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I think nearly all women, no matter what their size, tend to feel they don’t measure up to some ridiculous standard.  I work in Las Vegas, even though I am pretty happy with the way I look most of the time, when I’ve been working a lot in nightclubs or at pools in the summer, I can’t help but look at myself sometimes and wish I could afford a little nip’n’tuck.

I think WW is a great start for changing eating habits, but everyone needs to find a physical activity that they really enjoy doing.  I hate the gym with an unholy passion, and I’m not really a huge fan of running, or really any exercise.  I think this may be a problem for a lot of people.  Exercise is rarely fun.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but I now hula hoop to stay in shape.  I bought an adult-sized, weighted hoop from a website and I love it!  It’s fun, it makes me feel sexy, and it really can tone almost any part of your body.  The learning curve isn’t too bad, either – it took me about a month of hooping maybe weekly for an hour to get the basic waist-hoop motion down.  After that, it’s easy to get your arms, hips and back involved.

I bought my hoop and instructional DVD from here:


If you like the look of it, check out Hoopmama’s blog.  She deals with a lot the same body image issues, and her blog is really empowering and inspiring.

But there is a girl in Edmonton that teaches classes online, for free, so if you can get a hoop, you don’t have to buy any dvds:


Just make sure you get a hoop from someone who makes them weighted and adult-sized (a good diameter for beginners is 40-44", or 100-110 cm).  The toy store hoops are too light and too small for adults.  Too much work.

I don’t know if this helps or not.  Exercise is such a strange thing.  I never liked it until I started hooping, and now there are at least two or three times a week I can’t wait to get home, plug in my iPod and just zone out and hoop for a little while.  I don’t really even notice that I’m getting a workout.

I wish you all the best!  Just remember, we all think you’re beautiful, and your FH obviously does, but what’s important is that YOU do.  Try to find one little thing you did today that you did well, and start there.  Be proud of yourself for that.


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sounds like you have what a lot of women have; a love/hate relationship with food.  it truly is not about denying yourself or gorging, it is about eating in moderation, and understanding that you do not need to curse yourself one day and praise yourself the next.  

i’m one of those girls that people think can eat whatever i want and not gain weight, but what they don’t understand is it is not so much what i eat, but how i eat.  not that i am a shining example of food health, but here are some habits i have that keep my weight in-check, and my mind free of ‘food guilt.’  btw – my mom is european, and i pretty much eat just like we did growing up.  

i don’t look at what i eat on a daily basis, but on a weekly and monthly basis.  it is about nourishment, and frankly some days a bowl of ice cream is just the nourishment i need.  the difference is i put one small scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl and top it with a ton of fresh berries. also, i don’t keep snack food in the house. if i have a snack – it’s usually almonds and dried cherries with a piece of dark chocolate, or goat cheese with some honey and almonds, etc. i make a small plate for myself and put the rest away.  also, on the rare occasion that we have chips (like when my Fiance is craving them) i put a portion in a bowl and bring the bowl out to the living room – leaving the bag in the pantry.  i also prefer lighter foods (not into cream sauces) and i rarely if ever use butter (i primarily use olive oil to cook with), indulge in bread (just fills me up too much to enjoy my dinner), and i tend to eat slowly enjoying the dinner conversation as much as the food.

and finally – ditch the soda (including diet), fast food and even the processed ‘low-calorie’ cookies and snacks.   

good luck and remember enjoying all types of food in moderation is key to keeping your sanity about food.     

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