(Closed) Strange thread – what is your take on ghosts/ouija boards?

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  • poll: Have you ever used a Ouija Board? Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?
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    Got linked here from the new thread.  Reading all of those posts and now all of these, I wonder if I will be able to sleep tonight.   Just finished watching Ghost Hunters as well.  Normally I don’t get freaked out by stuff like that, but with the sheer amount of ghostliness, I might!  lol

    Even though this thread is four months old, I wanted to add that I do not use, nor will I ever use, a Ouji board.  I have learned from watching Ghost Hunters, Sylvia Brown when she was on Montel, and other similar shows that you DO NOT mess with those.  I watched Paranormal Activity and HATED it, not because I thought it was scary, (I didn’t), but because they did everything you are told NOT to do.  Idiots.  lol.  Anyway, using Ouji boards is generally considered a bad idea because it invites spirits (and or demons) to work THROUGH you.  You do not want to invite them to take physical control of your body.  If you want to contact a loved one who has passed, you are better off trying to contact them using a K-2 device (widely available online, probably even from the Ghost Hunters store), or a digital voice recorder.  I want to try to contact my brother who passed in this way, (My Mother-In-Law has her own K-2 and my hubby has a digital voice recorder), but even though I have been on Ghost Tours and stuff, I am for some reason afraid to contact my own brother.  I think I would pee my pants if anything actually happened!  lol

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    I know this is an old thread, and THANK YOU! To the poster on the other thread for reviving it 🙂 I’ve never played with ouija boards or had an encounter with a ghost/spirit and therefore am still skeptical; however, my co-worker has told me several stories. 

    Her husband passed away about 3 years ago and ever since she has been devoted to her faith 100%. Her religion believes that ghosts and spirits are the manifestations of the devil to “trick” mortals into his evil ways. Anyways, her husband has come back to her numerous times in spirit form, trying to talk to her and telling her everything is OK and that he is happy. However, she does not pay attention to them and goes into deep prayer so the Lord will protect her from the devil. 

    I know if my husband ever died and came back to talk to me, I’d be all over that opportunity. I don’t see that as something that can be harmful IMO. 

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    @firsttimemom: It makes me sad that some religions teach that.  I believe in Heaven, but I also believe that God would allow those who have crossed over to visit friends and loved ones.  I have a friend who feels the same way as your friend does, though.  I think if I die before him, I will totally haunt his a**! Wink

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    When I was about 13 years old I was sleeping over at my friend’s house. She had two “forts” built in the backyard that her parents let us sleep in. This was the night before Easter morning. A few minutes before midnight her older brother came and quietly but urgently knocked on the door. (He had been outside sneaking a smoke.) I woke up and went outside to see what was going on. He pointed across the yard and said “I think that’s a ghost!” I could make out the shape of an older woman and following behind her was a small dog. We walked towards her to get a closer look. My friends brother was yelling “hey! who are you!” but she showed no reaction or paid any attention to us. It was obvious she was not an actual woman because they were both misty and bright, and floating right above the ground. We continued to follow behind them at a safe distance, into the middle of a field where they disappeared. It was really strange. 

    Also, I just saw a psychic a few weeks ago and she knew that my dad had passed away. During my appointment she told me he was standing right next to me, and would be with me in spirit on my wedding day. She also told me to look at pictures that are taken at the reception around the buffet during our wedding and we will be able to see him in spirit form. I’ll post them if I see anything unusual (it’s on 6/11)!

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    @MsJ26: One time at a sleepover when I was younger. I regret doing it just because of my religion. But with that being said I do believe in ghosts, spirits, demons… whatever you would like to call what other people ‘experience’. I have had too many weird experiences in life to dismiss it as fiction or fantasy.

    When I was younger, I was in a room by myself, messing with the computer when a shelf crashed on the other side of the room, everything fell straight down but one item that flew clear across the room (and this is a pretty large room) and smacked me hard on the back. Felt like the force behind it was as strong as someone throwing it…. which leads me to believe ghosts or something else does exsist. No one else was there. The worse part was after that, I was plagued with horrible night terror’s for weeks. They were so frightening that my parents would find me about to breakdown the cloest or bedroom door to escape, and would have to like wake me up.

    After we moved out that specific house, it apparently burnt down. Cause was unknown.

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    OMG. I just found this thread through another one, and I seriously have goosebumps from reading all these stories. Like, a piece of paper moved in my recycling bin here at work and i jumped! LOL.

    As for me, I am not sure if I believe in this stuff or not. Part of me really wants to believe all the stories I hear, and part of me is pretty convinced that there’s no such thing.

    I do however, own a Ouija Board and have used it multiple times. Me and a good friend once took it into a graveyard in the middle of the night with some candles, just for the hell of it. But nothing happened.

