Struggling to Eat Healthy

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Wow! I feel for you. Try to find a good nutritionist. I happened to be appointed one when I was pregnant because it was a new thing in my city and the hospitals/doctors were trying it out for women pregnant over 30 years old. And it worked out well. They gave me a proper meal plan, and charts, etc. to keep track. They did a proper calorie count and what not. We met once a week and was taught more about nutrition specific to me. (Like I need more iron, for example.)

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It’s great that you can eat cooked veggies! I can’t imagine not eating veggies. I love them! Fruit on the other hand, I could do without, which I know is weird. 

I think it’s all about planning. If you (and your partner) can cook regularly, I think that’s the key. You can eat leftovers for lunches and snacks. That’s pretty much all I eat – when I get hungry I either cook, have my husband cook, or eat leftovers becuase there’s always some in the house. I don’t adhere very well to any snack vs meal designations. Snacks are just smaller portions of the other stuff! 

I eat tons of veggies, and they are almost always cooked. I don’t love salads. Most of my meals consist of a sauteed or roasted veggie and a grain (rice, couscous, quinoa, millet, etc). I make a big pot of soup a couple times a month. I also make a lot of international foods that are veggie and/or bean heavy. My husband tends to make more comfort food type stuff, so we even each other out. 

MyFitnessPal has also been great. I enter my recipes there and add the food to each day in advance. It helps me stay on track. 

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I agree a lot with PP on seeing a nutritionsit. My second piece of advice would be to divide up your snacks as soon as you get home from the grocery store. Mine don’t go into my pantry until they are divied into individual servings! Nuts, Fruits, veggies, even halo top ice cream is split up into the serving size I want (usually the serving size on the nutrition label) 

Since you can eat cooked/grilled veggies, make a big stir fry and divide it up for lunches. That way you get plenty of veggies and some protein in there as well. You can play around with different recipies so you don’t get bored! Maybe do two different ones and alternate them each day 

I mentioned on another thread that I also buy whatever protein is on sale and make a bunch of that for lunches with different seasonings, and then I just get microwave veggies. I will cook those at home the night before and divide up for the week. Or I get the individual serving packages of veggies. So if chicken thighs are on sale, I buy a bunch of them and season half in a curry seasoning and half in a traditional chicken seasoning. Cook them in the oven for a while and then I alternate each day so I don’t get bored. I will also put in a couple of chicken breasts in the crockpot on a Sunday while I do things around the house and then shred them. I can make all kinds of things with shredded chicken! 

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Hi there, I’m a lot like you. I have some sort of irritable bowel condition (have had extensive testing that has all come out negative), endometriosis, chronic gastritis, some sort of weird chronic respiratory/oral allergy/irritiation, and chronic fatigue. I have had the same issue as you in terms of having difficulty eating well when I am so tired all the time. A few things help me. First off, my fiance moving in helped so so much. Before he moved in, it felt impossible to take care of myself. I ate poorly for years when we were long distance and I think that definitely contributed to my weakening state. He helps me by helping with cleaning up and then making food at the times when I’m not well. So, what you can do is ask for help or find some backups! Is there someone that can help you out once in a while or is there a good, healthful go-to place from which you can get a meal that you know you can tolerate? Or maybe even freeze some meals (or buy freezer meals) that you can tolerate that can be quickly heated up at those times when you are low energy. The other thing I do is to pay attention to my body. I now know what I certainly can’t eat (which is a lot). Lastly, I was diagnosed with a B12 and vitamin D deficiency. I also found that taking magnesium made a huge difference. I would recommend you supplement these vitamins/minerals and also take a multi-vitamin. Your inflammation is probably not allowing for proper absorption of what you need. I wish you the very best and I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I am in the same boat as you. I honestly think we have some sort of viral illness. 

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