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@gingerkitten:  I’ve never had this issue to be honest (even when I wouldn’t eat regularly because I was miserable), so I may not be a lot of help. Remember that your weight can fluctuate throughout the day and that some of that may be because of fluid loss. Have you been drinking enough water? Maybe you could try eating a little bit more than you did yesterday and see if that helps? Or maybe it’s the type of food you’ve been eating. I usually eat healthy during the week, but on weekends (when I see Boyfriend) I usually wind up being less than healthy. Could that be part of it?

If you can’t figure it out then I would recommend seeing your Doctor. They can always refer you to a Nurtitionist who may be able to help you overhaul your diet.

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@gingerkitten:  Eat! The same thing happened to me when Fiance and I started our long distance move. He moved first, and we lived 800 miles apart for 7 months before I could join him. I lost a great deal of weight.. I couldn’t even FIND work slacks in my size so I wore them baggy. Everyone around me alternated from making jokes to feeling sorry for me.

Truth is I just didn’t want to eat. I was lonely, stressed about the move, and since I didn’t have to cook for FI’s big appetite I didn’t cook at all, just grazed here and there. I also cut out meats, most dairys and starches in order to improve my depressive mood, which helped with the mood but didn’t help at all with the weight.

I’ve been back with Fiance for 3 months and already I have gained at least 5lbs from just eating. Mind you, I’ve reintroduced a lot of things back into my diet but I don’t need to diet to improve my mood because I’m so happy to be with him.

The hilarious part is that my Fiance is the exact opposite. He gained 30lbs while we were apart, and since moving in he has lost about 5lbs and counting XD

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I don’t really have any tips, but I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone.


I experienced the same thing when my SO moved several states away to start his PhD program and I stayed behind for a month and a half to keep working at my job through the end of our lease. I don’t know if I lost quite as much as you, but I also didn’t have a scale. All I know is that I definitely wasn’t eating the same amount or with the same consistency with him not there. (I’m one of those who gets busy/distracted and just forgets about eating sometimes so without him, I definitely don’t eat on a normal schedule or a normal amount.) Once we were reunited, I got back into a normal routine and my body balanced itself out.


I’d keep an eye on everything for the next few weeks. If you continue to loose weight or drop below the healthy BMI point, I would definitely suggest seeing a doctor. 


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My friend who is already skinny, when she tends to lose weight and needs to gain it, she drinks Ensure by the bucket loads.  Seems to help.

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@sablemuse:  <— This! If you have an absolute favorite food then feel free to treat yourself to it (and make sure you eat enough)!

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Well obviously try to eat more, but if you can’t, then try to eat more highly caloric foods. Don’t eat anything sugar-free or low-carb or any of those diet foods. Eat lots of peanut butter, avocados, whole fat yogurt/milk/cheese, chocolate, etc. I wouldn’t recommend binging on junk food but you can likely significantly increase your calorie in take in a healthy way.

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@gingerkitten:  This happened to me when I moved to start my PhD program. I stopped working out except for commuting by bike and at less healthily than I should have (lots of peanut butter, pasta, etc.), but still lost weight and had to shop for new jeans in the juniors section. I eventually went to the doctor, he thought it was due to stress and said that I would plateau, but to come back in if I dropped another 2-3lbs. He was right, I stayed right at that weight for the rest of the year and started to gain as I got adjusted to my new life. I still weigh less than when Fiance and I were in the same city, so that was part of it too.


I know this is tough, but keep your chin up and eat as healthily as possible so that your body is getting what it needs. And make an appointment to talk with your doctor if you continue to drop, or go now if you it would make you feel better.




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@gingerkitten:  Ugh, I feel your pain!

I’m training for a 1/2 marathon, and ended up losing WAY too much weight–my seamstress says I need to gain 5-7lbs for my dress to fit on my wedding day (and there’s no time to take it in!)

The problem is, I’m still training, my race is six days before the wedding– so now I’m eating everything I can get my hands on to gain weight! And for the first time in my life, I CAN’T!

I’ve been eating an unlimited amount of Easter candy and junk food, and HUGE portions twice the size of what I usually eat, and I’ve gained less than ONE pound in the last two weeks!

I’m 5’7″ and 124.7lbs!

I’m sure you’ll gain a bunch of weight back once you are re-united with your Fiance, though!

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@gingerkitten:  My boyfriend had to go away for 2 weeks a couple of years ago when he was picking our new place in the state we were moving to.  I lost 15lbs during that time frame.  Don’t freak out: if you’re like me, you’ll gain it back 😉

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@gingerkitten:  obviously try the whole stuffing your face thing… but, if that doesn’t work, you may want to consult a doctor.  For someone already quite thin that is a lot of weight to lose without trying.  Could be a sign of a bigger health issue (ex. thyroid problem).

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