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anon123bee:  Ugh,. I am so sorry that people are being careless with their words. It is normal to gain weight and it sounds like youre doing everything you can to stay behind it and give baby girl a healthy environment. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

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It sounds like you are being soooo healthy! That’s amazing!!  My doc told me yesterday to expect a 25-35 pound weight gain as “healthy” and I was shocked!! I thought I’d gain waayyyy less (Im still early but now really watching my meals & exercise) 

You actually sound like you’re gaining in such a healthy way that it will melt off once your little girl is born.  I’ve been reading a lot about this lately and I honestly think you have nothing to worry about. It’s just a temp gain to help make a babe! 

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If you are being healthy then dont worry about it. Hormones do crazy things! Think how many people gain weight just going on birth control! The most important thing is that you are healthy, and it sounds like you are. In that case the weight is likely to fall off again after the baby is born! Ignore your mom, some people gain more weight than others and its all natural.

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anon123bee:  It is perfectly normal and healthy to gain 1 pound a week during the second trimester.

If you went from 118 at week 12 to 129 at week 22, you’ve gained 11 pounds in 10 weeks. You are right on target for healthy weight gain! Do NOT stress about that extra pound.

If you had gained 20 pounds already, then things might be different, but you’ve only gained about 11 pounds.

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anon123bee:  another tidbit: weight gain can also go to increased blood flow in your body, your growing uterus (which is a muscle, so dense weight), and breast tissue is changing to prepare for breastfeeding.

I took this from WebMD

  • Baby: 8 pounds
  • Placenta: 2-3 pounds
  • Amniotic fluid: 2-3 pounds
  • Breast tissue: 2-3 pounds
  • Blood supply: 4 pounds
  • Stored fat for delivery and breastfeeding: 5-9 pounds
  • Larger uterus: 2-5 pounds
  • Total: 25-35 pounds
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So I’m in the same boat, except I have gained more……. I’m at 24 weeks right now, and I’ve gained 18 lbs, pretty much all in the second trimester. Thing is, I’ve been starving. I’m trying to eat protein at every meal, but I’m still hungry all the time. I’m really worried that if I keep it up at this pace, I’ll gain like 50+lbs for the whole pregnancy, which I know is too much. It’s hard though, because my OB said that I shouldn’t diet or restrict my eating…..but that I should try to slow down the weight gain. I’m not really sure how to make that happen….

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If you’ve gained 10lbs, and you have 18 weeks to go, and you gain 18lbs more…that’s only 28lbs and that’s completely normal. A big portion of that is extra blood volume, the baby, amniotic fluid, the placenta, etc.  And anecdotally, some mothers I know said breastfeeding helped them lose weight.  

About the body image issues…maybe your doctor and partner can help you with this, and maybe you can find a counsellor or support group?  Maybe your partner can tell your mom to STFU.  If you’re exercising about an hour every day and this is a big decrease from regular routine- I’m not saying this is abnormal just wondering if it’s related to unhealthy self-image?  You have nothing to be ashamed of, it takes true courage to admit a problem.  

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anon123bee:  Sweetie, 11-14lbs?  That’s totally fine.  I ended up gaining 35lbs in my entire pregnancy.  And 7 lbs of that was in the first trimester (BEFORE I found out I was pregnant).  I did have to gain weight to start since I was under weight, but still I worried about weight gain too.   I think that’s all I did with my husband complain about the weight.  But I ended up losing all of the weight quickly.  Focus on your child, not the weight.  As long as you’re not sitting eating Mcdonald’s every day, that weight gain in necessary.

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anon123bee:  Even if you don’t see much of an increase in your tummy area, just keep in mind that baby, blood, placenta and amniotic fluid are all much denser than fat. 10 lbs of water takes up a lot less room than 10 lbs of fat. It’s likely that the outside world hasn’t even noticed your 10 lb weight gain and you are litterally holding most of it in your uterus. You are right where you should be for where you are at in your pregnancy.

Try to work with your husband on your body image. It sounds like you are doing everything right.

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I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy and was pretty down on myself too. I am 6 weeks postpartum and have 7 pounds left to lose. Granted, my tummy I know is never going to be quite the same, but honestly looking down at my sweet boy, it doesnt really matter! I know it is hard to see now, bc I was the same way, but try not to focus on the weight gain, but how amazing it is that your body is growing  a baby! It honestly sounds like you are right on track, eating healthy, and exercising, so I bet the weight will melt right off!! 

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