STRESSED and sad.

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Our wedding is long past. But for camraderie and wtf, your coworker can honestly fuck off with that  comment.  Sorry language! But seriously I doubt it looks like a curtain what a B! 

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I’m sorry you’re stressed! I’d just make your own arrangements for accommodations, including a place for the hair and makeup, and let everyone else fend for themselves. If they end up needing to drive a bit farther due to their own procrastination, that’s not your problem.

As for your coworker, her comment says absolutely nothing about you or your dress and just reflects terribly on her. You will be beautiful and stunning, and she’ll continue to be the sort of miserable person who pushes everyone away with mean-spirited and unnecessary criticism.

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newbee90 :  Can you just get a room at the venue/hotel for November 9th and 10th? That way the bridal suite is covered and you guys wont have to get out by 11am and check in to another at 12:30pm (or drive all the way from home)

I had to do that and it was expensive, so i booted SO to another cheaper hotel LOL. We actually even got that one for 2 nights as well, just so he would have somewhere to hang and get ready during the day and not have to deal with checking in/out on the wedding day. 

Everyone else can worry about their own rooms. Too bad so sad if they didnt figure it out ahead of time, i guess they wont be drinking much at the reception because they will be driving home.

You just worry about your logistics. 

And if it makes you feel better, im 95% sure my Maid/Matron of Honor never looked at the website either. In fact, im sure a good chunk of people never did. Im guilty of getting an invitation and not really looking at the details until it gets closer. 

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newbee90 :  Oh, and your coworker is a bitch. 

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Your guests are adults. Let them deal with their own hotel rooms. If their laziness comes back to bite them, they can deal with that however they’d like.

And Bee, I just went back and looked at your dress post. I LOVE your dress so much. It’s elegant and classic. Ignore your bitter coworker. 

Focus on the positive. You’re marrying your amazing future husband, who loves you and will always support you. That’s literally the entire focus. Have the day you want and only worry about other people to the extent you absolutely have to. It will make things less stressful. You’ll be beautiful. 

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Weddings are generally just not a big deal to the people who aren’t getting married. It doesn’t mean these people don’t love you. But I can say to me, i just see weddings as parties. I make some parties, I don’t make others, and I generally don’t pay attention to them until they get close. It’s not that I don’t adore the friends who invited me, but at the end of the day to me it’s just a party. I get your disappointment that no one seems to care as much as you want them to, but I hope you understand that it’s not a reflection of how they feel about you — it’s a reflection of how they feel about weddings.

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newbee90 :  I know it may seem like people don’t care about your wedding. But right now your about 4 months away to some you still have a while. Things start to pick back up when there is about 2 months left. I am at that point now. People really weren’t talking about my wedding either, not asking to much about it. Not that it’s closer more and more people are getting excited about it. But we tend to focus on it more because it’s our wedding. We think about day and night. Other’s don’t. My own daughter asked me I think 3 times when is your wedding again (that was months ago) but she is also my Maid/Matron of Honor. But I got it, it wasn’t a big deal. She has her own life with her own things going on. It’s not that she doesn’t care it’s just that at the time it was so far out that it wasn’t at the top of her list. But now that it’s getting closer it’s getting there. It will be ok bee you will see. 

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I’m sorry!!

Just chiming in to say I just looked at your dress post and I love your current dress 100x more than the beaded option and I was honestly shocked by the poll results!! It’s a much more modern, trendy style and it looks amazing on you!! And not at all like a curtain, geez!

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I didn’t want to worry about that side of things, so I just booked 4 air bnb’s (11 double rooms) for the night before and night of for the bridal party and parents, plus a hotel room for us. The $1800 it cost wasn’t cheap, but at least I knew it was all sorted, and we used one for the bridal and one for the grooms party to get ready at. Yes one couple ended up staying with friends due to sick kids and some didn’t stay the night before, but in the scheme of things that didn’t matter. The only stressful part was my Mum not getting the whole concept of air bnb and self check in, lucky my Brother-In-Law sorted her out! 😂

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Book an Airbnb for yourself that has a large enough living room. That way your bridal party can sort themselves out accommodation wise and meet you at your airbnb on the morning of the wedding for hair and makeup. Just make sure the Airbnb host knows this is the idea.


I had a quick look at your dress and its lovely. There is nothing curtainy about it and your coworker is just plain rude. Once you have your hair and makeup done you will look absolutely stunning. 


About people not being excited about the wedding. I’m roughly three months away from mine and the only people exited about it are my mother and mother in law. My Mother-In-Law is very excited about the wedding but I when I went shopping with my Mother-In-Law for her dress I had to correct her on the wedding date. So don’t let you sister not knowing your date bother you too much. People deal with dates all the time, its easy to mix them up or forget. 

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GIRL. I just looked at both of those dresses- and NEITHER looks like a curtain. Some people just need to keep their mouths shut when they don’t know WTF they’re talking about. You’re going to be stunning. I have anxiety too, so I totally get where you’re coming from. I have been in a constant battle to try only to worry about MYSELF and what I can control. So hopefully you can find some peace of mind through the process. Everything will work out, and at the end of the day YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED and that is THE BEST PART!!!! Congratulations sweetie, I know it will all be worth it in the end. 

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Hugs, bee. I’m one of the last of my friends to get married and I’ve felt the same way from time-to-time. Three-to-four years ago, nearly all my friends got married while I was finishing up my doctorate. One of those years, I was in five weddings and Maid/Matron of Honor in three and all my free time was spent planning their festivities (there are photos of me finalizing my dissertation as we were getting ready for a wedding – I defended two days later tongue-out )! Now that it’s my turn, those friends are understandably busy with careers and growing families, so I can both relate to their life priorities and also feel a little sad they’re not as excited. They are happy for me, though, so I relish in that. I say focus on the joy of marrying your wonderful fiance, and how much fun your wedding day will be! We are all excited for you here, too!


Also, your dress is STUNNING and looks NOTHING like a curtain!!

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