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kizzame:  I have a very similar history. Depression since I was 11 and severe anxiety that comes with it. Recently I quit my job of 3 years because the stress was too much for me to handle. I have a 9 month old daughter (7 months old at the time) and I was starting to take out my stress and anxiety out on her and my husband. I didn’t feel love anymore. I was nearly suicidal. 

My took time off to cool down and that helped. I’ve been on and off medication for years but I never stick with it. All i can say is have a good support system. Your SO seems very understanding and just make sure you explain that he isn’t why you feel that way. The biggest problem my husband has is understanding I’m not depressed about our marriage, I’m just clinically depressed. 

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kizzame:  I totally understand. I wish there was a “magic pill”, but this is something that lot of people struggle with all their lives. Best advice: take a break (go for a drive or a pedi or a walk or even a movie by yourself) Even though it sounds terribly depressing to be alone it really helps you think and put things into perspective. Also, remind yourself every day of 3 things you are happy you have in your life, like your SO, a roof over your head, your family- anything that you are happy to have. 

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I’ve struggled as well. It’s hard with this kind of thing, because people often don’t realize that there is a difference between just being sad or worried about something and having depression and/or anxiety. If you are looking at the medication route, it can really help some people, especially since SSRIs are used to treat both depression and anxiety. I will warn you though, that it can take a while to get meds right and each med can take weeks to start working. There are also side effects. I took Paxil and it helped, but the side effects were too much for me, I shook all the time and became completely unable to orgasm (not fun). I had to wean off of that and the withdrawl also has it’s own side effects. I took Lexapro (which my mom takes, so I thought it might work better) for two days and could not stop shaking and despite being exhausted, could not sleep. That’s when I gave up on SSRIs, even though I know people who have had their lives completely changed for the better by them. I will say that Xanax works great for acute anxiety, like to hault a panic attack, though it can be highly addictive. You will really need to work closely with a doctor trying to figure this out, preferably a psychiatrist and not a general practitioner, as they are more familier with the nuances of psych meds. Obviously therapy is the other option, I didn’t like it, though I may just not have liked my therapist.

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I struggle with depression and anxiety; I have for as long as I can remember.  I have been on and off meds for over 10 years now.  I currently take a small dose of lexapro (I break 10 mg in half) and find that is does help a little.  I still go through periods of feeling very low though.  I also have a xanax prescription for situations where I am very anxious, I don’t take it too often, the lexapro does a pretty good job of keeping panic attacks under control.

I hope you find something that works for you.  Sometimes it takes some trial and error, unfortunately.  It is tough because people who don’t struggle with depression/anxiety truly don’t understand the feeling.  I have never dated anyone who struggled with it so it has caused some issues in my past and current relationship.  You aren’t alone. 

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I have GAD and issues with depression.

I has medicated for years, spent a long time in counselling (after I had a breakdown/became a non-functioning). Turns out I had a problem with gluten tho, and now as long as I dont eat gluten I dont need medication.

Anyways, I have found a few things really help me.

1. Like above poster said having a support system is improtant. When I’m really freaking out/loosing control I call my mom. She has learned how to help me refocus my brain and she is in a situation where she is always able to answer my calls.

2. Take things in small steps. I try not to think of too many things at once because then everything seems giant and my body and brain shut down on me. I try to only give myself one or two things to do in a day and when I do them I reward myself somehow. (like have a glass of wine because I got groceries)

I dunno if “normal” is something thats attainable? Just gotta find a way to manage.

Medication is always something to try… just dont expect it to make you happy. For me it only made me less sad. (I was on 40mg of Citalopram and had lorazepam sublingual for panic attacks. My only side affects were weight gain and fuzzy brain.)

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I have been clinically depressed aka major depressive disorder since 1996.  I have been on almost all SSRIs.  My problem was that I would go “flat” meaning I had no emotions.  It can take time to feel better even with medication.  I have also developed adult ADHD.  My attention span is zero now.  I also quit my job that I loved because all of my emotions were too much to handle.  My psychiatrist added a medication that helps with mood swings and I feel like a new person.  I am definitely back to my normal even keel self.  I also get ONE 0.25mg of Xanax a day if I need it.  About 15 minutes after taking the Xanax I literally wonder what I was so upset about or what had me so anxious.   After all of these years I finally found a combination that makes me feel somewhat normal.  

There is hope.  You just have to be willing to reach out for help and pay attention to yourself to see if your treatment is helping.   

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Depression and anxiety is tough! I’ve struggled for years. I’d been prescribed medication but was really resistant to the idea that I had to take something to feel ‘normal’ and just refused to do it. After a while, I realized that I couldn’t handle everything alone so I did try the medication and went through cycles of taking it and starting to feel better so I’d stop taking it and then I’d feel terrible again. I started taking an SSRI for real (as in, everyday as prescribed) about a year and a half ago and things have dramatically improved. I used to take Lexapro but am now taking Celexa (the first generation version of Lexapro). I also started taking better care of myself physically…I started making myself get to bed at a decent time and getting at least 7 hours of sleep, cutting down on foods I knew would make me feel crappy, and surrounding myself with things/people that encourage happiness.

It really is an individual puzzle…not everything works for everyone and sometimes it can take a while to figure out what will work for you and your body.

It’s sad there is a stigma surrounding medication because it does cause people to be wary of something that could be a valuable piece of their puzzle. Everyone’s body works differently and some people have hormone deficiencies and some of us just don’t have sufficient uptake of certain hormones/neurotransmitters. There is no shame in that, whatsoever.

If you can, I think working with a psychiatrist would be a good first step. Just talking with an impartial third party who can help you find a medication that might be perfect for you could really help move you in a direction toward getting you get to a good place.

I don’t have any advice for you regarding the relationship part of your question. I’m so sorry that you’re struggling with this. You definitely aren’t alone here.

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I have major clinical depression, severe, generalized anxiety disorder, severe & panic disorder.  My primary had me on Lexapro for years, which helped, along with therapy.  Then my main source of income suddenly evaporated & I lost it.  I spent a lot of my time curled up on the floor, sobbing.  Dh was wonderfully supportive, but had no idea what to do.

I had to see a psychiatrist.  He has me on a boatload of meds, including the max daily dose of xanax.  The meds got me functional again.  Without the meds, I’d be in a hospital.  It only took a little tweaking to get it right.  

It wasn’t my life’s dream to be on so many psychotropic meds, but it’s necessary just as a diabetic needs insulin.  

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Yeah I’ve had depression a long time and started treatment about 5 years ago. Counseling helped me a lot. It took me a long time to find meds that helps but boy did they help a lot! The only issue is the meds I’m on (pristiq) have major withdrawal symptoms so I feel like crap if I miss a day. But they work wonders for me.

I didn’t want to go on meds either. It felt like admitting I was ‘crazy’ and there was something wrong with me. Well I’ve been on them for 2 years and I love them. My mum had been in meds for 20 years and cannot function normally without them.

You are not alone and there is nothing wrong with treating depression and anxiety with medication.

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I too suffer from depression and anxiety.  I have been on and off prozac for 8 years now and currently take a long release form that I only have to take once a week.  Really, I’m a better person for it.  For me, it doesn’t take away my ability to feel, it just evens my moods out a lot.  I still feel sad or worried some times but it doesn’t overwhelm me like it used to.  The best advice I can give it to talk it over with a psychiatrist and see if this is something they reccomend.  

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