Studying for certification exam with a newborn… am I insane?

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Nope. you will sleep less, eat less, stress more, etc. etc. Even if you have a perfect sleeping baby by a few weeks. Do i have a bit of free time with husbands help, sure. But not nearly enough to be able to juggle something of that nature. 

i havent had a full uninterrupted night of sleep since we brought him home and he’s over a month old now. Out of everything ive had to give up, i miss sleep the most….

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MrsGirlyGirl :  I am 50/50 on this.  I had a LOT of downtime when my baby was small.  I had trouble nursing and ended up exclusive pumping.  A lot of time was spent on the couch, pumping or feeding her or holding her.  I am not a big TV person.  But in the first 2 or 3 months of her life, my husband and I watched all the Harry Potter movies, every episode of That 70s Show, and every episode of How I Met Your Mother.  We also played a long campaign of the computer game Civilization.  So, in my mind, you will absolutely have the *time* to study.  The question will be, will you have the mental stamina to do it?  Watching TV is easier than studying.  You have to get up every 2 or 3 hours in the night at first, and that messes with your ability to function properly.  But I don’t think it will be quite as impossible as some people think.  (Side note- we had like 3 weeks of frozen meals made by my Mother-In-Law.  We didn’t ever have to worry about cooking for that first month.  This made life easier.  I suggest either having someone do this for you or doing it for yourself!)

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MrsGirlyGirl :  You seem set to take the exam. I wouldn’t have been able to study with my newborn…..for reasons many others have already posted …so my initial thought is no this is not realistic based off my own experience and others I know……but to each their own. If you are dead set on studying for the exam, just make sure you have plenty of help! Your husband or family members who can help out with the baby, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping etc…..take all the help you can get! If you plan ahead on who will help with what… that should help out a lot!  Good luck! Let us know how it goes! Hope all goes well for you!

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I was a complete mess after baby was born (first and only) even though my husband stayed home for 4 months. Wow! I wish I had a 3rd helper such as a Mother-In-Law, sister-wife, free nanny. LOL. I am not the kind of a person that can take care of a baby and didn’t realize how difficult/tiring it would be. My baby specifically needed to be carried all the time or would cry. Also I couldn’t sit down carrying the baby or baby would cry. I had to be standing and/or walking. We had to resort to alot of babywearing around the house.

Hopefully you will have an easier baby and your hubby is a good helper.

Please post later and tell us if you were able to pass your test!That would be such a feat and I would bow down to you.  Good luck!

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MrsGirlyGirl :  just wanted to report back to this thread as promised as I was one of the few people who felt studying with a newborn would be possible though I was still pregnant at the time. 

I had my daughter at the end of March and finished a distance learning maths course (university level) in May with an exam in June. I found out yesterday I got full marks on my exam and a distinction on the course overall. Another woman on the course who had a baby in early March and also had a toddler already did similarly well. Looking at the result people shared, a lot struggled with the exam (so it wasn’t a case of an easy exam!)

So I still wholly disagree with those who say studying with a newborn is “impossible” – it’s hard but if you want to do it, you can make it work. I would say from my experience that bring a single parent of twins must be “impossible” but obviously people do it – it’s easy to say something’s impossible if you’ve not tried it yourself.

As context, I did no studying for the first 4 weeks, then studied every evening when my husband was home from work. I exclusively breastfed (and still do) and pumped milk for him to give to her during those study sessions. My brain functioned perfectly fine – yes, I was tired but it was great to do something that wasn’t baby-related for a while.

I hope this helps and your pregnancy is going well. Best of luck with your studies. x

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I haven’t read this whole thread, but I’d like to add that I had a baby during my last semester of nursing school (February, to be exact, on a Friday and was back in class Monday), graduated in May on time, started working as a graduate nurse intern in June full time, and passed boards in July. Did it suck? Absolutely, but being broke sucked harder and I had family to support. Would I recommend this path to anyone? Also no. But with support and help from your family it is absolutely possible. 

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