Stealing Thunder/Upstaging the Bride

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I was Maid/Matron of Honor in my best friend’s wedding, and her aunt DEFINITELY tried to steal the thunder. She basically took over all the wedding planning without being asked (which was initially fine with the bride, because she was pretty lost when it came to planning.) The aunt basically made it HER wedding. Before the ceremony, she got so stressed out that she started yelling at the bride about how ungrateful she was and that she “did everything” (even though she wouldn’t LET anyone do anything.) The bride ended up crying and it was a big mess. Back story: the bride’s grandmother (the aunt’s mother) passed away literally the day before the wedding. So needless to say, emotions were running VERY high. No one had time to process it yet. So it’s hard to blame her, but at the same time, the bride’s mother and other sister weren’t causing any scenes like that.  The aunt also got really drunk at the reception and started telling people how she planned and paid for everything (even though she didn’t pay a cent… the bride and groom funded their entire wedding themselves.) To top it off, the bride’s father ALSO got drunk before the ceremony even started, and had to be escorted out of the reception after the first dance. It was kind of a sh*t show. The aunt still has me blocked on Facebook because I went into motherbear mode when she started yelling at the bride LOL.

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