be the priority! Your children won’t remember if the house was immaculate or how tuy your meals were, but they will remember if you played and spent quality time with them! Take some of the pressure off yourself – there’s never enough time in the day to get it all done whether you work or not!

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Schedule, schedule, schedule! Work out what you need to get done each week and pick a day to do it! If your baby is still taking three naps a day spend the first nap doing housework, the second nap chilling out and the third nap organising dinner.

you could also try the three minute sweep, pick a room and spend just three minutes tidying and putting things away – you’d be amazed at what you can achieve in three minutes!

as for the exercise, take baby out on walks or throw on a DVD to do while baby is awake – chances are that baby will find it hilarious.

and lastly, don’t be afraid to ask you Darling Husband for help to stay on top of stuff, it shouldn’t all fall on your shoulders!

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I’m new to the Stay-At-Home Mom gig too. My boy is a little older (close to 3!) And he goes to daycare M-F 7am-noon. But, I still have some of the time management issues though. 

Cleaning: I do one room top to bottom every other day. I clean the kitchen as I go. Bathrooms get a once a week deep clean when I mop all my floors. I vacuum the main rooms every 3 days or so. 

I also have animals, including a mini pig, so his room gets mopped daily, and his blankets get washed once a week. His litter is done every other day. The dogs are easy.

I do at least one load of laundry per day. The dishwasher is filled and ran at night, emptied in the morning, this is also when I scrub any pots or pans from the previous dinner.

I just started exercising at the gym, but before that I’d wait until baby was sleeping, then mosie to the garage or basement with my laptop and videos.

As for money, I have no interest, and that’s FIs forte anyway.

A few tips:

I showered while baby was in his bouncer or high chair, in the bathroom with me.

I baby-wore for a lot of things like vacuuming and mopping.

I had a “junk” laundry basket that I used every night to do a quick walk thru of my house to grab anything that was out of place. It found its proper home in the morning.

REMEMBER: the “perfect” Stay-At-Home Mom doesn’t exist! Its OK if there are toys all over, if there’s dishes in the sink, and the laundry isn’t folded! Also, I’d consider telling your H that you need a break too. Its just my opinion, but just because he works, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t help with things when he gets home.

In my house, the deal is: He makes the money and pays the bills. I take care of our home, except mowing and trash duty. Parenting our son is 50/50. 

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