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  I’m not fond of the idea of a stripper or strippers….whatever….it’s so skanky and I’m sorry for using that word, but that’s the best word to describe it….why men like strangers rubbing up on them when they have a FIANCE is beyond me….mine used to go and has said it’s all in good fun and he’s never touched or wanted to touch, but who is to say that if the chick is hot he wouldn’t enjoy it…..women are built differently and most of us aren’t aroused by a man in a g string shakin his thang in front of us no matter how good looking….so to each her own….if you don’ t like the idea you have every right to say so…and he should respect how you feel~  Why allow strippers if they make you feel uncomfortable or insecure…it shouldn’t be a difficult decision on his part…if he loves you…and you don’t like it…then he won’t do it…

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I have no problem with the guys going to a strip club — I’ve been to a few myself and they really are not all that bad.  However, my FH knows I would never approve of them hiring a stripper to come to them — this type of stripper has a more appropriate name, Hooker.  I know my FH well, he will be extremly embarrased at a strip club anyway and he thinks the strippers are more for the other guys at the bachelor party than for the husband to be.  They are planning a night of playing poker and then a possible run to some local strip clubs.

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Girl I don’t care! I trust him and he trusts me. we are going to our respective strip clubs in vegas but of course being a bacholerette party with a bunch of hot girls we are going to be talking WAY more guys that he will be with girls. He wont do anyhting stupid, he loves yoU!

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 This is what one girl has said. They dot touch!!! MY ASS THEY DONT. for money and to just fuck with the girls heads. Because we are marrying the guy and the reason why they see strippers is because its the last girl they will be with. hint hint. So they groom gets it all and the best man so they keep it away from you. they both get the same treatment and no one rats on the other person. So they go through the wedding then boom you hear the truth somewhere down the line. Then we come on this blog and tell all and other women say its ok. let you man just look not touch…. but if the touch happens THEN WHAT THE FUCK!! i AM SO PISSED ABOUT the stupidity in both men and women.





My ex went for a bachelore party once, where they had 3 girls getting off on each other .. which whatever, thats cool, but than they were giving all the guys tripple blow jobs .. and who payed .. could have more in the back room … EVEN THE GROOM WENT!!!! …



So go figure !!!!

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In many places, it’s just a show where the girls happen to be nude or semi-nude. In my city, there can be no full nudity and alcohol served, which means that if you go to a strip club that serves booze the women are wearing thongs and pasties! Heck, they’re wearing as much clothing as you will see on some beaches — and even more! Lap dances are done in very public spaces and there is little room for people to give “extras.”

So, no, not every man touches the stripper and not every club/dancer allows it. Additionally, not all strippers are prostitutes. Anyway, all of that is really irrelevant if someone trusts their partner.

For me, I don’t see going to a strip club any more disrespectful then, say, watching a movie with Eva Mendes in it when she’s naked. Shoot, a lot of the girls aren’t even half as hot as her! lol… I know that the Boy thinks I’m the hottest thing smoking and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable if he looks at semi-naked bodies. I don’t see it as disrespectful unless it’s a habit, or there is extreme touching involved.



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I’m just really not worried about it.  The Fiance is not a strip clup kind of guy, but I made it clear it wouldn’t bother me either way.  I trust him 🙂

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My FH will be going to a strip club for his bachelor’s party and I will be going to a male strip club.

I’ve been to a female strip club before and I know it’s just for fun. I know that my FH has no feelings for these girls that dance and FH knows I have no feelings for the guys that dance at a male strip club. So For me, I don’t think of it as anything else but for fun. 

I heard of some male strip clubs being really gross but the one I’m going to isn’t that bad.  It’s similar to the Chipendales (sp?)

Oh, by the way, I’m going to a male strip club and I know a few of my bridesmaids don’t approve of it.  I’m not going to force them to go.  I will have another ‘nice’ bachlorette party on another night. 

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