(Closed) Stressing – Travelling to DW with Wedding Dress!

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Double check…

That indeed your Airline will HANG your W-Dress… many don’t guarantee that, just say that they’ll allow you to bring it onboard (so you’ll either end up with in an overhead bin… or across your lap thru the flight… better than losing your gown in checked baggage for sure… but a compromise that isn’t ideal)

Also, the Airline Website will tell you exactly how much Carry-On Baggage you’ll be allowed (size & weight restrictions etc)… AND if you are bringing your gown onboard in a garment bag, or a carry-on bag… it will need to meet those requirements … and be counted as 1 piece.

Rest of your Wedding stuff… will most likely end up in your Checked Baggage.

Hope this helps,


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Can you ship anything, not your dress of course?

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My dress went in an overhead compartment. I took it to the airport in the garment bag, on a hanger but there was not enough room to hang it with the captains suit. Luckily, I also packed some tissue paper and a nice big backup shopping bag. I had to send my fiancee away, pull it out of the garment bag in the middle of the airport, roll it up and place it, ever so carefully in the ‘just in case’ bag, and then covered it up with the tissue paper so that Fi couldnt see it. They did find me a spare overhead compartment to place it in so it didn’t get squashed by luggage. My dress was lace and silk so aquite heavy, so it held its shape really well. I hung it back up as soon as we got there and didn’t even have to get it pressed. Take a ‘just in case’ shopping bag and do a trial at home to make sure you can roll it and fit it in, just in case it needs to go in the overhead, or on your lap.

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Coles ‘Cool Bags’ are also really good for carry on stuff. They zip up, are the perfect size and cost $1!

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@Miss TNK Someone suggested to us to buy a portable clothing steamer just incase the clothes get  wrinkled and also been told it’s worth getting the dress dry cleaned in Thailand to save cost and the service is the same as here. What are you doing as favours? We are  going to purchase the favours, parasols and fans in Thailand they should be easy to fine and cheaper to buy there and that way we don’t have to take them in luggage.

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I have done it. Flew fr England to Italy with all wedding gear. Afterwards, we continued our honeymoon whilst family carried things back for us.

Firstly, definitely call your airline company, I got them to allow us to take extra pieces of hand lyggage + dress and extra check in allowance. 

Secondly, check with your wedding planner or coordnator or hotel in thailand to ensure they have steam iron. If not, make sure they provide you basic irons. Your  BMs can easily iron any creases for you, as long as you put a towel between iron & dress. Most hotels will provide steam iron service for a fee anyways.

Thirdly, have a list of who’s in charge of bringing home what items. Because if your family is leaving the day right after, you need to pass them the items in time before they check out. And trust me, both of you will be Exhausted the day after so the last thg u want to stress about is coordinating these thgs. 

Fourthly, bring as much wedding stuffs as you guys can in hand carry. We bought travel insurance too, but that’s hardly useful if the chk in luggage went missing in transit with guest favors! We had wedding shoes, veil, rings (!!!), my dresses, his tux, guest favors, all wedding related jewellery, false lashies, spanx, a tea set (for a chinese ceremony and petticoat all in our handcarry. 

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Just something to remember but a lot of paper and wood products cannot be brought back into Australia regardless of where they were originally purchased. So things like lanterns and parasols maybe confiscated by customs. Just something to think about.

I put my dress in a hard shell carry on size suit case because whilst air stewards try to be as helpful as they can if your flight is full then so will the overhead bins. I had it steamed at my destination and I am glad that I did it this way because there was no space at all to lie it down in the overhead bins and another bride on the flight was all upset because other passengers just didn’t care and shoved their bags int he locker anyway.

 It is also tricker if you fly an airline like Jetstar because people try and dodge the checkin luggage fee so bring oversized carry on luggage which take up huge amounts of space. The last time I flew to Thailand on jetstar we hesitated to board as late as possible because we didn;t want to be in the rush. Stupid move because we spent the entire flight with our carryons in our footwell because there was no space left.

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I booked my flight with Frontier and they do not have anywhere to hang the dress on the plane. So, I have been told that I have to fold my dress in half and stick it in the overhead bins. Which, honestly, makes me cringe. But one: No way I am ever letting that dress out fo my sight! and two: I am getting it pressed only a few hours after the flight, so It’ll be alright. 


But like I said, I am much more comfortable getting it wrinkly on the plane than to either check it or send it and have it either get lost or get damaged in some way! 

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I also made it to Thailand from California with about 3 huge bags of wedding stuff and  2 suitcases for my husband’s and my clothes (5 all together) and carried on my dress. It was quite a project, but we traveled with 3 of our friends on the flight, and because they only had one suitcase, they each took one of our Wedding stuff bags 😉  It saved us a lot of money,as it was free for each of us to have 2 pieces of luggage for the international flight and 1 carryon.  Our Carry on was my dress and my husbands suit which was also a pretty penny.  The flight attendants were helpfull and able to store the dress and suit hanging on the flights to china and then to bangkok with no problem.  For our flights from bangkok to phuket the few days later was more of an issue however, because if the kilos were not prepaid they wanted to initially charge us around $1000 (american dollars) extra for over the weight fees, which was way too much,we wound up negotiating with them and figuring out a way to bring the cost down to $300 as we bought an extra seat for the luggage, but the whole issue in the airport was very stressful and the airport personell were super disorganized and kept sending us back and forth to different lines.  We’re lucky we didnt miss the flight.  We also travelled from Phuket to Railay beach, which has no roads, so we had to take a speed boat in.  Not only our luggage but all 20 of our guests luggage were on the speedboat with us, and they dropped us off on the beach, where we then had to trek our luggage thru the sand to the resorts. It made for great pics to say the least. 🙂

Our Resort did steam my dress and his suit with no charge however, which was nice.  And because we did have family and friends with us, we did send my husbands family home with one of our bags with 2 others in it, as they were empty and just had to bring the luggage back, and they checked it and it all worked out, where we just had my dress to bring with us and 1 suitcase each for the rest of our trip thru thailand. 

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I traveled to MX with all of my wedding gear. It was just my Darling Husband and I going on our flight and we had my dress, our regular luggage (2 large suitcases each), 2 cary on bags, and 2 large boxes of wedding gear. It was ridiculous getting everything checked in. Arrive early and get a cart or pay one of the valet people to help you get it all where you need to go.

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