(Closed) Story time: Laughed so hard you peed a little?

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@iarebridezilla:  I’m struggling to think of a story, but oh my god, that’s hilarious!!!

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@iarebridezilla:  LMAO.

I want a pinata for my 30th birthday now.  Maybe fill it with chocolate and nips/mini bottles…hehe

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Reading this Craigslist Missed Connection gets me to that point *every* time. I cannot find it in it’s original format, but another site had it:



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LOL! I didn’t pee my pants during this but this reminds me of your story! 

When we were younger (like 10/12), we lived next door to a family from Pakistan. The parents were very proper and quiet, but they had three kids that always came to our house to play.

My dad loved hanging out with all the kids in the neighborhood. He had a huge, thick, hollow bat (we used to call them boomer bats but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the real name) that he decided to fill up with rocks one day. The rocks = extra power. THEN – he asked the neighborhood kid to come and pitch him a basketball. He told him as soon as he threw the basketball to duck, because who knew where it was going to go…

Well, he pitched it, ducked, and my dad hit it as hard as he could. DIRECTLY AT THE NEIGHBORS HOUSE! It luckily cleared the picture window, but smashed right into the front door making the loudest noise ever. The mom came out looking so scared and just called her oldest son’s name (the one who pitched the ball) and all we could do was laugh and laugh and laugh. 

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I haven’t pissed my pants lately but every time my Grandma laughs she farts a little bit.  She sounds like a machine gun!

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@iarebridezilla:  Good point.  Unless I carefully wrap the bottles but with the way the guys might hit the pinata, I’m sure something will get broken. Oh well! 

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@iarebridezilla:  Lol that’s a great story.

I didn’t pee when this happened, but it becomes apparent my dad was.

We took a trip, and my dad and mom snacked on wasabi cashews all the way. My dad is not a spring chicken. He is in his early 60s, so going bathroom 10 times in an hour isn’t surprising. Well, about 15 miles from the motel, my dad is having to go #2 pretty bad. He thinks he can hold it. We get to the motel, which has outdoor rooms, to check in and dad is making a bee line sprint to the office.

My mom comes out of the hotel, laughing her ass off as dad is chewing her out to give him a room key. Apparently they didn’t have a bathroom in the lobby, only in the rooms. My dad, at this point, has his legs squeezed together, pants crunched up at his crotch, and is waddling down the sidewalk to the motel room as we are all dying of laughter.

Mom gave him the wrong fucking key. I thought he was going to explode. My mom, who is no youngin herself and overweight, is trying to run to give him the key before he shits himself in public. My brother and I go to our room. Mom knocks on the door and immeidately falls on the bed.

She said, “Dustin, did you bring an extra pair of pants. Your dad shit his!!” Lucky he did, so we went to go bring the pants to dad. As we passed our vehicle, mom had already washed his pants with hot water and hung them to dry out of the vehicle window. The motel room stunk so bad we couldn’t even go in.

So, every year for Christmas I make sure to get my dad a can of wasabi cashews to remember the good ol’ days of family vacations.

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@iarebridezilla:  This one didn’t happen to me, but to Mama99 and left her scarred for the remainder of her life…

We live in Colorado and for some people, skiing is religion, it used to be that way in the 70’s too…the only difference then was that lift tickets cost $20 at vail and you were measured for skiis by standing and raising your arm over your head…however long that was, that was the length of the ski they put you up on….which is crazy.

Anyway, Mama99 is going skiing with the man that would become, BigDaddy99, and he was such a lovely and graceful skier, having trained in the Swiss Alps, the man was a vision in the snow…Mama99 has what is referred to in our family as “The Lucy Gene”, which manifests its genetic betrayal by causing the host to totally humilate and possibly hurt themselves and others in the most embarassing ways…that day was no exception.

She tried to get out of it, insisted they go ice skating instead because she had never been before, but Big Daddy insists, tells her it will be easy, and fun, he’ll show her everything…

They get there, they get their skiis, and as Mama99 gets into the infernal and nearly 9 foot long barrel slats strapped to her feet, she looses her shit, spins around, falls, jambs one ski in the ground so she looks like a blown over teepee and accidentally hits some unsuspecting kid, in a line of kids in the butt, causing a kindergarten domino affect that left little children grounded in the snow, their puffy parkas inhibiting their ability to get themselves up…..

Big Daddy, as smooth and debonair as he is, could not contain himself and started laughing…but then they all started to try and get up, and just kept falling and knocking each other down until he peed his pants and they had to go home anyway…

Two weeks later he proposed to my mom…so there’s something to be said for being yourself…even if you are a total clutz

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@iarebridezillaI officially decided I now need a piñata at my baby shower. Morbid? Maybe… But it’s gonna happen come hell or high water!

My dad is a very conservative, traditional Hispanic man. So it came as a surprise when we continuously found condoms in his car :O last time Darling Husband and I found them, he walks into the house and proceeds to tell my older brother who is shocked and maybe a little appalled. Darling Husband says “no its okay. Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool” I have never laughed so hard in my life. 

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@mnp:  Easily solved! Just make sure you get the plastic mini bottles instead of glass 🙂

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