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My wedding was not too hot, not too cold, bright and sunny…and CRAZY windy. You can see in some of the photos that the wind is hitting us hard! My photographer made use of it and we got some beautiful photos with my veil blowing.

HOWEVER: I told my hair lady that I was planning on taking the veil out after photos, so I guess she didn’t pin it in too tightly. So the ceremony ends, hubby and I step out of the church, and my veil FLIES out of my head, eight feet into the air, and then TAKES OFF ACROSS THE CHURCH YARD!! I’m teetering on these HUGE high heels, so I can’t chase it. My new husband goes after it, and my photographer also goes running! She was the one who ended up catching it. She was wonderfully prepared, and even had a bobby pin that we used to secure it a little more strongly!

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This happened to my ex-SIL & BIL’s wedding. 

The groom was leaning up against a table (with his back to it) and his vest came too close to a candle and caught fire! His whole back was up in flames. Same wedding, the grandmother fell during mid reception and the medics had to come and take her away in an ambulance. 

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I had a great wedding, but a guest spilled red wine down the front of my dress at the cocktail hour, I managed to light my hair on fire on a candelabra right before our first dance (which left the whole room smelling of singed hair and was quite distracting during our dance), and I fell down the stairs near the dance floor during the dance (despite being totally sober!)  Pretty funny in retrospect though 🙂  

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  • Wedding: October 2018

“If I’m paying hundreds of dollars for an officiant, I can guarantee you he’d be waiting 30 minutes for my mother. She is more important than a wedding.”

The officiant has no obligation to wait for your mother or even to wait for you. And neither of you are more important than the next wedding. After a reaonsonable amount of time, he or she has an obligation to either start your wedding or leave for the next one. There was nothing the OP could do to “guarantee” that her officiant would wait and therefore screw over the next bride and groom. If I were the officiant, and you had insisted I wait, I would have left and then charged you for my inconvenience.

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Ive read a LOT of wedding horror stories, and here are some common themes… be careful people!

– If you have candles please be careful, ideally they should be fully or at least partly enclosed. Its hardly a wedding with candles where something/someone doesn’t catch fire

– Don’t do anything near a body of water, a pool, a fountain, or anything like that, stay far far far away from it

– Don’t invite people who don’t like you to your wedding, no matter how close they are

– Discourage anyone in the wedding party from getting drunk the night before… especially the groom

– If you have an outdoor wedding there MUST be an indoor backup plan. Tents do not count.

– Don’t let anyone carry your 3+ tier expensive wedding cake. It should be on a rolling cart. Nobody watches a video of someone carrying a wedding cake where the cake actually makes it to its destination

– Randomly doing backflips is not recommended 😛


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  • Wedding: May 2016

We had a few hiccups for sure. The hubby got severe food poisioning the day of our wedding, spent the majority of the wedding morning downing pepto bismol. He did pull through and enjoyed the rest of the night though so ill give him credit. Also unfortunately DH’s dad had a medical issue and ended up in the hospital the night before our wedding and couldnt make it, THAT SUCKED the most out of everything that went wrong. 

the only other minor thing that drove me nuts is that i spent good money on chalkboard signs for our wedding ceremony and to go with our guestbook, but since hubs was sick he had his groomsman drop them off not knowing what was to go where. So of course the guestbook sign ended up in the church and the church sign ended up at the reception. ugh.. i cringe everytime i look at ceremony photos because that stupid chalkboard is in almost all of them. 

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  • Wedding: June 2017

My mom’s best friend from college is a tiny lady in her 60s with a thick southern accent who enjoys her gin and tonics strong, loves to dance, and is known for grabbing whatever man is available to dance with once those g&ts hit. She’s a hoot and watching her is better than netflix. I’m use to her behavior as we go on a ladies trip down to USVI almost every year. Actually, I’ll call her TT for this post as the last trip we went on she asked me over and over about my peshtemel through the g&ts and later that night kept muttering “Turkish towel” in that thick accent to herself while dancing to “uptown funk”.

