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Blushing bee

Did they do a blood test and biopsy for Celiac or gluten sensitivity? I was finally diagnosed with Celiac after having stomach pains for years and being told it was ibs etc. I stopped eating gluten and it’s amazing how much better I feel

Mymmom had similar issues but wastools she didn’t have it. She still cut out gluten and has noticed she feels better. 

Could it be your gall bladder?

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Honey bee

Have you done a good google search? There is tons of information out there. Insoluble fiber and beans and carbonated beverages and foods high in fat can all aggravate IBS.

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I have celiac disease, and it isn’t always diagnosed. I was self diagnosed, by my Mum. And my Dad had testing through the military. They labeled him “borderline” but he has a completely gluten free diet. Most of my family is gluten free, and dairy free.

I would suggest keeping a food diary. Document EXACTLY what you eat, how you feel afterwards, etc. If I ingest gluten, I have stabbing pains, and asthma really badly the next day. Food diaries are a pain, but they are sometimes the only thing that can help pin point an issue.

Also, Chicken and Rice seems to be my fallback meal. If I’m not feeling well, it is the most basic that keeps my stomach settled. Oh, and if it is celiac, it is possible that other things will affect you as well. I couldn’t eat anything with vinegar for a few months, until my intestines healed.

Goodluck! Hope you feel better soon!

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Sugar bee
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I have a friend who has horrible IBS (with diarrhea AND constipation), and my dad has it, though not as bad, (his is just diarrhea).  Probably Too Much Information, sorry.  Anyway, because my dad has it, my coworker and I were discussing it, (plus, I had a teacher who was huge on talking about poop, because it’s a indication of the health of your body, so I got pretty comfortable with talking about such things), and she recommended Heather’s Tummy Tamers.  They have different systems, based on your symptoms, (there is some overlap).  I bought my dad the peppermint capsules, and it’s been a HUGE help.   The capsules are formulated to pass through the stomach so the product is released in the intestine, where the peppermint helps soothe the inflammation.

The first order came with a sample of fennel tea, which my dad LOVED, so he bought that as well.  He likes the flavor of it, (slight licorice flavor), but it’s also beneficial for IBS.

I also bought him a book called “Eating for IBS”…it had great reviews, but he hasn’t really read it.  LOL.  I am guessing partly because the peppermint capsules helped him so much, and partly because he doesn’t really want to read what they have to say, (one of the big things it talks about is minimizing dairy, which he LOOOOOOVES).  

You can find the pills and tea on Amazon.com or HelpForIBS.com…I recommend visiting the second website at even if you choose to order through Amazon, (basically you are ordering through Amazon or direct from the company, the product is the same), because they have a ton of other info you may find helpful.  They also have message boards and support groups and stuff.

Hope this helps you get to feeling better!

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@moosey:  Darling Husband has been going through exactly what you are discribing. He did all tests possible, everything came back negative (he even had colonoscopy and endoscopy). He had tons of allergy tests and biopsys and specimens and blood work…

It has came down to anxiety. if he manages his anxiety it is better. Also, staying away from processed foods and gluten helps a lot too! 

I hope you feel better soon. Watching Darling Husband go through this I know you are in pain!

Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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I have IBS. What works for some doesn’t work for others. My suggestion is to try an elimination diet. I suggest cutting out all alcoholbecause most people I’ve encountered with IBS do not tolerate any alcohol. I’ll try to update more tomorrow with further suggestions as I’m currently on my phone. I have a lot to say about this subject as IBS controls my life.

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Bumble bee

I was diagnosed with IBS late last year. I’ve noticed for the past 6 years or so I’m likely to have an intolerance to wheat, but I love my pasta and bread so much I’ve just put up with it, plus when I go to France I can eat as much bread as I want and I’m fine! IBS can be related to stress too though, so possibly that’s yours as well? My dr did the celiac and other tests which came back negative so I was sent to a gastroenterologist. We talked about the triggers I knew about, the fact I can eat what I want on holidays etc, and he ended up saying it was highly likely to be IBS related partly to food and partly to stress. He referred me to a dietician who put me on a two week trial of the low FODMAP diet (you can google it) – it’s quite new and was developed by Australian scientists so possibly why Americans aren’t into it yet? Anyway within four days of starting low FODMAP I seriously felt like a new person. I said to Darling Husband “is this what normal people feel like” and he just laughed. My main triggers seem to be wheat and ONIONS. No wonder going gluten free in the past never seemed to help all that much – I would never have suspected onions, but they are a very common trigger. I still try to stick to it as much as possible but haven’t been able to lately because I’m pregnant and struggling with nausea so I’m just eating what I feel like right now. But I know anytime what I need to do to feel good again. I hope this helps – worth a shot anyway, I know what you’re going through. Would definitely recommend talking to a dietician or gastro person first.

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Sugar bee
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@mountain.bride:  I was going to suggest the FODMAP diet as well.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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My first thought was Celiac’s.  FI’s mother has it and he experiences the same sort of symptoms as you do.  He has never been to the doctor to be tested, but I’m pretty sure he has it.  He’s in denial.

ETA: Fiance suffers from acid reflux as well. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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Ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist. You are entitled to a diagnosis and if a GP can’t give you one, it is appropriate to refer you to a specialist.

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Bumble bee
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This sounds a little like what I went through (and still do on and off). 

Sticking to a low acidic diet helps ALOT! And drinking a lot of water, also ask your doctor for an endoscopy if you haven’t had one already. It may explain things a bit more’ my doctor went through all those possibilities & turns out I have dismoblility Dispresia.

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