(Closed) STOP FEEDING MY DOG! (rant)

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Sugar bee
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People are morons. I had a friend who routinely gave her dog CHOCOLATE! When I told her it was toxic for dogs, she said, “Well, he’s never gotten sick from it before” with a shrug.


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Sugar bee
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@Tangled:  That’s so irritating. I used to live next to a really sweet old couple who didn’t have dogs, but they kept mini milkbones at their house so that they could give each of mine (25 and 35 lbs) a little snack through the fence every day. That didn’t bother me because the treat was so small and it was a low-cal snack, but I would be pissed if strangers gave them junk food. I would maybe start panicking next time and yell something about a special diet/allergies/etc and maybe people will get the point.

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Bumble bee
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@Tangled:  I cant believe someone said that!!!

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Sugar bee
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I specifically told my mom not to feed my dog “people” food. She did anyway and now my dog begs. I feel your pain!

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Sugar bee
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@Tangled: WTF!

Oh, I have to add that my grandma (she has dementia so she doesn’t really know what she’s doing, but it’s still really scary) constantly tries to feed my mom’s dogs anything she sees lying around – once, even her own pills!!! It’s gotten to the point where my mom is afraid to leave her dogs alone in the same room as her mom.

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Bee Keeper
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Who is feeding your dog these things? Friends/family? Strangers?

If it’s friends/family, explain why you don’t want the dog to have these things. If it’s strangers, just tell them your dog has severe allergies.

(By the way, a piece of onion or avocado won’t kill your dog, even if he is small. Not saying it’s appropriate for people to feed your dog these things and it’s not really good for the dog, but don’t freak out and think he’ll die if he happens to get a little peice.)

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Sugar Beekeeper


I don’t feed your children random scraps/snacks so why is it okay to feed my dogs? My Mother-In-Law used to feed my pups random table scraps all the time and we would get stuck with sick dogs and a potential vet bill. Finally we had to be very firm and clear that this was not okay. One of my pups has severe allergies and is on a very strict diet…one mishap makes her very sick and uncomfortably itchy.

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My dog was diagnosed w/diabetes 2 days after Thanksgiving….and my cousin told me that on Thanksgiving, he saw my uncle feeding my poor baby M&M’s non stop. Jerk. Obviously that alone wouldn’t cause diabetes..but still. Not ok. We’re having our e-party at my house in 2 weeks and I plan on making an announcement not to feed the dog, or we’d end up in the doggy emergency room all night :-/ People can be so stupid. They don’t realize how small they can be in proportion to people…a little bit of food can be too much!

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Honey bee
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One of the many reasons I am happy I have a Rottweiler is because no one is just going to walk up to us on the street and try to feed her. Ha, people usually try to get away from her! (she is the biggest love-dog ever but the breed has such a bad reputation, and I’m okay with that. I want the bad guys to be scared of her.)  

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Busy bee
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I feel your pain! I don’t get why people don’t listen either. First it was years of telling my parents to stop giving my dog people food when I went to visit them. They finally got the hint, then some years later when I was dating my now husband, he’d think it was cute to give my dog a “treat” now and again, which turned into ALOT and now the dog begs when we eat. And then he has the nerve to get pissy when she stares at him or whatever. I’m like HELLO YOU DID THAT NOT ME. I love him, but damn man why did you have to ruin my dog.  Ugh!

But yeah, really I don’t even give people’s dogs a dog treat without asking, why would someone think unsolicited feeding would be okay?

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Busy bee
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Thats so strange, maybe its a regional thing, because people ALWAYS ask if its okay to feed my dog before they do.

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Sugar bee
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I have to deal with this as well. My little dog has food allergies if he eats table scraps he breaks out in rashes or hives. Ive had to get extremely rude with family before in order to get the point across to NOT FEED HIM!!!!!

Now everyone just gets really passive aggressive about it and askes “is this ok?! or is he going to get sick from it?!”


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