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Hard to say.  I have a friend who lost her wedding ring and got a sterling silver CZ off QVC.  It’s great quality and she says it only looks off if she doesn’t clean it every week or two.

Personally I never had anything sterling silver I didn’t beat to death or break somehow lol.  But then Darling Husband teases me I’m a brute and when we were first living together I replaced the facuet aerator and kept twisting till it snapped so… it’s relative lol.

I think if you aren’t rough on stuff like me and you get good quality SS and CZ you’ll be good for years (my friend has been wearing hers for about 4 years now, doesn’t look like a CZ unless you really inspect it) and then you’ll have plenty of time to save for what you really want.

Also not all white gold has to be plated, it depends on the alloys used, depending on the alloys used it could never look anything but some variation of silvery… some have darker/yellow alloys which sooner or later look dull dark grey or yellowish.  And if you’re ok with it looking a little duller but still silvery… maybe just not shiny… you could get something with silvery alloys and never have to plate it. Even yellow gold gets not so shiny after wear and needs buffing if you want it shiny like new.

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i personally like cz rings. i think they look most realistic in a 1 ct or under size, but that is a personal opinioon. cz’s sparkle so much and are so ‘clean” that they often look larger than the same size diamond. A 1 ct cz in a really good setting will look good. i always think it is the setting that sets of the “Cz” flags 🙂   I am an ebay fan and there are quite a few cz in white gold that are around 200 and witht he price of gold, that is a good deal. Of course,  a well made silver setting also looks great…  🙂

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I’m very mild on my jewelry (my engagement ring that is about a year old looks the exact same as the day he proposed & I have not had any maintenance done on it). I have a CZ ring in rhodium plated sterling silver. It has held up relatively well for me, & if I had to use a SS ring as a stand in for a year or two, it wouldn’t be a problem for me personally. However, SS does scratch a LOT more than gold, so if you want to keep that from happening you can take your SS ring in for a rhodium dip about every 3-6 months.

If you are tough on jewelry, however, SS probably isn’t the way to go, as it will look really dingy, & is easy to warp and bend.

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Have you considered palladium?  It may be a better option for you.  I would’nt get a SS ring for everyday lifetime use.

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I own alot of sterling silver, some Tiffany and I love it…. sterling silver is fine but the care will be different because it tarnishes and when it get’s dirty loses it luster. having said that I love it, don’t know if I would want it as an E ring though….. what’s your budget? you may be able to find a really nice second hadn ring that is a diamond with gold on ebay or etsy.

at least you will actually have gold and a diamond and you can always upgrade later 








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I’d say SS since you said you’re only planning on having it as a “filler ring” for a year or 2. Save up for the gold setting with the moissy. Argentium silver tarnishes less than traditional sterling. Stulladium, which is a mix of palladium, silver, and copper, is stronger but few vendors offer it. I’ve seen it on Etsy hear and there.



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If you get the sterling silver ring there is a lot more that needs to be done to it vs the white gold.  I love silver jewelry but not for rings because you’re supposed to take silver off while in the shower, doing the dishes, anything that exposes it to moisture/chemicals, because it will make it tarnish soooo much faster.  I prefer to leave my rings on.  Sterling silver rings also get scratched easily because of the amount we do with our hands.  If you’re prepared to be careful with it then it should be fine for a year, but you will have to polish it frequently.  For me personally I would rather skip the trouble and get white gold.  I’ve had my ring for three years now and it still hasn’t been rhodium plated.  I can’t tell the difference.

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@lovelyMsValentine:  not all white gold needs to be dipped.  i have never had to with any of my jewellery.

if you can afford a white gold setting, i’d go with that, then you just have to upgrade the stone later.

what would your budget be and what style were you thinking of??

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If you’re only planning on wearing it a year, sterling silver’s fine.  If you want it to be permanent, though, I recommend white gold or palladium.

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@lovelyMsValentine:  Personally, I like silver. None of my silver is banged up. Especially if you only need it for a year or two! White gold bugs me because (at least mine) does turn a slight yellow butter color which some people like, but I dont, because it doesnt match my silver anymore! Ha. Good luck!

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Helper bee

@lovelyMsValentine:  I’d order something off of berricle.com and then upgrade to a setting from moissaniteco.com when you can afford it 🙂

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I have a SS ering. I like the color better–it’s warmer than white gold. It does tarnish, but I polish it up with some silver polish (like your grandma used to make you use on her fancy silverware and such) every month or so and it’s good to go in between. I actually wasn’t thinking and wore it in a hottub the week we got engaged. It turned dark dark black and I was so upset and scared I had ruined it. The tarnish came right off with a good cleaning and it was good as new. It’s really not that hard to take care of. It’s soft, but I’ve worn it for over a year with no damage and I am hard on my hands.

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@lovelyMsValentine:  Sounds like a great idea!  I would say that for a year or two of use, I’d get a high quality sterling silver and CZ mean-time ring.  Just remember that you get what you pay for, so I’d probably avoid the $19.99 rings at JCP for this much use.

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