Struggling to cope after c section…

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llevinso :  Yeah, I was told it would take 2-3 days and was out in 2. So much nicer being home. 

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Congrats momma! Please, please don’t be so hard on yourself. You just had major surgery and have a brand new baby that needs all your attention. The beginning is super hard but I promise it gets easier. 

I had 2 emergency c sections and my recovery after my second was so much better. I think the biggest thing that I did differently was not go up stairs or exert myself too much for the first two weeks. I also took all the help I could get lol. Dh, my mom, and my Mother-In-Law all stepped up and let me sleep, Cooked dinner, and watched the baby.  That way I was able to focus on myself and rest as much as I could. 

Try to Enjoy this time as much as possible. My baby is now almost 8 months and I sometimes miss when he was super little! 😭💕

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I have the burning pain too, it’s on and off. It’s supposedly pretty common, so for me, I just need to avoid sleeping on one side. I’m taking all the pain meds I’ve been prescribed, on schedule, skipping only the opioids. 

Haha, I’m taking the laxatives and stool softener I’ve been prescribed. Need to, because I’m also taking iron. 

Hope you’re feeling better, but you’re also right at the point where your hormones have come crashing down post delivery, so feeling a bit miserable is quite normal.. 


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Kslim13 :  I feel like the wrapping band helped with the pain by being tight. Maybe I was imaging it, after a c section, things were kind of fuzzy.

Make sure you take pain killers, when you feel ready, you can take less. When you get up, are you using your arms to push yourself up? If it hurts so much, you probably aren’t ready to walk to the mailbox yet. Take it easy! There is nothing wrong with doing less at this time.

Did the hospital give you stool softener? Probably not. But I was on iron too so I had to take stool softener. It took a few days after first to have a bowel movement, then another few days too? I figured my body just went through a lot and who knew what the doctor did with my internal organs. Things would take a while to get back to normal. I don’t even think I ate much for a few days, can’t remember.

It will all pass. Enjoy sitting around! Soon your baby will crawl and you will be tired from chasing after him/her!

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Kslim13 :  Girl, you need to get yourself up and moving!!! I know it’s hard and sucks and feels like your insides are going to fall out but I promise it will be better once you do. Definitely get a belly binder like others mentioned – it will make such a difference feeling like you’re “held in”. 

I’m not saying get up and run around the house but getting up to move a little is important for recovery. Like you I had an emergency C, after being in labor for most of the day and not progressing. By the time I had my c-section I was mentally and physically exhausted and that makes recovery so much harder. (My friends who had scheduled repeat c-sections all had super fast/easy reoveries compaired to their first ones.) I was amazed at how easily they were up and moving but it does really depend on how traumatic your delivery went. A lot of it is mental, and I felt the same way. Stay on top of your pain meds – there’s nothing against resting but don’t feel confined to the chair. 

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It’s major surgery. Give it a few weeks and you’ll feel much more human. Promise. Take it slow, but definitely walk around a moderate amount. Respecting those limits and getting some motion may seem very frustrating, but it’ll help your healing in the long run. 

Incision pain will come and go as you heal. It’s not unusual to have some pain and feel twinges there long after you’re pretty much back to normal. 

I don’t particularly think C-Sections are given as much respect and understanding as they should be. If someone underwent that surgery and there wasn’t a baby on the other end, I think they would be given much more appropriate care. Be kind to yourself and let go of those expectations for what things you should be doing.

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Kslim13 :  Ouch, sorry to hear that.. I had sutures (which, thankfully is standard for my hospital, and don’t need to be taken out) but I imagine it’s far more painful with staples! My pain is almost gone, thankfully.

Hope you feel better soon! 

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Kslim13 :  you’re going to notice a world of difference when you get your staples out! I actually had my family GP take them out both times. I didn’t want to wait until I saw my OB, and I didn’t get them taken out at the hospital because I was discharged on day two after surgery. I had the GP take them out when we had our first baby check for both of my daughters, so around 5 days PP. For me that made the burning/pulling/searing pain ease up A TON. 

Otherwise, I’m sorry to say that it’s just a waiting game. 🙁 You WILL feel normal again, though (short of a little numbness lol). Congrats on your baby!

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Kslim13 :  it is so stupid and irresponsible for a doctor to leave staples in your incision and discharge you that way. There are so many other options! The only incision I ever had get infected was when they discharged me with stupid staples. My incision got infected and wouldn’t close. My third I had glue and tape and no problems. 

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