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Your daughter needs to grow up! With almost 50% of marriages ending in divorce, it’s time for her to have a reality check. What kids want for their parents should be the same as what parents want for their kids- for them to be happy.

She is blackmailing you. You only get to see her if you come alone and she gets to treat your wife like dirt. Would she think it was ok for you to treat her the same way if she had a relationship outside her marriage?

Personally, I would tell  her that if she could not be civil and extend an invitation to my wife, I would not be attending.


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Buzzing Beekeeper

If my father cheated on my mother, I don’t know that I’d ever accept his new wife, regardless of circumstances or my age. Maybe that makes me childish, oh well. I haven’t had to go through it.

A wedding is an extremely emotional time, and it is probably very upsetting and difficult for your daughter that her mother is not alive to wedding plan with her, and be there to witness the start of her marriage. Seeing the woman you ultimately did leave her for there “instead” of her mom would be a lot to deal with on a day that’s already so emotionally charged.

You made your choice of spouse. That does not mean your children ever will or are required to accept it. I think you have to make a choice here and respect your daughter’s wishes.


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I think you do actually have to choose* to walk down the aisle with your daughter, without your new wife present.  Or you have to miss that moment, which you can never get back again.  *ETA – I meant that it is a choice between the two, not that you must choose that choice

I understand the position you are in.  I hope that your wife also understands and will not begrudge you or your daughter this moment by insisting that she be included.

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This sounds like a really crappy situation. It’s hard to believe that your daughter refuses to get over the divorce after so long, that really doesn’t sound healthy at all. I agree with PP, your daughter shouldn’t be putting you in this position, but she is and she probably won’t change her mind. You have to choose whether to side with your wife and miss your daughter’s wedding (and probably lose the chance of a relationship with her) or encourage your daughter’s childish behavior and attend the wedding alone. No one can tell you what to do, this is a choice only you can make.

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Wow, I feel for you. That is a horrible place for your daughter to put you in, to have to choose between her and your wife. While I was reading your post I kept thinking maybe you need some family counselling before her wedding, that might help her see that you were in a loveless marriage and have since moved on and are happy now with your current wife. That does not mean you didn’t love her mother or love your daughter (and son) any less. I wonder if she would still react this way if you had waited to remarry after your first wife passed or if she would have been ok with your moving on. I agree with julies, that she is emotionally blackmailing you or maybe atleast holding this over your head. It is not fair to anyone that your daughter gets to act like a brat (sorry, I call it like I see it) and gets her way while you have to leave your wife at home. She needs to grow up and accept it for what it is. If having you walk her down the aisle is important enough to her I would think she could get over having your wife present on her wedding day. I hope things work out for you.

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@KatyElle:  Completely agree with you.



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How does your wife feel about this? Would she be comfortable attending the wedding even if your daughter concedes to let her come?

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@KatyElle:  you said it perfectly!

It’s your daughter’s day. Go with what she says for the one day.

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@KatyElle:  This 100%.

Half the time I do not even acknowledge I have a father that is still alive. If you have a decent relationship with your daughter, that’s what you need to put first at her wedding. You know your choice, walk her down the aisle or just don’t go.

This topic definitely hits close to home (so I apologize).  If either my father or his new mistress shows up at my wedding, I’d have security escort them right back out.

Childish or not, the LAST thing I want on the day I am marrying my future husband is to think about my father and the other woman.

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Buzzing bee

I can see this from both sides.  I am very loyal to my mother, no matter what issues she and I may have.  In your daughter’s situation, if you cheated on her mother during the marriage (I don’t remember you saying you had, but if you did…) I would not be able to accept your wife if I knew that my mother had died heartbroken over it. 

However, my parents have been separated since I was a baby.  I am used to my dad being with other women, and my mom being with other men.  I hate my dad’s girlfriend for some very valid reasons, but I have decided to suck it up and have her at the wedding.  I’m being the bigger, more mature person.  I want my dad at the wedding, so I’ve gotta have here there.  I’ll be too busy to notice her, anyway.

I do think your daughter needs to bite the bullet on this one and just let your wife come.  Like my situation, I’m sure she won’t be seeing your wife for more than a few minutes anyway. 

If she does let your wife come, please do not insist that she give your wife any special role or a place in the family photos though.

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@KarenA:  I like your idea.


@bottomline:  Is it possible to tell your daughter that you’d be willing to walk her down the aisle if she agrees to start seeing a family counselor with you (at your expense, not hers) immediately (at least a couple sessions before the wedding with an agreement to continue after the wedding)?

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This issue seems really deep – your daughter is no doubt bitter and angry about the divorce and this situation is majorly compounded by the loss of her mother, especially at this time when she’s a bride. I know the situation is unfair on your side, but you are the parent and she is your child and in many ways it is your responsibility to try and understand the complicated emotions your daughter is feeling. You don’t have to understand why she’s feeling them, or agree with them, and it might not be fair, but regardless you need to understand that she is sad and hurt and angry (assuming those are some of the things she may be feeling). I would suggest you try and convince your daughter to see a therapist to work through these issues, and not for the wedding, but for the rest of your life. The wedding can be a catalyst for growth but it shouldn’t be the end result. 

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I feel very bad for you that your daughter has put you in this position.  This will not end and she is trying to make you feel guilty until the end of your days.  Her behavior is spiteful because if I am doing the math correctly she was an adult and out of the house before you marriage ended on whatever terms that it did.

I hate to say it but I think I would offer to pay for family counseling between the two of you before you make your final decision.  And if she refuses then I would tell her that you love her and support her and hope that in her life she does not have to be held accountable to another person for every decision.  And then I would not attend the wedding. 

What she is doing is blackmail.  I think your current wife is a lovely person for not making you feel uncomfortable and supporting you.  Now if you two go to counseling and decide that it is the best thing for you to keep this spitefulness away from your wife then go but I would limit the time I spent with my daughter unless she decides to grow up and move on.



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