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Zofran, BRAT diet, rest, Emetrol…..i hope it helps. From what I understand you usually just wait these things out. 🙁 

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@lookingforadvice77:  Poor thing!  Fingers crossed it’s a quick one.  I’m right there with you though, woke up vomitting this morning.  My only advice is don’t put it off.  If you think you’re going to vomit, just go do it and get it over with.  I always make the mistake of laying in bed in agony thinking “don’t thow up, don’t throw up” then when I finally do, I feel 10x better.  Get your hubby to get you some chicken or vegetable broth and don’t forget lots of water!  

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Loperamide will pretty much paralize everything (intestines-wise) – if you really can’t be sick. But sometimes the ‘effects’ of food poisoning are your body’s way of getting rid of what made you ill. If it’s an actual infection then your best bet is to go to a doctor who will give you something like loperamide or immodium for the syptoms and a course of antibiotics. Did your husband, and do you now, have a fever? Please note that I am in no way medically trained (I’ve just lived in Mexico for the past six years)! I hope you feel better soon!

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Most adults do not need to seek medical attention for “stomach flu” or more properly, gastroenteritis.

I will not suggest a remedy as you haven’t said if you are having vomiting or diarrhea or both. If you are having both, the priority symptom to treat is the vomiting. If you are just having diarrhea, it’s fairly easy to keep yourself hydrated until the diarrhea passes.

Nausea and Vomiting- you can do the Check your symptoms or just read the Home Treatment information. Also review When to Seek Medical Attention at the end of the Home Treatment Section.





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Oh honey, I have had the stomach flu and similar symptoms with other viruses more times than I wish, and I know your pain all too well. Also, I’m a biologist, so I tend to speak rather candidly about these kind of things, so sorry if it gets a little Too Much Information. Here is how I get through it when I start getting those first twinges of nausea and know it’s about to get real:

1) There’s no getting around it. It’s going to suck. Experience the emotions, let them go, and realize that the worst will pass in about 12 hours.

2) Do NOT take anti-nausea or anti-vomit meds! I cannot stress this enough. If you have a virus, like rotovirus or norovirus, then the best way to get it out of your system is…well…to clear out your system. Anti-mimetics (aka, anti-puke meds) will make it harder to throw up, thereby keeping that nasty virus in your system for longer.

3) Recognize that the worst source of discomfort is the nausea, and throwing up (as gross as it is) provides instant (though sometimes temporary) relief. Don’t try to fight it. If it happens, just let it happen. I have gotten so uncomfortable from nausea at times that I will…sorry, Too Much Information…gag myself to speed up the inevitable.

4) Have the following three items in your kitchen: ginger ale (with REAL GINGER! Canada Dry is the best!), saltine crackers, and gatorade. Have your Darling Husband make a grocery run, STAT! Alternate teensy sips of ginger ale and gatorade between sick spells to settle your stomach and replace electrolytes. It may come back up in 10 minutes. This is okay. Just let it happen.

5) After enough time, you will probably have nothing left in your stomach. You will probably also be exhausted. That’s a GOOD SIGN. For me, once there’s nothing in my stomach except bile, that means the worst is over. However, I usually still feel a little nauseous simply because my stomach has been doing somersaults and is super sensitive at the moment. That’s when I know puking more will do no good and I can usually fall asleep. Which brings me to the next point…

6) SLEEP! No matter what time of day it is, if you’re tired and have nothing in your system, now is the time to strike with the sleep. Try maybe a sip of ginger ale if you feel up to it, close the curtains, throw on an eye mask, and get some shuteye. That will buy your body time to settle your stomach.

7) You should feel much better when you wake up! Your stomach hopefully won’t hurt as much, if at all, but you’ll still be tired and dehydrated. Keep alternating the ginger ale and gatorade. If you really start to feel thirsty, try tiny sips of water at room temperature. Once you feel your stomach start to growl (as in hunger growls, not upset growls), that’s the signal that your system is coming back online, so to speak, and you should be safe to try some saltine crackers. It may take 10 minutes to nibble half a cracker, but it’s half a cracker closer to recovery.

8) After that point, it’s just a matter of resting, rehydrating, and eating bland, soft foods until you can ease back into your normal diet. Also take comfort in the fact that your body will have built up a temporary immunity to whatever virus caused your problem, so hopefully it won’t be back anytime soon!

Good luck, OP, and feel better soon! Hope this helps!

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@lookingforadvice77:  Hold off on eating until you’re actually hungry but keep downing liquids in any form you can get it down (water, tea, watered down Gatorade, chicken broth….)  The biggest danger from cold and flu is dehydration.

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stock up on gatorade, saltines and chicken soup is all I can say! 

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@lookingforadvice77:  I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better! Sounds like you’re progressing just like clockwork in terms of recovery. The other Bees are right; wait until you feel legitimate hunger rumbles in your tummy before eating anything other than saltines or broth. I usually go for some form of bread/toast first and then ease into chicken noodle soup, rice, or anything else bland. I’m usually back to my normal diet after 2-3 days. Basically, at this point just listen to your body, and let it tell you what it needs. Focus first and foremost on rehydrating and sleeping, and eat only until you’re comfortable, not stuffed. Lots of tiny snacks are much easier on your system than three big meals.

I’m glad my advice helped you! I was a little worried after I posted that i had gone a tad overboard, haha! Keep on feeling better!

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