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@KellyV: It annoys me to no end how someone being pregnant opens them up to any and all ciritcism, input, and optinon.

So true! I get tired of hearing it.

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My biggest pet peeve at the moment is anyone phrasing their advice/suggestion as an order – ‘you have to’ or ‘this is what you’re going to do’. 

I’m uncomfortable and grouchy, I’m not sure how anyone thinks it’s a good idea right now to boss me around. 

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@troubled: My favorite response to:

“Should you be (lifting/eating/drinking/doing) that when you’re pregnant?”


“Should you be giving out medical advice when you’re not my doctor?”

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@sand dollar: I hear you on the “You’re going to be HOT – didn’t think that through!” remark.

I just bite my tongue, although what I’d like to say is “Actually we did “think it through”, but we didn’t have as easy a time conceiving as we would have liked and so the due date is later because of it. And thank you for pointing out that it will be hot in August. In my 28 years on this earth, I hadn’t noticed that before”.

I understand that there’s no malice behind most of this stuff, but sometimes I wish people would think whether there’s anything beneficial about the comment they’re about to make. If not, just don’t say it. 

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@firsttimemom: this image of throwing up on people after they give you inappropriate comments made me LOL.

Seriously, how awesome would life be if in whatever situation for whatever reason if you are on the receiving end of an inappropriate comment you could puke on them.


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I havent had TOO many stupid comments, but seriously, Im getting a lot of them lately.   WHY do people insist on telling every horror story imagineable to a pregnant woman?  Im gettng awful stories from one end of the spectrum to another, mostly from men.  The horror stories are one thing, but the dumbest comment so far has been,

“oh man, you’re gonna look rough after birth.  NOBODY looks good or beautiful after they give birth.  It shouldnt be allowed to take photos of the mom until after she’s showered and put on makeup…”  wha????  This man is married with kids.

When I told him I was 99% havng a c-section, he was like “oh, youll look fine then.  No sweating or pushing or swelling!”  yeah bc how I look is my first concern…seriously?!

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I finally have sometime to add to the dumb stuff people say thread. Why are some people so socially wrong?

I am not talking about strangers,….but my very close friends and family.

I have been very vocal about how much I want the baby to be a girl. We find out in a few weeks. I have said a million times how much I am wishing for a girl. A few people have made comments like “Sorry, but all I can think it boy” or “I really think it’s a boy”

WHY would you say that if you know how much I want a girl?! It’s one thing if I have not said anything and you are giving your ideas….but when I have been SO clear about how badly I have a preference, why do people feel the need to say that?

My husband says some people are just socially stupid and if it is a boy, those same people will delight in saying “I knew it!!”



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@spraguebride:  And that, is the exact reason that I feel the need to keep my mouth shut.

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@artbee: I also get horrible migraines and have since I was 12 years old. I am sorry to hear about yours.  My doctor recommended that I take magnesium along with my pre-natal vitamins to prevent migraines. Since I started doing that it has helped a lot.  I still get a few here and there, but not nearly as many. You might want to ask your doctor too if magnesium is an option…

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@spraguebride: Why are these people wasting their psychic abilities predicting the sex of your child when they could be out buying the winning lottery ticket?

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@KellyV:  Some of the most surprising comments I’ve gotten have been from men!  The last one I posted (‘are you going natural or getting the ol’ slice?;… yikes!) and more recently a few people were talking about babies and one guy and his wife have a 6 week old little girl.  Someone asked how big the baby was and he said “She was a little over 8 lbs… ripped my wife apart man, she was in rough shape!”

WHAT?!  Aside from the fact that the pregnant woman in the room doesn’t want to hear that, do you really think your wife wants you telling everyone??  Geeeeeez!

One thing I heard that I thought was adorable though…we were admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago (everything is ok!) and a woman came in whose waters had broken, she was sharing a room with me. The dr said to her (with me there) “It may take 24 hours or so before your contractions start, but I can make you one promise that your neighbour here unfortunately isn’t getting today… you WILL leave here in two pieces!”  I thought that was so cute 🙂

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I didn’t read through all of them but I had muliple people POKE my belly and laugh saying I was so big I looked like I was about to pop….

For 1… why you you poke someone? Especially a pregnant someone!

For 2… why you you think of poking something your saying looks like it’s going to pop?

For 3… thanks for the fat joke, my emotionally prego self will go home and cry now.

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@sessaj: Leaving in two pieces!.. that is super cute! 🙂

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