Struggling with new kitten

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It is easier to have 2 kittens than 1! They will entertain themselves together, honestly it sounds counter-intuive but it is completely true.

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Getting a baby pet (I call kittens and puppies baby pets LOL) is a huge commitment. I can’t say i’ve experienced the level of anxiety that you are having but I definitely did deal with some grumpiness when we first got our kitten and she didn’t know her days from nights so we had to deal with sleepless nights. I knew it would happen but obviously when you’re going through it it can definitely be a reality check. Puppies being so much work is a reason both my hubby and I have held off on getting one. I think it will get better as the kitten gets older. You just have to develop a bond with him/her still and get into a routine of play and naps etc. I think people can have their rose colored glasses on when imagining having a puppy or kitten and then you get one and it is a bit of a smack the first few weeks when they are super needy. You will adjust with time, as will your new family member. Just give it time and find ways to destress like working out or meditating. Try developing a routine with your kitten. 

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I absolutely felt that way when I got my first pet on my own. I grew up with cats and dogs and thought I knew what I was in for. It was a HUGE adjustment. The first puppy I got ended up really loving my parent’s dogs and I was relieved when he ended up as their dog. He really wasn’t suited to being an only pet and I couldn’t handle more than one. When I got another dog a few years later, I still had some of those feelings, but was much more prepared. Within a year she was just part of the family and adjusting for her needs became second nature. Babies of any species are hard. Try to give it time and definitely talk to someone about the anxiety if it doesn’t lessen soon. 

If budget and space allow (and the breeder has more relatively soon) do consider a second. Especially if they grow up together, two can be a lot easier.

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Pets are like babies- you can read all the books out there, buy all the stuff the books tell you that you need- and still nothing quite prepares you for the reality 🙂 You don’t sound awful, you sound exactly like an anxious new furbaby Mom.

The fact that you thought to prepare a ‘safe space’ for an anxious new kitten in new surroundings shows how genuinely you’re trying. And it’s a huge step already that you acknowledge that your kitten is simply exhibiting normal kitten behaviour.

It will get easier, and with kittens it gets a lot easier a lot faster than it does with human babies 🙂 By this time next year your kitten will be a cat. 

By the time you go back to school, you’ll be an old pro and your kitten will be fine during your absence. 

Your kitty will also settle down as he adapts to his new home and begins to grow into an adult cat- lol though my 9 year old kitty still gets the zoomies (love this term) when she sees a flying insect to chase. 

You may also want to consider princessmiaofgenovia :  idea, which does sound counter-intuitive but also works. If you’re 100% certain you’re keeping your little kitty and are considering a companion kitty, you’ll want to do it soon before your kitten starts getting territorial. 

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I agree a second kitten will help, they occupy each other and give you more time. I really struggled when I got my first kitten alone, she would jump up and sink her claws into me and bite me at night and cry until she threw up… it was awful. But by about 6 months old it mostly calmed down and she settled into a more independent routine. It’s hard work but there is an end in sight! Also we have pet insurance, Healthy Paws is my favorite but there are many, and it really eased my anxiety to know we could take care of any issue that arose.

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I felt this exact way when we got our puppy. I grew up with dogs and thought I was totally prepared for a puppy but the moment we brought him home I broke down and kept worrying that I was going to train him wrong or never be able to leave the house again. I laugh about it now because it didn’t take us long to get back to our normal routine and he just kind of melded into our lives. I do agree with getting another kitten… being a furmomma of two older cats I will always push for people getting two cats! hang in there bee it gets easier, take this time to post all the crazy shinnanigans your little one gets into! you could also try looking into Jackson Galaxy on youtube (my cat from hell) he has some good tips for cat owners. 

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I also think a second kitten is your best bet. My first pet ever was one kitten. It was tough tbh. He grew up to be a biter and was insanely active crawling all over us. After we lost him, we got two kittens a few years down the road. My uncle has also only ever gotten two at a time. Never had any issues once two kittens were in the picture instead of just one. 

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I have the opposite experience at pp’s are saying. My cats were Double the Trouble! They have calm down since they were kittens, but it took a while. Like a few years.

It totally depends on the personality of the cat. My cats are needy, whiny, attention Hogs. I just recently had a baby and sometimes it feels like I have three babies. If I’m not holding the baby I’m holding a cat. It’s also probably our fault for babying them, but when we bought them we knew that they were needy cats. My husband didn’t want a cat that was too independent.

I think you’ll adjust. My husband has a little cat bed on the corner of his desk by his computer. For the most part, the cats are fine sitting in there. Even as it gets older, he’s probably still going to get into everything. But you’ll get used to it, you’ll get to know his habits, it won’t be so bad.

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Two kittens for sure. They occupy each other all the time and are very content to be left alone with each other. When I got my kittens the breeder was very reluctant to let single kittens go unless the owner would be home the vast majority of the time and fully committed to giving it all kinds of company throughout the day. 

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I agree that two kittens is the best.  The kitten needs someone to play with and occupy him like 90% of his awake time, which is why he’s being so (cutely) annoying.  Another kitten will fill that void.

Otherwise, just remember that this is a phase.  But yes, he needs lots of play time to tire him out.

Do you do anything about your anxiety?  It is concerning to me that this is a big enough deal that you haven’t eaten for day.  That’s really not healthy…

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