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First off, your husband is a jerk for being mad at you for getting stretch marks during pregnancy.

My guess is that stretch marks are going to happen regardless of what creams/ointments you use if you’re predisposed to them.  And perhaps your body shape was different during your last pregnancy (smaller baby, bigger body so less stretching, etc). 

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Stretch marks are more genetic than anything else, unfortunately.

From what I’ve heard/found though, the best defense against them is hydration from the inside aka good ol’ H2O.

I used coco butter with my DS and lo and behold I still got lotsa stretch marks (the first gift my DS gave me =/) I did find out though that my mom’s mom had stretch marks like that too so I guess there just wasn’t getting away from them.


This has been the most common thing I’ve seen with stretch marks that stay after baby.. they itch like crazy!

So hopefully staying WAY hydrated will help from the skin getting too dried out and they won’t itch and after baby they’ll go away πŸ˜‰

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Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent them.  You can use all the fancy lotion in the world and if you are going to get them, you’ll get them…

I’m sorry you’ve got them, but your husband should be more understanding and/or keep his mouth shut!

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I am pretty sure it is hereditary. It’s not your fault!!

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@StbHisMrs: Hey:) Well, congrats on baby # 2 first off!

I would still use the coco butter because although I’ve never been pregnant (YEEEET THAT IS!), I did have scars and things from playing sports and coco butter DRAMATICALLY improved them and diminished them…not entirely of course. and mind you it was over about a year…8 monthsish?

And yes, drink lots of water!

Either way….they will be gifts to remember your pregnancy by and all the love and warmth you and your Darling Husband have brought into this world:)

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I don’t know how old yours are but I’ve heard that if you laser them within the first year, like when they’re still kind of pink, it can make a huge difference in reducing the appearance. Ask your derm about it.

And yeah, tell your husband to STFU. lol  They are genetic and all the coco butter in the world would not have made much of a difference. 

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Tell your husband he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I used cocoa butter, bio oil, and vitamin e lotion, religiuosly. I also drank a ton of water, and excersised everyday.

I still got em. Its genetic.

Also, they don’t go away. The skin is literally stretched beyond repair. However, like a PP said, laser has great reviews if the marks are still newish.

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@StbHisMrs: Tell your husband that if he wants to have kids, he has to deal with the symptoms that come with! Also, stretch marks are genetic, if you’re predisposed to them, you’re gonna get ’em no matter how much oil and butter you slather on them. I got a bunch when I hit puberty on my butt and thighs, and they’re still there. They’ll fade a bit over time, but really there’s not too much you can do since they start from the inside and move out. Keep guzzling water, aside from the skin benefits it will help with a lot of other preggo symptoms.

I got a bunch on just one boob which is strange! Why not both? They only grew one cupsize too. At 37 weeks the first came in on my belly, just to the underside of the bump so I could only see them in the mirror. I’m hoping they stay small.

Men can be so ignorant when it comes to pregnancy and childbirthing. They think they know everything because of what they hear about it, but nobody but your OB can give you sound advice. So smile and nod when he talks about the cocoa butter and slap it on if it makes him shut up. My friend’s hubby likes to comment all about my “waddling” and make predictions as to the baby’s delivery date/time/weight/appearance. I just like to ignore them!

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For some reason at one of my doctor’s appointments, one of the OB/GYNs and I got talking about “16 & Pregnant,” and how horrific some of their stretch marks are. He told me that girls who get pregnant under 20 actually get them worse because their own bodies are still developing and the nutrients that nourish the skin go to the baby first, then important organs, and then skin is pretty far down on your body’s list of priorities, not to mention that teenagers tend to eat crap. Basically, stretch marks are hereditary in where you get them, but to prevent them you need to make sure you stay hydrated and well nourished… Junk food won’t cut it. And lotions do NOTHING. πŸ™‚

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My husband is the same way…thinking the magic of avoiding stretch marks lies in cocoa butter. A few women I know will still use them, thinking even if there’s only a .01% chance they do anything, it’s  still well worth it.

I have heard that cocoa butter is good for after you get them, as opposed to preventing them. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s what I heard.

Genetics are a big factor, but it’s not always as easy as my mom got them/didn’t get them, so I will/won’t. I know two sisters who each gave birth in their late teens, and one got them and one didn’t. Not sure which one followed the mom’s footsteps though.

The real bitch about stretch marks is, from what I can tell, there is no ‘safe’ point. I was reading a post about a girl who went to 40 weeks without one and was so smug- yet on her 41st week a few popped up.

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Usually if a person got them during puberty or any other growth spurt in their lives, they will most likely get them during childbirth. Not always, but that’s what I have noticed at least.

I thought I was good until 31 weeks. When I saw the first one, I knew the rest were comming. πŸ™ And you’re right, my gf got them the last week of her pregnancy and she got a whole wack of them.

Don’t be afraid to get them, if you do you do, if you don”t you don’t. It isn’t worth stressing over, since you can’t change it. I know, easier said than done……

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Everything I’ve read is that the lotions, creams, coco butter, body butter, etc. only helps with the itchy belly. It doesn’t help with the stretch marks. (I use Palmer’s every night anyway, just in case that .0000001% chance counts for something.) That said, WTEWYE and other things I’ve read say it’s mostly genetic, but that drinking tons of water, keeping weight gain slow and steady, and exercise are the only things you can do to minimize the number of stretch marks you get.

I’m glad you asked though.  I’ve been trying to do what I’ve read to do, and at 29 wks so far so good. But I have some from puberty and my mom got tons during her first pregnancy so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time for me (especially now seeing that they tend to come closer to the delivery date)… just hoping to keep it to the bare minimum.

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