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  • poll: Do you place strong sentimental value on jewelry given to you?
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    Wait a second, do you know who took it?  They work with your stepdad?

    I don’t place too much value on jewelry except for my engagement ring.  That is the only thing I would be very sad to lose.

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    I can sort of relate. Fiance proposed to me with a “joke” ring- a dime taped to a keyring- since he knew I’d want to choose my own ring, but he also wanted to surprise me. IT was funny and everyone thought it was so cute. I carried it around to show people and pretended to wear it on my finger, even though it was bigger than my thumb πŸ˜›

    Well one day I was getting food at Rocky Rococo’s on my lunch break at work. I had it in my coat pocket during work… stupid me. When I got back to work I felt in my pocket and it was gone. I went back to the Rocky’s parking lot after work, searched it, asked inside if anyone had turned it in, searched my car… everything. Never found it.

    I always hoped it would just turn up unexpectedly. I cried over losing it. But that was a year ago… since then I’ve moved out of the place I was living in and sold my car. It couldn’t possibly be anywhere else… I figure someone saw it in the parking lot, saw that it had a dime, and kept it. It breaks my heart that someone took apart a ring that was put together with so much love, even if that sounds silly πŸ™

    Sorry this was sort of rambling… sometimes it does get to me. Unfortunately for me it’s my own fault too. At least Fiance wasn’t mad. Maybe someday you’ll see your jewelry again- at least it sounds like there might be hope for you πŸ™‚

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    I would be heart broken.

    I place sentimental value on anything given to me by someone I love, friends and family.

    My favorite earrings are from my bestie!

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    I would still think back too if I had jewelry with that much sentiment.  I lost a ring in high school and I still think about it.  It was my very first ring and my dad bought it for me.  It meant so much to me because my dad knew I was wanting a ring for a while.  I took it off to wash my hands and left it.  When I went back for it, it was gone.  I bought a new one like it, but its not the same, so I know how that is.

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    I would be heartbroken, especially the piece with your dog’s ashes.

    I am incredibly sentimental person when it comes to certain items and that has made it difficult to get rid of stuff. I am just getting to the point in my life where I can let some things go.

    I get where you are coming from and yeah I would still mourn those items. When you lose stuff, while it may get easier over time, the feeling of regret/upset/frustration doesn’t just go away.

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    Mine wasn’t even stolen.  I used to volunteer at a wolf sanctuary, and normally didn’t wear any jewelry when I was there.  But one morning I forgot to take out my diamond earrings before I left home.  They had been a gift from Darling Husband our second Christmas together.  They were part of a set with a necklace, and the style was perfect for me.  I wore the set nearly every day for years.

    I had several wolves jump up on me to show affection that day, and one of them must’ve hit the earring with their paw, and knocked the back off.  I searched in the dirt, and didn’t see it.  

    We went to the jewelry store to buy another pair, and they had the same style of earring, but only in white gold.  My original pair was yellow gold.  I bought them, but they don’t exactly match the necklace the first pair came with, and they aren’t the ones my hubby originally gave me.  That was months ago, and I still feel like crap that I forgot to take them out.  

    Also, I have an urn in my living room with my dog’s ashes, and would be livid if anyone ever took them away from me.

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    Definitely would still be heart broken… and I am.  My house was broken into a little over a year ago (when I was still living with my parents) and all the jewelry that had been my grandma’s was stolen, along with all of my mom’s jewelry and some of mine, including a ring that had been my grandma’s that my grandpa had given me.  My grandma died when I was in second grade and in addition to all of my grandma’s jewelry that was now my mom’s, my mom had been holding onto a few pieces of jewelry that were meant to be given to me when I got married… which was less than 7 months after it was all stolen.  I was lucky we hadn’t been home and was of course wearing my e-ring, but my mom’s engagement ring and wedding ring are gone, as is my dad’s wedding ring.  It’s shitty.  So I know how you feel. =(

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    @kkish3:  this topic really spoke to me, because i had a neclace that a mother figure/mentor gave me. she passed away while i was living with her and it was just tragic for me. i wore the necklace every day and treasured it so much because it reminded me of her. i even felt her presence when i wore it.  5 or 6 years after she passed away i had it in a pocket of a pair of pants and accidentally washed them! it was a dainty gold chain and the washing machine ate it. i was devistated! i cried a lot. but it forced me to realize that no matter how much sentimental value a possesion has, it’s still just a material thing. and that she would always be in my heart. it got me to look at worldly posessions in a whole new light. that’s all they are. the important stuff in life is in the heart and soul.

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    Some of us are just much more sentimental about things (jewelry, small tokens, letters) than others. I am extremely sentimental about several things and would be heartbroken if something happened to them such as the jewelry box my dad gave me before he past away. I think it is ok to mourn the loss of such items and still have sad feelings even years later as long as it doesnt get to the point where you can’t function or spend days crying etc because of the loss. I’m sorry you had things stolen for you but am happy that those special people who gave them to you are still here to give you new things to treasure.

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    I unfortunately get very attached to material items lol. Shoes, clothing, jewelry etc. I recently lost a small pinky ring from James Avery that my mom bought me and everytime I see my pinky and notice it’s GONE, I get so angry inside lol. Like I know there’s nothing I can do so there’s not point in the mourning, but I’m just mad I don’t have it anymore! I can’t imagine what it must feel like to loose your engagement or wedding ring. I would be devestated.

    The first piece of jewelry my SO gave me was an adorable silver heart locket. I wore it every single moment until he gave me a diamond heart necklace a few months later. Now, I can’t find the locket! I don’t even think he remembers that necklace since I’ve been wearing this one for so long, but it’s so sentimental because it was his first gift to me. I know it’s somewhere I’m just now sure where! :- Totally attached lol

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    Oh, I’m such a sap for sentimental things. I haven’t lost any that’s of any value but if I did I would be devastated.

    I’m sorry for all the things that you lost, OP. =(

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