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Hi ๐Ÿ™‚


I have tried the backless and strapless bras and found them to not work very well at all.  I Am an A cup, which might make a world of a difference.  It has been very frustrating for me as well, buying so many backless/strapless and wasting all of that money!


Good luck!



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I have a completely backless dress with a big keyhole and can’t find any typical backless/low back bra that comes close to being low enough. I am planning on wearing a nu-bra, which I have worn with other outfits before. The only trouble I’ve ever had with it is that if you sweat, it tends to come loose, which could be a big problem! 

 Has anyone else worn a nu bra and solved the sweat/letting go problem?  

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I work in the intimates department of a major department store.  In fact, my department is the 2nd largest intimates department in the entire company.  You have no idea how often I fit and select bras for brides.  I NEVER recommend NuBras to anyone.  They simply do nothing for shape or support, regardless of cup size.  Even though I warn against them, many still get them.  I have never been told by any of the ladies who purchase them and come back later that they come completely unstuck, so if you want one the only advice I can offer is to also use body/dress tape to hold your dress in place.  Sometimes this helps keep the bra in place.  Again, I think that shape is very important in formal attire because it can completely change the look of what you are wearing.  A lovely dress can be ruined by wearing the wrong undergarment.

I have two recommendations for longline strapless bras.  The first is made by Lilyette, and it does not have any exposed seaming.  The boning is completely covered; it will not show through. It is $36 and only comes in black and white.  I believe it is available in sizes 34B-40D (no 40 in B cup though). My favorite longline is made my Wacoal.  While it does not have covered boning, it is the most supportive longline I have ever seen in action.  It also has a lower cut back to allow for dresses that have lower backs (but not completey backless).  I call it my "Jump Bra" because you can jump and dance in it, and the girls will stay put.  Also, the cups will not collapse on you (if you are busty).  It is $74 (at my store at least), comes in white, ivory, and black, and sizes 32-40 B & C and 32-38 D & Dirty Delete.  

If you must have a completely backless bra, try the silicon paper stick-on types if you are between a large B – an average D.  They take some practice applying, but they work ok.  If your girls are smaller or larger then that, most of the stick-ons, even the ones made for petite and fuller sizes, will not work well at all.  

Another option for backless (or nearly) AND if your dress isn’t strapless is a bra with a clear band in the back. Many brands make clear straps, but the only brand that I’ve seen that make one with clear straps AND a clear back band is Calvin Klein.  It comes in black and nude, is convertible, costs $39, and is available in sizes 32 A-D.  

Also, please do not rule out having cups put into your dress.  Your seamstress should know if it will alter the fabric/cut of the dress if they are added.  It is worth it to ask.  I’ve never had a bride disappointed with how her dress looks on her after one of our store seamstresses has added cups. 

Hope you find the above info useful. 

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Thanks for posting this BaghdadBride and your response Louski! My dress is fairly low (but not backless) and I will need to find a good strapless bra as well as I’m not well endowed in that area. lol. I will definitely check out the two you’ve recommended!

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For me, the reason(s) the NuBra kept popping off was ’cause I got a bit sweaty, AND they’re heavy!  There’s a new version out, tho’, that comes in a different box, and is made of different stuff.  It’s still sticky, and creates that wonderful cleavage that us mosquito-bite girls don’t usually get, but it’s not so jelly-like.  It’s basically like a fabric bra cup w/ the super-sticky Nu-Bra stuff.  Haven’t tested this one w/ a whole sweaty evening, but it seems OK so far, mostly since it doesn’t outweigh my boobs by three times.

When I was a Bridesmaid or Best Man in my MOH’s wedding, she had our dresses made up w/ the bra cups sewn in. It was great to not have to worry about bra straps or sweaty bands in NY summer heat, but I still felt a little like I was in danger of exposing a bit o’ nip if I bent over too much. Also, the seamstress chose a cup that was a bit too big for me.  It also makes a difference if you put it "right side up" or "upside down" — depending on your boobage, you may be better off having the cups one way or another — it has to do w/ how the edge of the cup blends into your boob.  If you pick the right way, they look pretty natural. If you go the wrong way, you get the shelf look. 

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I used the NuBra Featherlite, which is the fabric-with-sticky-back mentioned above. It was perfect, provided support but wasn’t so heavy that it made anything sag. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I sweated and did not have any problems with it coming unstuck.

If you have a super-clingy dress with thin fabric, however, you could have a problem with the edges of the bra, which are not super-thin and stick out a bit. The edges could show up under your dress if you’re not careful. But that’s only with thin fabric. My bridal satin dress with boning and interlining worked just fine with it.

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I have used the NuBra Featherlite many times and have owned mine for over a year now, I bought it off eBay after much research on their actual official website.

I haven’t had any problems with it, but that could be because I’m an A-cup.  I found it to stick on easily and well, and it’s really important that you wash it well and let it dry so that it retains the adhesive.  I have even worn it in very warm weather, Las Vegas in August!

Let me know if you have any other questions!  Good luck!

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have your seamstress custom fit a bra (not cups) into the dress.


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