    My Fiance on the other hand has had some pretty spooky things happen to him (and his two brothers). All these events were never found out until the 3 boys were much older and NOT living in this one particular house.

    Both my Fiance and his older brother (the middle boy) shared a room. Both of them, on seperate ocassions had seen a faceless man wearing a yellow trench coat standing at the door of their bedroom.

    During that same period, the oldest brother who had a room just across & down the hall a little, forced their parents to move his bed in a position where he could see the two younger boys bedroom door clearly. Like he was watching over them. He never told their parents why, and I don’t think he really knew why at the time.

    Both the younger boys still have dreams about the man in the yellow trench coat.

    CREEPY. I totally have chills! OMG!

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    Does anybody have any new stories!?  I would love to hear them!

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    I definitely believe in ghosts and have had many encounters with them. Folks who don’t beleive in them are not able to see them because the subconscious blocks that ability, the same way that certain folks are able to see them.

    I don’t really have a “take” on ouija boards. I’ve sold them before when I worked retail and was not fazed by it. I used to know one girl who wouldn’t even walk down the board game aisle anywhere because they were sold there. and she was Wiccan so her reaction was interesting to me. I have never used one, mainly due to not having the opportunity or desire. Even if I had one, I don’t think I would use it because you have no way of protecting yourself from whatever entity may contact you, and all the prayers and protection spells in the world won’t do a thing to save you. That said, I do think it is very intriguing that you NEVER hear/read of any positive/neutral experiences from using a ouija board. They are only ever negative experiences, yet that doesn’t stop people from using it because they insist that it won’t happen to them, etc and the cycle goes on forever, proving that some people never learn from others’ past mistakes.

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    Ive loved reading all of these, and got a couple of my own to add! Im 50/50 with ghosts/spirits, I kind of believe in them,but Im still not 100% sold. Its long so be patient with me:

    My only experience Ive ever had (so far) was when I was at work one time. I worled ina  really,old pub (about 150 years old) Well I was waiting for my lift home,and everyone else had left and locked up,all the alarms were on and I was literally the last person there. I decided to wait round the back and sat on a wall so that my back was against the wall of the kitchen.For about 15 minutes, I was just waiting, glad to be able to put my feet up for a few minutes after a long shift. All of a sudden,from the kitchen behind me I hear this huuuge crashing noise.It sounded like someone had just pushed all of the plates and cutelry that had been left on the side straight onto the floor. I could even hear a plate spinning on the floor!

    So I start freaking out,thinking straight away that someone has broken into the pub, (clumsy burglar,right?) but just as I start to ring my boss to come back and check it out, I realise that none have the alarms have gone off. This place is armed like Fort Knox, and all the alarms have about 3 motion sensors in each room,so if anyone was in there they shouldve picked up on it. And then I realised if all the plates had fallen on the floor (which is what it sounded like) the alarms would have picked up on that motion too surely?

    But nope,there was nothing. So I calmed down, tried to rationally think things through,not sure whether to call my boss,or the police. I sit back down,and the back of the pub is in an L shape,so to my side was another part f the building which was the staff changing room/fridge room. All of a sudden I had this horrible feeling of being watched,and I just knew that something was watching me out of the window facing me.

    So without looking at the window, I walked home the 4 miles,in the pitch black (no street lights,in the middle of the country) on my own. No way was I sticking around for anything!!!

    The next day, all of the plates were still on the side where I had left them the night before,and nothing was out of place. Still cant explain that one! 

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    @bakerella: The shower thing happened to me the other day!

    I totally believe as weird sh*t has happened to me and my family for years. It all started when I was about 3 or 4 and my great gran died. No one told me and my brother that she had passed as we were young, but we were all staying with my grandparents the night after it happened. I woke up very early in the morning and felt the urge to go into the living room. I saw my great gran in the corridor and she led me to the living room- where she sat in her usual chair and I had a very lengthy conversation with her, that I remember to this day. She basically wanted to check that I was ok. I still had no clue she had died! My parents found me in the living room later and when I told them, they were shocked to say the least! lol A few days later, again in my gran’s house, we were all sat in the living room. Out of nowhere the huge family bible (which had a very heavy metal cover and two metal clasps keeping it firmly closed) blasted open, with the heavy cover slamming down onto the surface of the table and all the pages blew open as if it were gale-force winds. We all just looked over at it in horror!

    That was it until we moved house when I was about 8, to a house that was known to be haunted. It used to be an orfanage and my best friends dad lived there when he was a boy with the nuns who run it, and they later adopted him and his sister. The kids who lived there all knew of a ghost called Oscar- but they didn’t really have an explaination as to why they called him that- and one day we were sent the deeds for the house from a solicitors in town (the house is about 130 years old), and on them was the name Oscar Lloyd- when the house was first built he owned it. We freaked when we saw these deeds with this name on it after what my friends dad told us about calling a male ghost Oscar!

