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We had a beautiful family and freind wedding that wasnt legal (long story). So on our honeymoon in Las Vegas we got legally married. 

The place you get your license is open 24 hours, but is in a sketchy (at least it seemed like it was) part of town. We went there at 9pm and some sad guy waiting in front tried to get us to use his quicky wedding chapel (we had already arranged to get married by Elvis in front of the Vegas sign). 

It was weird and yet oh so Vegas to be getting our licenses in an empty goverment building at 9pm in an abandonded part of town. LOL

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We were married in Detroit, so we had to go downtown to the City County Building, which is kind of notoriously ridiculous.

The women working in the office were like something out of an SNL skit.  One of them was really gruff and stern.  The other was really flamboyant and talkative.  Of course, we got the stern lady.

I’m a little Type A, so I had all the forms done ahead of time and put together in a folder.  We handed her the folder and she said, “I need your birth certificates”.  I said, “They’re there in the folder.”  She just looked at me and said, “I can’t DO ANYTHING without your birth certificates.”  And so it went back and forth like this for a minute before we had to just move the birth certificates to the top of the folder for her.

Then it somehow came up that my husband would also be changing his name (he took my maiden name as his middle name, so we both have the same middle and last names).  She kept arguing with us that it would be “the other way around!”, meaning she wanted his last name as our middle name and my maiden name as our last name.  Finally, when she understood what we meant, she said.  “Ok.  Ok.  I’ve seen that.  I’ve seen that.”

And we could still hear her muttering, “I’ve seen that…” to herself as we were leaving.

It was a pretty entertaining experience, but we walked out with our license, so I can’t complain!  

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The clerks we had wernt anything special, they were friendly and everything, a few people walking by congratulated us. On our way out though, we asked a lady to take our picture with the license and she got really emotional and cried. She ended up getting on the elevator with us and kept telling people that we had just gotten our license. 

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craigslistgirl:  This is just weird and gross. We had a friend officiate our wedding so we brought our marriage license in to be filed a few days after our wedding. We were in the Baltimore City courthouse, which is where they hold trials in addition to marriages, divorces, etc. (Keep in mind Baltimore City and trials for the rest of this story.) Anyway, we got on the elevator which is slow AF, crowded, and half of them were broken. The elevator smells like actual human shit. I’m gagging, DH is trying to hold is breath, everyone around us is looking around like ‘must have been someone else.’ We get off the elevator in a crowd of people and notice that a gentleman in front of us has a highly suspicious wet brown spot on the back of his pants. Yes, he had shit himself in the elevator, acted like nothing was going on, and proceeded to walk briskly PAST THE BATHROOMS and into the drug court. (Yes it’s marked drug court, The Wire is not inaccurate.) We dropped our license off and on the way out notice the bailiffs are flipping chairs upside down so no one will sit on them. Apparently either he was playing musical chairs or there is an epidemic of pants-shitting in Baltimore drug court. It was memorable to say the least!

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craigslistgirl:  We went to our tiny town office.  So much nicer than trying to do anything in the city.  Everyone in the office chatted with us while the registrar did up the forms.  Then she says ‘Do you swear that this information is correct and true…”  My Fiance responds with “I effing do.”  (He actually said ‘effing’.)  She thought it was funny.  I think its just the accent.  He gets away with all kinds of stuff because he has a lovely Irish accent.  

Then he went to pay and she looked over at me and said “You’re a smart girl.  The right one is paying.” And winked.  

All in all it was pretty easy and quick.  It wasn’t until we were driving back home that we realized we could be legally wed now.  That was kind of a shock to the system.  This is becoming very real, very quickly! 

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craigslistgirl:  For us there were 2 surprising issues. The first is that DH did not need to be involved at all– I just needed a photo of his license. He never had to sign anything (even the license). He wasn’t even there!

The second was security. They took my fork! It was a nice fork and I didn’t want to throw it out, so I had to fill out a weapon decloration and leave it with security. I go through metal detectors and screeners every day, my fork has never been an issue!

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craigslistgirl:  We don’t live in the state we got married in, so we drove up early the day before the wedding. The county clerk’s office is downtown, so we had to find and pay for parking as well, and then we got lost trying to find the building. I was an anxous wreck, because we ran into traffic on the highway and I knew the office was closing in an hour. I was also convinced something was going to get done incorrectly or that we had forgotten some important piece of documentation, so I was super preoccupied.  I was expecting a long wait, but there was no one in front of us so we were seen right away. The lady who helped us was pretty no-nonsense, and DH is jokester. Just before DH was about to sign the license application, he looked up and asked her, “So…what’s the return policy?” The lady looked at him bewildered for a couple of seconds, and then she started laughing hysterically. Tension broken. They gave us 3 copies of the license, one with a gold seal, and told us to sign all 3 with our officiant and then send the 2 unsealed copies back to them in the mail. For days after, I was SURE they had gotten lost in the mail and we weren’t really married. So I called them on our honeymoon, just to be safe. We’re married. 🙂 All in all, we were there maybe 30 minutes. Not bad at all.

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I’m in the uk but did our stuff back in novmeber so i am super prepared (wedding isn’t until september) There’s a pretty big age gap between Fiance and i he’s 16 years older then me and i swear they asked 4 times if he had ever been married before and i’m like no i know he’s nearly 40 but i’m the only one who’s ever been dumb enough to take him! Got a bit annoying though i get asking but they kept asking like they thought we were lying. 

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We had our application for a license rejected twice before we finally got it on the third attempt. The problem was that we wanted a Catholic wedding, which has additional legal requirements where we are (non-US). When we first applied, the clerk said no, and suggested that we apply for a secular license instead. The second time, the clerk suggested that if we really wanted to get married in a church, one of us should convert to Anglicanism so they could grant us a license(!).

We managed to get the license on the third attempt. Very glad we left so much time to sort it all out… we would have struggled otherwise!

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When they made us put our hand on the bible and swear we were telling the truth it felt like we were saying our vows to each other. So real and it all sunk in. She had to remind us that we weren’t actually married at that point even though we were so in love and I showed up in a little white dress haha. 

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We just went today actually! I didn’t expect the swearing part of it, but there was no Bible, just our right hands up. It was pretty quick, maybe 20-25 mins, and the lady was really nice. Nothing exciting happened, but it was definitely surreal! Only 2 more weeks!

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We had to go to the county clerk’s office. We both had to leave work early in order to make it in time before they closed. I got caught in a meeting and was running late…my DH was seriously stressing (as was I). So we were both a bit stressed going into it! Otherwise it went smoothly. We had to know the states our mothers’ were born, which was interesting and something DH didn’t know so we had to call her. Otherwise, piece of cake.

Oh, but there were glass partitions between the clerk and us, and some announcement signs were taped to the perimeter and bottom of the glass. One read “No payments will be accepted from cash placed in undergarments” GOSH – they must have had quite a large number of people pulling cash out of their bra (or elsewhere!).

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