It wasn’t surprising seeing TT grab my SIL’s new hubs, a friends’ fiances and dhs, and all my male cousins to dance with during the reception. However, looking over while we are all on the floor dancing to Salt n Peppa’s “Push it” (my jam) and catching TT dancing with a guy in all black, who I couldn’t put my finger on as inviting, was a bit of a shock. As soon as “Is TT dancing with a staff member?” exited my lips, the caterer was there letting me know it was okay with the caterer if it was okay with me. I nodded yes and said “I’m so sorry TT grabbed him!” Caterer said “no problem!” with a big smile while I started to direct our photographer to get some pics of TT trying to bump and grind on this poor young man ( who actually seemed to be enjoying himself).

I found out later TT asked this young man to dance but he said he was working and could not. In typical TT fashion, she told him, “I don’t care!” (read in thick southern accent) and tried to dance with him while he was holding a tray of cleared plates. He kept explaining he was working. Finally, TT asked where his boss was and he said the kitchen. TT marched back into the kitchen holding this guy’s arm (still holding that tray) to ask the caterer if TT could steal him away for a few dances. 

Besides that, I totally fell flat on my face during the first get everyone up on the dance floor song. I changed into flats, but my dress was hemmed for my heels. So, I slipped on my dress, ripping 2-3 inches of the hem off on one side, and went down, hard and into the splits. Huge gasp from the crowd. Before DH or my friends could grab me, I popped up and said “I’m up!” and continued dancing like nothing happened.

Disasters for some, memorable moments for me!

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  • Wedding: September 2012

My hair lady’s dad passed away 5 days before my wedding. She was obviously very upset about both her dad and the possibility of having to cancel on me. She offered to stay for my wedding, but of course I told her “absolutely not”.

Most of these reason you read about, are exactly why having an experienced wedding planner is a such a huge asset. When my planner called to tell me about the hair lady, she already had a replacement lined up and just needed me to “ok” it.

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  • Wedding: August 2015

This isn’t a “disaster” but my favorite story from our wedding.

My brother had the task of putting my overnight bag with my nice clothes for brunch the next morning into my husband’s car, which was at the reception venue.  With everything going on he forgot, and we didn’t find that out until we got to the hotel at 1:30 am and I literally only had my toothbrush and soap but nothing else.  I had my husband go down to his car to look again…no luck.  The only clothes I had were my underwear and my wedding dress.  I was not doing the “walk of shame” in my wedding dress haha!  Well…the next morning my husband went to the nearest Target to get me some pants.  He had a spare shirt and his jacket.  I asked him to get me some cheap yoga pants.  Well, he came back with the SMALLEST pants ever…and they were running tights, so I could barely fit my butt into them.  Nothing left to the imagination.  So I put them on, throw on my husband’s shirt, and bolt to his car.

We got to my parents’ house and my dad (who was cuh-razy during the entire wedding planning process, whole other story) had the digital camera and was taking snapshots of us like a paparazzi.  I told him I did NOT want ANY pictures of me in those awful pants, and ran upstairs to find my bag, right where I left it, and changed into my cute brunch clothes.

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starfish0116 :  

 Not sure how this fits in this thread  …..no wedding planner could have anything  to do with the weather , or guest behaviour or forgetfulness  or any of the things in other posts…

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smoocheepoo :  Omg that sounds stressful! Your brother played a dangerous game though, if someone had told me to down some shots before they could tell me some bad news on my wedding morning I would have thought it was something far worse, like that my husband-to-be had done a runner!!

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  • Wedding: May 2016

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jpbee :  Haha. Well DH and I had arrived together, so I knew it wasn’t that! I was thinking more like our son or daughter did a log roll and covered themselves in mud, or a guest had fallen down the hill (the month before,  a bride tripped coming down the incline and wiped out- the ground was wet from the morning storm, so it was a real worry )…. While the preist not showing had never before been a worry, it was definitely not the end of the world.

