(Closed) Stupid anxiety attack about my hips

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I don’t mean this with any sarcasm or distain. I really think you should talk to a professional about this. 

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@pictureaccount:  Augh I hate when they leave. It always seems like something comes up right when they do. Did he teach you any exercises to minimize anxiety? Like, My hips are fine, this is just my brain being a jerk… I know my husband loves me the way I am. I can trust him and believe him. Sit there and think about the things you like about yourself or distract yourself and go do something and avoid thinking about your body at all for a while


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@pictureaccount:  “My boyfriend claims he actually prefers my body type but numerous studies have proven that men prefer wider hips for scientific, innate reasons, so he can’t possibly be honest about this.”

Statistical conclusions usually report the average, not ALL possible scenarios. You’re being super paranoid. Guys, for the most part, are pretty black and white on attraction: they are either attracted to you or they aren’t. He is obviously attracted to you!

You are wasting valuable emotional energy stopping your life and productivity over something that most likely, LITERALLY nobody has ever thought about you, or noticed.

Take all that energy and go do something important and positive instead!

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@crayfish:  well said. OP, I too have no hips AND no ass! Fortunately, my Darling Husband is attracted to tall lean, athletic types. With the exception of one, all his exes are of similar build. And even if they weren’t I wouldn’t care bc I see in his eyes how attracted to me he is. I’m well aware of the proven overall biological attraction to wider hips and I admit when I first read an article on that I was a little pouty about it. I also know my Darling Husband is also attracted to wider hips and fuller butts to a certain extent. He’s allowed to appreciate different types of women. In fact, I think it’s a good thing bc he’s not so narrow minded. Sometimes I’m astounded at the variation of celebrities he thinks are hot, from the typical Natalie Portman and Halle Berry to Tilda Swinton and towering Olympic volleyball players. Confidence, intelligence and talent are always sexy!

I’m not saying I don’t understand your POV to a certain extent. Sometimes I wonder if he’d prefer to be with a small petite girl he can fit in his pocket. But, 99% of the time, these negative thoughts don’t even register. I hope you can get there too with some therapy given your anxiety condition. 

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Your boyfriend is not lying to you.  No man will pretend to be attracted to a woman when they aren’t.  If he says he is attracted to you and he and he wants to have sex with you….he is attracted to you.  Men aren’t that complicated, they say what they mean.

Definitely work with your therapist towards accepting your body and yourself the way you are.  There is nothing wrong with you!

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@kes18:  Agreed.

Men don’t lie and say they’re attracted to women if they’re not. Why would he waste his time with someone he’s not attracted to? It doesn’t make sense. So clearly he’s attracted to you!

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@pictureaccount:  The hips don’t lie. If he says he loves you, he loves you.

Let’s say he actually hated your hips. That’s only one feature… so who cares?

If you continue being this silly over your body, he will think something is wrong with you and leave. I don’t mean that in a nasty way. We all have parts of our body that we don’t like. It doesn’t warrant an anxiety attack, though.

Surely you’re not this critical over his appearance.. why would he be critical over yours? You sound like you have a nice figure. Not too skinny, not too fat. I guess no one is happy with what they’ve got.

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@pictureaccount:  Trust your guy, he’s telling the truth. I have the exact opposite problem, I’m all hips and butt – I like to tease that I’m part Kardashian. I seriously lost 30 lbs and only went down 1 pant size due to my hips and butt. I recently had a panic attack while picking out outfits for our engagement photos and had to rush out of the mall, it was horrible.  I have to say that I certainly have some body issues but I’m working towards accepting and loving my body. I used to think Fiance was lying about him liking my butt, my hips and all the things I saw as flaws but now I trust him and know he genuinely just loves me, all of me.

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Those kind of studies on men’s preferences are referring to an average preference of the whole sample, it doesn’t mean that no one could possibly like something else! Everyone has their own individual tastes, and your boyfriend’s is obviously for you!

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my suggestion? 


I have been hating my body (i want to lose 15 lbs and have yet to do it)


I did a boudoir shoot for my Fiance…for his wedding gift…


My photographer made me look so FREAKING HOT that I have NO body issues right now….I was amazing!  and any good photographer should be able to do this…


I would definitely look into it….it REALLY helped my self esteen and to love my body

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This strikes me as a possible symptom of body dysmorphic disorder – I know many sufferers end up fixating on one particular feature. You believe your hips to be flawed. The rest of the world, not having your hips, answers, “Lol wut?”

Sure, on average, most men like (x) or they like (y). That doesn’t mean that variation does not exist.

All right, kids. It’s story time again.

I once joined a community of folks who were either fat or fat admirers to see how it worked. There were men there who found the gold standard of beauty to be women who were slightly to moderately overweight. Others liked a woman with a bit more padding. And still others thought the perfect woman, in terms of physical appearance, had to be pushing 300 pounds. I ended up speaking to several folks in the month or two I lingered, and I learned a great deal about sexual attraction.

I don’t think those people were weird or abnormal at all. I think they were men who found someone attractive even if the rest of society saw it as unconventional, or if it wasn’t currently ‘in.’ These were men who were shamed and cajoled into hiding their physical interests.

I don’t believe for one minute that just because studies suggest that the population tends to prefer certain traits that all men do. Hell, most of the women here probably couldn’t even agree on what they find attractive. I married a short man – 5’6″, shorter than I am – and I find it an attractive trait. I find being too tall a turn-off – I can’t imagine myself being with a six footer. I know I’m not foolin’ myself, no matter what a study says.

Different body types have been in vogue throughout time. The rubenesque Lillian Russell was around 200 pounds at the turn of the 20th century, and she was considered a knockout in her day. Fast forward about 80 years and it’s Twiggy who is turning heads.



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