    Moving into a house with all the stories ours had was probably not going to do us much good but loads has happened there- I could type all day! Nothing has really happend there for years, now me and my brother are all grown up and moved out- which is also strange as we were always told the ‘house loves children’. The Sister who ran the place when it was an orphange (who is the adopted auntie of my friends dad) asked to visit after we’d moved in and the first thing she said was ‘are the ghosts treating you well?!’ Even a nun knew the score! His adopted sister wouldn’t even step foot in the house as she was too scared to return!

    We knew the family we bought the house off, and they told us that the people they bought the house off left because the woman felt she was being pushed out of the window of the converted third floor attic- which is why my folks took so long to let me have my bedroom there. When they thought I was old enough I moved my room up there. And twice I experienced similar. Once I was awake in bed watching the television when I felt like I was being pushed upright in the bed. I FREAKED! Another time, same scenario, I was literally pushed a foot or so across the bed. I FREAKED AGAIN! My third floor bedroom/converted attic was actually two rooms joined by a door, and I kept my hamster in the room next to where my bed was, and always closed the door tight to try and keep the hamster noise out- as it made a racket- lots of banging, clicking sounds. The night after my hamster died and the noises were still there worried me just a bit! No sleep that night!

    We have had a CD fly across the room, literally from one side to another, with no one even near it to have done it. We’ve had music turn on in the early hours, blasting throughout the house- once it was Gregorian chanting monks- it sounded very eerie at that time of night! Televisions turning on out of no-where. We have a lot of light bulbs being blown out of the light fittings, shattering all over the floor- especially in the light in the converted attic, it did it almost continuously for months. (Apparently someone hung themselves up there as well!) Generally there was always a ‘there’s someone behind me/watching me feel to the house’ which isn’t really there anymore. I wonder if it’ll return when we one day bring our parents some grandchildren over! If it is the presence of children then it does make me wonder, hmmm guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    I live in a very old building now with my fiance but do not get the same feeling here and never have experienced anything similar- so although I may sound like a nut-job- I don’t think there’s ghosts everywhere for no reason!

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    I know this thread is ten months old, but I have really been enjoying these stories!  

    My experiences have mostly been positive or benign.  When I was like four or five I woke up in the middle of the night and was so thirsty.  I called for my parents but they did not come.  I slept on the top of a bunk bed, and I didn’t want to go get a drink, go downstairs–it all seemed to scary.  I had long been aware of the shadow people who I saw as active in the house, but had never interacted with them.  Finally, a shadow man appeared on the wall and handed me a cup of water to drink.  I remember drinking the water and handing him the cup back and falling asleep.  This seemed totally normal to me that the shadow man took care of me, and I totally remembered how he seemed to communicate with me without really speaking and take care of me.  I think I tried to explain it to my mom the next day, but she was really confused.  Years later I still remember this vividly  Maybe it was a dream, but it did not feal like it.  

    The night my great grandfather died I was having a long involved vivid dream. Suddenly, I entered his room at the hospital and was excited to see him.  I started trying to catch him up on my dream and what was happening, and he politly shifted the conversation to the fact that he was ok, he was doing just fine, and that everything was going to be all right.  I suddenly started asking him about “wait, you are sick.  What do you mean you will be ok?” and he changed the subject and I was suddenly back in my other dream.  When I woke up I told my Fiance that I thought he had passed away in the night, and sure enough my mom called me an hour later.  When she told me I told her I already knew.  He had been so resistant to dying, and I think he wanted to let me know everything was ok.  I really hoped he would go see my mom since she was so close to him, but I didn’t want to freak her out by asking.

    I sometimes have dreams where I solve problems or find lost things.  Sometimes I can’t even remember if the images flashing in my head were from a dream or real life, but they tell me where things are or things I am not supposed to forget.  They are pretty mundane items, like where there are extra supplies.

    The only really negative experience I have had was staying in an apartment when I was in Italy. I slept on a couch for a one night before we moved places and I had horrible dreams all night and just felt there was a very dark energy to the room.  I was ready to get out of there the next day. 

    I also lived in an apartment where one poster I had of Italy kept falling off the wall.  I lived in an old building where new young people were moving in for the first time in decades.  It was mainly much older long time residents before.  My friend who has had some wierd things happen to her  thought it might have been a GI who fought in Italy and didn’t like my poster!  

    I don’t feel particulaly open to stuff like this, but enough of it happens that I believe in it. I think I am not supposed to know about a lot of it, though sometimes I wish I knew more and was more open. 

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