(Closed) Sticky family situation on husbands side. who is right?

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I’m on team ffl/fmil. Your mother and father Inlaw don’t owe your sister Inlaw or brother Inlaw anything. very simple. 

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Definitely wrong of SIL and her husband to demand payment for those things. If I were your Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law I would send her a bill for labor for the projects and for babysitting services just out of principle. And they should also point out that the painting of the nursery actually hurts their now rental property because it’s not likely someone will need/want that nursery. And they need to start the formal eviction process. 

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That’s weird last time I saw this post it had loads of comments

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Shockolate:  SIL is in the wrong. Legally unless there is a contract saying that the owner will repay for the work its all on their owness. THEY decided to do x.y,z….its not like they were told to. THEY did it with the intention of living there and all of a sudden because they decided to move away they want their money back. Well too bad so sad, thats not Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law problem? They are panicing because they realize they’ve basically “wasted” their money because they arnt planning on buying the home anymore. They can try to go to court all they want but the fact is your Father-In-Law can claim his labor! They have no proof anyone else did the work so they dont have a leg to stand on. There are more then enough witnesses that can testify your Father-In-Law did the work even if he doesnt have proof like … I dunno pictures or receipts etc…. He can go to any independent contractor and get some estimates of what he would get paid for doing the work and he can easily get that information for a judge/court case. Your SIL is threatening to sue because they have no other recourse. 15000 is a lot of money and hells yes anyone would probably want it back but out of an investment they are no longer investing in but that doesnt mean they are entitled to it. You invest in the stock market and it crashes or you change your mind too late?? oh well too bad…. same thing here.

The best thing to do is write the whole situation down in detail and get Father-In-Law to write out in detail everything he did and go from there. I really wouldnt worry. I know they must be besides themselves but they truly dont have any means to remotely win a case like that.

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Shockolate:  The Father/Mother in law are correct/in the right.


Regarding the removal of property: How long has it been since Sister/Brother in law moved out? I would check state laws and find out how long they have to keep the belongings. I know that SIL/BIL were not tenants with a contract, but its always best to follow the idea that they were in terms of property holding.

They can go to court and will lose, it sucks to deal with this and I wish your In laws well, the best thing in this case would be to treat SIL like a tenant if at all possible.

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Husbands parents should say sure we’ll pay you the 15k you’re “owed,” minus 50 hours a week of babysitting for two months at 15 dollars an hour minus 15 dollars an hour for labor costs, minus the taxes and insurance we’ve been paying for three years, minus the cleaning and repair costs to get the house into decent shape to rent it out after you turned it into a junkyard..oops looks like you owe us a couple of grand.  Cash or check will be fine.”

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Parents are right, not even a question!!!! They didnt ask for the upgrades, they provided labor free of charge (perhaps they should send a bill to the kids as a reminder- if he worked 50 hours at $25- low rate for handyman- thats about $1,300), they didn’t charge them for taxes or insurance (which in my area is usually calculated into the rental price, although ultimately the responsibiltiy of the owner), and Mother-In-Law watched their baby for free for 2+ months (send another bill there too- for 70 days-! by my total thats nearly $3,000, not including back taxes, insurance, and the cost of cleaning up their mess left behind). SIL and Brother-In-Law are being bratty because they lost their $$ on an investment, granted I would be upset as well, but they are making the decision to abandon their investment & $$, no-one else! If I worked for a company & paid in my own $$ to retirement fund, then left before I was vested in the retirement fund, guess what- I wouldn’t get my money back either. Ya, it hurts but it’s a decision that was made and they had other options (ie keep their investment!)….. 

What sucks is there is no lease or contract. However, from this point on I would encourage them to treat SIL like a tenant from now on. Document everything, and begin trying to go back & document previous instances/work/freebies they did for them. In reality, yes they can take them to court (really on either side) but it’s not likely to get far without a contract (and they may well spend another $15G’s just in court/attorney fees). I would look into your state laws as it sounds like they have abandoned their property in the home, however different states have different requirements re what you can do with their belongings. In CA if it’s under a certain value you can just toss it & send them a notice, but if its over that value you have to send a 30-day notice, wait that time, then auction it off (usually results in landlord buying for like $1, then junking it). 

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Ap2010:  +1

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