I don’t think anyone thought I would have been so calm about it, but we had actually considered asking DHs cousin to marry us, so it wasn’t the end of the world when they told me. I had also talked to his wife when I got out of the limo, so I knew he was there.

So much other crap happened that day (more than mentioned), and if I let it all get to me, I would still be crying. At the end of the day, I got what I wanted, and that is to be married to DH. ❤️

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smoocheepoo :  Yes thats the main thing : ) I couldn’t help but laugh when you mentioned people falling down the hill but it is pretty terrible in reality!!

At our wedding DHs Mom got too drunk and fell asleep during the speeches falling off her chair in the process! She was on the top table as well so about 70% of our guests saw it. Most of them found it hilarious and in didn’t ruin the day, but still…cringe!!

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  • Wedding: April 2017

Well… a few months before the wedding I had a dear friend tell me that things would go wrong. It was just going to happen, and that I would be the only one to notice those things as I was the one who was to plan the wedding. But I certainly did have some things go wrong and though I try not to let it get to me I still do imagine what it would have been like had they gone right. 


1st: one of my bridesmaids bailed on me the day of the wedding. I had asked her to be a bridesmaid 6months prior to the wedding, she picked out her dress and kept in contact with me through the whole planning process. Then suddenly on the day of the rehearsal she sent me a multitude of messages explaining that she had really bad anxiety and depression and she had to see her therapist last minute. I had no idea that she had these issues, I wish she had told me sooner but I was fine with that. I figured it was better for her to see her therapist the day before the wedding so that she would be cool the day of the wedding. She then requested that I pick her up and bring her to the venue on the day of the wedding because she was too nervous to drive there.. I agreed. So then the next day, 6 hours before the wedding she texts me saying she can’t come. She’s out. So that royally sucked.. I was hurt and annoyed but I just kind of moved on and focused on the positive. I was extremely lucky though as one of the groomsmens wives took her place as a bridesmaid! I had never met her but she was wearing the right color dress (all the bridesmaids wore blush mixmatched dresses). I made a very wonderful friend that day and I am super grateful! 


2nd: we didn’t have very many guests show up. We only received back about half of the RSVPs that we sent out, which was super annoying and rude. It was almost impossible to determine exactly how many seats/plates/favors/etc. we would need. We still did have a lot of people show up and they were the ones that really meant the world to us, but it still kind of made my husband and I feel bad that so many of our old friends just didn’t find priority in attending our wedding. It also looked awkward that there were about two whole empty tables at the reception.. 


3rd: the venue staff was super behind all day. Over all the venue looked fabulous and I would have chosen it again any day, mostly becuade it has been my dream venue forever. But we had a lot of requests that didn’t see through because the venue had another event booked at the venue in another location which somehow took priority over our wedding. I had requested that the plates and favors be at the place settings (mostly for picture purposes) and they were not. Many of my decorations for the reception were also not set up until the cermony was taking place so that my photographer was unable to get shots of them prior to the ccermony. I’m glad they were there for the reception but it really meant a lot to me that we had some good pictures of them..


4th: and this was entirely on me.. our ceremony took place under the hot sun. I had imagined and planned for the cermony to take place in the shade in the evening (not when it’s dark but when the sun is close to setting). I somehow did not plan this correctly at all. Our wedding took place in a wooded area where almost everything was shaded aside from the place where me and my husband to be were standing. The sun was directly on my back and blinded the entire grooms side. It was hot and gross and made for some difficult pictures to edit. I wish tremendously that the ceremony was planned for an hour later., it would have made such a difference! However, being the optimist that I am, I’ve decided that it was fitting for the light of the sun to shine down only on me and my groom. It kind of made us the center of attention which was nice.. considering the circumstances. 

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  • Wedding: July 2017

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honey421 :  Did you not track down the people who didn’t send in an RSVP?  Or are you saying they just straight up bailed the day of the wedding?  I feel like the empty seats could have been avoided.

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